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Sissybug May 3rd, 2002 04:00 PM

Warm weather cruising
Ok, now that my Hawaii trip was cancelled. . .I am looking for a cruise in the summer to somewhere warm. My mom is thinking Alaska, but we live in the Pacific NW and if I want to be chilly, I can just stay home for it. Is it too warm to cruise the Caribbean during the summer?

Shellyb May 3rd, 2002 06:13 PM

Re: Warm weather cruising
I've been to the Caribbean in August and did not think it was too hot. I'm from Texas and we often get temps up around 100 during summer so they Caribbean was awesome in my opinion. It's warm but not too hot and there is usually a nice breeze.

Donna May 3rd, 2002 08:27 PM

Re: Warm weather cruising
Hey Sissy,
Just in case mom does talk you into cruising to Alaska, you may want to check out the Cruisemates Alaska cruise, I'll be going, can't wait. I've always preferred to cruise from here in the winter to somewhere warm, so this will be something new for me too, going to give it a try.

Be sure to let us know what cruise you finally decide on?

Thomas May 3rd, 2002 08:28 PM

Re: Warm weather cruising
Cruises in the summer to the Caribbean are typically populated with the younger, partying crowd. Which can be a very good time if that is your preference. In terms of the weather, the sea breeze keeps the temperature bearable and the nights are comfortable. Here in Florida the temperatures can get very warm but usually an afternoon thunderstorm cools things and the night time temperatures are nice. You will probably be very delighted at the weather conditions.


CruzNut May 3rd, 2002 11:39 PM

Re: Warm weather cruising
The only other thing about cruising in the summer in the Carribean is that the hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 ... and no one can predict where or when they will hit this far ahead. This is why so many ships reposition to Alaska and Europe in the summer.

We've had hurricanes as early as June 1 - generally they develop later - August through September sometimes into mid-October, so I don't book anything until late October or early November. There have been hurricanes every month of the year except April.

Should a hurricane develop, the cruise ship would alter it's itinerary from the Eastern Carribean to the Western.

I've personally been on the edge (because the ships alter their course) of both hurricanes and the South China Seas typhoons, but I'm fortunate enough not to get seasick.

I, too, live in Florida in the Tampa Bay area and we have never hit 100 degrees here, but I agree with Thomas's comments as to warm weather and to partying younger people in the summer.

TomS May 5th, 2002 08:49 PM

Re: Warm weather cruising
You might want to consider the Mexican Rivierra. I don't think it gets too hot down there. The Caribbean doesn't have "hot" and "cool" seasons, but rather "dry" and "wet" seasons. Temps on the islands don't vary more than 10 degrees all year, but our summer is their wet season, so you might want to keep that in mind.

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