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andy March 5th, 2002 01:08 PM

Vegan meals

We have been on three cruises in the past three years, all RCCL. We have become vegan a year ago, which means no meat, dairy including cheese, or eggs. Our last cruise was over News Years on RCCL Rhapsody from Aruba to Tampa. Dining was difficult as the cruise lines all advertise "vegetarian" meals but we found this includes cream sauces or cheese in many dishes. Some nights our waiter and headwaiter started yelling at us when we said we could not eat what was served as it contained egg, cheese, or cream. They typically did not know what was in the food when asked. I've read a lot of cruise web sites including this one but usually do not turn up much if any info on vegan meals or dining. Of course we had our T/A book the info to RCCL we were vegan and required modified meals, but this info seems like it doesn't ever make it to the ship. Are there cruise lines and if so which ones that do a better job of fixing vegan meals? Are there theme cruises for vegetarians/vegans? Any other ideas on how to meet our needs without embarassment? The good thing was in 6 days I did lose 2 pounds on the cruise, but the food service was not very enjoyable. Thanks,


Carole Dunham March 5th, 2002 04:57 PM

Re: Vegan meals
Hi Andy,

The only cruise I've ever been on that had vegan food as a matter of course was Celebrity. Unfortunately, this was before RCI bought them out so I have no idea what their vegetarian meals are now. At the time they always had two vegetarian entrees for dinner, one ovo-lacto and the other one vegan. They were delicious, every bit as good as their regular meals. At lunch there was always something bean based and breakfast was usually cereals and breads. The only thing I would urge you to do is to bring along individual cartons of either soy or rice milk. I've never seen that offered by a cruiseline.


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