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Bill Giddens November 18th, 2000 07:47 PM

World Cruises
Has anyone done a world cruise (over 70 days)? Need advice re: packing, advance preparation, etc.

Dawn Stefano November 22nd, 2000 01:36 PM

RE: World Cruises
I wish I could advise you on this question from personal experience, but I've never been at sea for more than 8 days at a time. My immediate thought is that I would only want to take a cruise like this on a ship that has self-service passenger laundries, otherwise your cleaning bill could cost as much as a few shore excursions! My advice would be to pack about two weeks worth of mix-and-match, versatile outfits. Limit your "dry clean only" gear to formal wear. And leave a bit of room in a suitcase for those inevitable purchases along the way.

What a wonderful dilemma to face! Enjoy the experience.

Carole Dunham November 23rd, 2000 04:10 PM

RE: World Cruises
My late godmother took me on a 108 day world cruise, but it was back in 1959 when life onboard ship was very different. We dressed for dinner everynight except after a port departure. I went to sea with a 2 steamer trunks and a large suitcase (for the 2-3 week shore excursions). I am so grateful no one dresses like that anymore. And since it was a very deluxe ship (Cunard's Caronia), no one had ever dreamed of a passenger laundry. Would I repeat it? No, don't want anything to interfere with the memories. Do I think everyone should take one if they could? Absolutely. Unbelievable memories.


cynderellie November 23rd, 2000 06:59 PM

RE: World Cruises
Hi Dawn: Lucky you! I have not been on a holiday that long. However, for easy care, comfortable dependable, mix and match clothes that pack like a dream find a Weekenders Clothing Co-ordinator. Go to and you will see what I mean. It's in 6 or 7 countries now, including Canada and the U.S. Just find the page where you locate a co-ordinator in your area. It is the greatest line for travel - just roll it up and pack, shake it out when you unpack. 8 or 9 pieces will give you 20 different outfits. It's direct sales, so they can't advertise in the Yellow Pages or anything. It's all word of mouth. Check it out - it's a start. Have a wonderful trip! Cynderellie

cynderellie November 23rd, 2000 07:00 PM

RE: World Cruises
Sorry, that should have been addressed to Bill, not Dawn, and the company I mentioned is for Women's wear only.

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