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ramjet49 December 12th, 2004 06:13 PM

the super bowl
We'll be cruising the Eastern Carribean during the super bowl this February. I was wondering if there's any chance we can see the game on the Horizon. If you know, I look forward to hearing from you..especially if the answer is yes!

Kuki December 12th, 2004 06:27 PM

Re: the super bowl
You're much more likely to see it shown on the TVs on the ship, than on the horizon.

Sorry... just couldn't resist!! LOL

Yes, I'm sure they'll use their satellite to tune in to the Super Bowl game.

I'm cruising that week as well.... so they'd BETTER <G>

Jim Bragg December 12th, 2004 07:18 PM

Re: the super bowl
Hey ya'll, and you though the price of cruising has gotten high? This just out concerning the NFL and the SuperBowl plans concerning the cruiseships being docked in Jacksonville. The general public will be allowed to buy three differant packages in order to "party" onboard the cruiseships docked for the Superbowl. The 'cheapest deal is that for a mere $249 per person you will be allowed to board a ship between the hours of 5pm until 2am and enjoy predinner cocktails, dinner at your choice of venues, (I think that means the buffet or the main dining room), late night entertainment and dancing to live music. The ship will not leave the dock. Such a deal! <VBG> Understand that there are 'only' 900 tickets available so get yours while the last! Now if you are not satisfied with just coming onboard for the evening you can get a balcony room for the night for 'just' $599 a couple! Imagine that! Such a deal that will be. Understand that there are only 1,100 tickets like that available so again, better hurry. <G> Now if none of this appeals to you and you don't actually have tickets to the game instead of sitting at home or in a motel or tailgating on the back of your pickup truck with a portable TV you can still purchase for a paltry $399 a ticket to board the ship and eat at the buffet and enjoy the amenities onboard until 6pm when you can actually eat hotdogs and other tailgate food!! What at great deal! You can then settle down and watch the game in the Sports bar or on TV's they will set up around the ship picking up the local broadcast of the game. Again, only one thousand tickets will be available. Just Imagine! Now if even that isn't enough you 'might' get lucky and they 'may' open the ships to the public Thursday, Friday and Sat nights before the game if there is enough room after the corperate bgig wheels leave any of those packages open. Prices for those have not been announced but I'll bet they are a simuliar 'great deal'.
Now if you are like me you would use this money to instead book a darn cruise and head for the deep Carribbean for that week and enjoy warm sun and sandy beaches and other island pleasures and read about it in the paper. <LOL>

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ramjet49 December 13th, 2004 12:01 PM

Re: Re: the super bowl
Thanks for the info. So Kuki, you don't think I'll be able to watch the game on the horizon????
Guess I'll have to settle for the tv...most likely in the sports bar...darn!!!
As far as picking on're right up there with my better half! Thanks for the laugh!
Have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! Sher

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