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Winner August 28th, 2000 01:00 PM

What cruises?
Just curious
What cruise lines and/or ships have Cruisemates staff sailed? And which line/ship is your favorite (or least favorite)?

Kuki August 28th, 2000 02:32 PM

RE: What cruises?
Ok.. I'll give u my list before Anne jumps in and fills the entire page<VBG>

Royal Caribbean.. Nordic Prince, Majesty of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas (twice), Legend of the Seas, Vision of the Seas
Princess... Grand Princess, Ocean Princess
Carnival... Destiny ( 3 times), Triumph, Ecstasy
Holland America... Veendam
Celebrity... Century, Mercury
Seabourn.. Seabourn Sun

Coming up (thankfully soon)... Celebrity Millennium 10/13, Carnival Sensation 11/19

Personally I think it's hard to have a favorite cruise line. Don't think any are really consistant enough to easily say this line is the best.
And it's getting harder and harder to even name favorite ships. All of my cruises have had most memorable moments, which I guess is what keeps me so hooked on cruising.

Features Editor

RoboCop August 28th, 2000 05:52 PM

RE: What cruises?
It's hard to say which is my favorite line or ship because no two cruises have ever been the same, even when on the same ship. So far I am still rather new at this but trying hard to catch up with others. We have sailed on Carnival's Sensation, Ecstasy (twice), Imagination, Tropicale (twice), Destiny, Fascination, and Inspiration. We have also done RCI's Splendour of the Seas and NCL's Norway and scheduled for Celebrity's Millenniun in Oct and come what may, Ren's R-whatever to Tahiti next Feb.

Donna August 28th, 2000 07:02 PM

RE: What cruises?
Hi Winner,
So far for me its been Premier, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Still want to try
Celebrity real soon. Next cruise is on Explorer next April. So far like them all,
they have their differences, some good, some not so good, still a lot more to
try out, actually the cruise I'm on is my favorite :-)


Paul Motter August 30th, 2000 08:20 AM

RE: What cruises?
This is Paul - the "publisher" of the site...

I started cruiing in 1982 when I got a job aboard Royal Viking Line as a stage manager. My very first cruise was a 10 days at sea journey from Los Angeles to Tahiti. (you can read the full story here... <>)

I sailed with RVL for about 8 months before leaving cruising for about 10 years. I then returned to working for cruise lines in 1992 accepting a job as stage manager for NCL on the Norway and then for Holland America on the Westerdam and the Statendam. Once I met Anne I started cruising a lot more often. I have sailed on...

Carnival Destiny, Triumph, Elation, Victory
Celebrity Galaxy, Mercury, Millennium
Costa Atlantica
Crystal Harmony
Delta Queen
First European Flamenco
Holland America Westerdam, Statendam, Veendam, Ryndam, Zaandam
NCL Norway
Princess: Dawn Princess, Ocean Princess, Grand Princess
Renaissance R1, R3 (Med and Tahiti)
Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas
Seabourn Sun
Star Clippers' Star Flyer
Silversea Silver Wind
Victoria Princess (Yangtze River)
Windstar Wind Song

Anne Campbell August 30th, 2000 11:18 PM

RE: What cruises?
YIPES....every cruise line, and at least one ship in their series (Fantasy, Destiny, class vessel). My favorite cruise line is Windstar...low-key, laid back with top levels of food and service. I also like Celebrity a lot. Vision of the Seas is stunning and so are the Princess ships.

My favorite trip was Antarctica aboard Radisson Seven Seas Hanseatic and while I don't love the Caribbean much, I'll go sailing anytime aboard Star Clippers.

Carole Dunham September 1st, 2000 02:17 AM

RE: What cruises?
Lord, I envy everyone their good memories. I started cruising in 1959 and have done about 26 cruises. I've found something about every single one I liked with one exception, but the line no longer sails in US waters so I won't mention it. I've sailed Cunard, Clipper ( a real little gem), RCI, NCL, Celebrity, Princess and Windstar. Among my cruises the world cruise in 1959 on Cunard is the real standout. I will never do another one. Can't afford it first of all, my godmother gave it to me as a college graduation present and I wouldn't mess with those incredible memories for anything. Some night I'll sit down at the computer with a pitcher of martinis, throw caution to the wind and write all about it. Definitely naughty! However I was 21 on a shipful of gorgeous British officers. What's a girl to do? The windstar cruise to French Polynesia was also wonderful. What incredible islands. Robocop is going to fall in love. My Clipper cruise was terrific too. Two weeks coming from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, sailing that teeny little ship into ports where they never see cruise ships. The best food period the end I ever had on a ship, a historian, a naturalist and at the end of the cruise a whale expert. No casino, no shows, none necessary. This will be my 8th cruise to Alaska some day. I also love the big ships. I was crazy about Grand Princess and I'm sure I will love the Millenium as well when I sail it next February. Like Anne I too am not so crazy about the Caribbean anymore and will only sail new ships there. I usually don't get off the ship, just spend shore days exploring the ships. Howeveer in cozumel I will make an excursion to Carlos 'n' Charlies, just because I've never been there you understand. I guess what I'm saying is just keep an open mind and don[t worry about the ship, just the experience. Enjoy them all.


Anne Campbell September 1st, 2000 11:41 AM

RE: What cruises?

What a fantastic background you have, so many wonderful ships. I think we're both fans of the small ships and I agree that Clipper Cruise LIne is an unbelievable experience for those who really want to know more about the region they're visiting. I'd love to take Clipper in Alaska, but they're always 100% full!

That's why I like Renaissance so much -- with 685 passengers and single open seating, you meet so many wonderful people. The focus is on the destination, not on-board activities like bingo and karoke. The itineraries are great, the staff experienced. But no lecturers, unfortunately.

There are some unbelievable cruising regions, where you MUST take a ship to experience the area -- the Baltic (St. Petersburg!), Greek Isles, Tahiti. My fantasy itinerary is Jerusalem, Jordan (Petra), Suez Canal, Egypt.

Paul Motter September 2nd, 2000 11:04 PM

RE: What cruises?
"Definitely naughty! However I was 21 on a shipful of gorgeous British officers. What's a girl to do? "

I can just picture you as a naughty 21 year old sprite, Carol!

Dawn Stefano September 3rd, 2000 02:16 PM

RE: What cruises?
Like Jim, I have a lot of catching up to do, but so far I have sailed on Princess (several), Norwegian and Windstar. I loved Windstar and if money were no object, I'd stick with them for all my cruises. Second place would be Princess.

The lines I'm hoping to try in the not too distant future are Celebrity, Renaissance and Royal Caribbean.

Norwegian is my least favorite, but I'd want to try them one more time before I write them off. I sailed on the line a few years ago when they were having significant financial difficulties and I hear they have steadily improved.

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