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Robin177 October 6th, 2002 09:36 AM

purchasing video diaries after cruise
Is there any way to purchase additional video diaries after my cruise? Me and my husband went on the Carnival Victory from 09/15/02 to 09/22/02 and we have already purchased the compilation video while we were on the cruise, but it was the edited video. I was wondering how can we go about purchasing the daily unedited video diaries after the cruise? Can this be done?

nushnakka October 8th, 2002 08:25 AM

Re: purchasing video diaries after cruise
Last I recall all the videos are edited. Have you tried contacting Carnival to inquire?

Robin177 October 8th, 2002 07:06 PM

Re: Re: purchasing video diaries after cruise
Thanks for the reply nushnakka. The reason I say edited and unedited is that the next to the last day we went down to the desk where you could sign up to receive the video diaries, they had each day listed with "unedited" in parenthasis beside each day for $35 each. At the bottom of each day listed they had the compilation video listed with "edited" in parenthasis beside it for $35. We chose to have the "edited" version only because we wanted to have a vhs that showed each days activities and excursions. I'm sure the edited just means that they show you only a piece of the entire taping they did for each day. From what I can remember, you could sit down every day and watch at least an hour of the previous days shore excursions and boat activities. I'm sure there's no way they could fit 7 days of cruise activities plus shore excursions on one vhs tape. So that's what I'm assuming they are meaning by edited.
Now that we're back and have a little extra money, we'd like to figure out a way to order the "unedited" daily video diaries they have for sale on the ship.
I have tried emailing Carnival but haven't gotten a response since we got back on Sept. 23, so that's why I came here. I got a lot of information from this site before we took this cruise because we were newbies at cruising and had no idea what to expect, so I thougt I'd try, but thanks again for replying. :o)

nushnakka October 9th, 2002 08:09 AM

Re: Re: Re: purchasing video diaries after cruise
I would call Carnival, they aren't very good with emailing responses as you found out. I never bought the video diaries because I either took pictures or bought our own camcorder. I didn't realize they did the unedited. Our 1st cruise my parents bought the edited version because on one of our excursions my parents where being filmed/coached clowing around on the beach. They were very disappointed that it was not even on the video. Good luck anyways getting the videos.

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