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Suzi March 31st, 2003 12:50 PM

Cruise-type question...what else?
Good morning all from sunny California

It's been a hectic morning - had to take my kitty in to the vet for an emergency appointment since he hasn't eaten for two days. Appears he was bitten by a snake but should be ok.

But that's not the reason I'm here. Cruise question, of course. We just booked our first cruise, a Baja trip in Sept. I put the deposit on the credit card but didn't pay the whole thing off up front since it looks like you have a better chance of getting a credit if the price drops when the final payment isn't made.
Question is: do I continue to make the payments using the credit card or would using cash make a difference? I know that using a credit card offers some protection if there are (heaven forbid) disputes but I'm not sure if I should use the card for the upcoming payments.

I really appreciate all the information you provide. Your expertise is priceless.



LisaK March 31st, 2003 01:28 PM

Re: Cruise-type question...what else?
as long as you have paid your deposit there is no reason to pay until your final payment is due. Put the money aside in a savings account and earn a little interest on it. Credit card definately offers much more protection than cash. Some words of wisdom - don't book a lower grade cabin than what you want and hope for an upgrade,its a crap-shoot at best. Book the best cabin catagory you can afford. A good travel agent will watch the prices and keep you informed.

Suzi March 31st, 2003 02:04 PM

Re: Cruise-type question...what else?
Thanks Lisa -

We booked the cabin we wanted.....tho not a balcony. ( didn't want to get so spoiled first time out that we couldn't cruise without a balcony) I don't expect an upgrade. But I'm watching the prices incase they drop even though the TA said they would watch. Wouldn't mind a shipboard credit.

But I thought we had to make payments....but I may have just assumed that. Am I understanding that we only have to pay if off by the due date? Ok, no problem.



Jim Bragg March 31st, 2003 02:07 PM

Re: Cruise-type question...what else?
Credit Card! NEVER pay cash. Your TA will have the cruiseline charge your CC and it will reflect payment directly to the cruiseline. If it reflect that the payment is to your TA then find another TA.

Donna March 31st, 2003 03:04 PM

Re: Cruise-type question...what else?
Yes, Suzi,
Just wait now until your travel agent sends you the balance thats due and do use a credit card.

Suzi April 1st, 2003 09:57 AM

Re: Cruise-type question...what else?
Thanks for the responses. I'll just sit back and dream of a cruise until the final payment is due and I'll pay with the credit card. Then I'll have more questions to ask....


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