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CruzCrazy May 30th, 2005 01:00 PM

The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pier t
If you are on a cruise that ends in Bayonne NJ and you then want to go to Manhattan, where are the taxi's/shuttles to take you into Manhattan (not an airport transfer)?

The cruiselines have facilities to take you to the airport from the pier, but NOTHING is available for those who want to go into NYC for a few days.

I read on another cruise site that RCL is going to have a shuttle to a rail train 3 MILES from the port to take you to a ferry or path train. So what do you do with all your luggage? You can't possible drag all that luggage on a train or a ferry.

RCL and Celebrity needs to do something about getting some shuttle buses or car/limo service available to those who want to go into NYC.

I just ended my Voyager cruise on May 15th at the Bayonne pier and I set up a car service to pick us up and take us into NYC. They were not very reliable, they were not there when I got my luggage and was waiting outside. I called them (thank god for cellphones) and pleaded that they have to send someone right away (that port is very small and I wanted to exit before the incoming group starting dropping off). They finally came, took us to Manhattan. It was worth the $80 for 4 people and tip.

I'm sending an email to both lines that they must have something available and advertise it as well to their cruisers.

Does anyone have any information on this matter?

AR May 30th, 2005 06:08 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
Don't know for sure, but from what I see on these boards and elsewhere, very few people who cruise want to visit New York. A quick snapshot of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline and they're happy, then it's off to the airport to get out of town.

In my experience, a good percentage of cruisers are somewhat apprehensive travelers, who choose cruising at least in part because it's a low risk, low decisionmaking, turnkey operation. New York frightens many people in this category, so if they visit at all it's going to be on a tour and not on independent travel. Apparently there is so little interest in Manhattan shuttles that the cruise lines don't bother with them, figuring that the few who are willing to brave the big town can find a cab or a limo like you did. And, of course, the locals will usually have friends or relatives pick them up.

I think it's a shame that relatively few people who sail to and/or from New York want to visit it, but your story about the absence of shuttles seems to confirm the point.

Anne Campbell May 31st, 2005 09:20 AM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
LOL....when you find out will you tell me? I also live in New York and will be cruising from Bayonne. I should think RCI has a transfer from some place, since there must be a lot of folks in the five boroughs taking their ships.

CruzCrazy May 31st, 2005 08:05 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
AR...I never thought about it on your perspective. I can see where most people wouldn't tack on a visit to a port city, They barely have the time to stay a night before for so that they make the ship the next day due to travel or weather problems.

I just love NY (being a native but now living in Miami), I take advantage of any time I can spend in a city that the port docks at. But I can understand the reasoning "a cruise vacation is cruise vacation" and a "land vacation is a land vacation." Don't mix the two.

I guess in due time when they revamp the port of Bayonne, they might offer assistance to get you to NYC.

Ann.....I would suggest a limo service from NYC to the port. I don't even think taxis will have a price fix fare to the port. If a limo will take you to Newark airport from NYC, I'm sure they will take you to the port. Just make sure you have directions, the limos do not know where it is. I had to give the address to my car service, thinking that they would know exactly where it is. Good think I wrote it down in my little black travel book.

Guess I'm used to everyone knowing where the ports are in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Mike M May 31st, 2005 10:47 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
A cruise out of New York City without a pre or post cruise stay, would be like a great date without a good night kiss.

Take care,

CruzCrazy June 1st, 2005 02:41 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
You are so right Mike...unless you take her to the Carnegie deli and load up on their garlic pickles. No kiss there. My husband loves their pickles and he got a big kiss from me....great date.

Some people are intimidated by NYC. We just went on a cruise with two friends who had not been to NYC and they couldn't thank me enough for spending 3 nights, making all the arrangements and showing them the city at its best.

I lived there and worked in Manhattan but left in 1989 and moved to Miami. When I went to NYC this past May I finally got to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. What a thrill. We did the double decker bus, Circle Line cruise and a Broadway play. I was their number one tourist and I was born and raised there. New York City is in my heart.

I wish more people would experience a little bit of the city and I hope that the Bayonne port will try and make it easier for those who cruise in and out of there to visit NYC since it's so close.

It would be like cruising out of Sausalito and not being able to go over to San Francisco if you wanted to.

My cruise next year ends in San Francisco and I'm already planning on spending 5 nights there.

straycat June 2nd, 2005 11:27 AM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
We always stay in Secaucus (NJ) and ride the public bus (about $2) into Manhattan.

Last cruise, we drove to Bayonne, parked at the cruise ship terminal, flew to Miami, got off Voyager on May 15 (with car at terminal), drove to Secaucus (parked at hotel) and rode bus to Manhattan. Then its subways and walking wherever you want to go. Very fun!

CruzCrazy June 3rd, 2005 11:37 AM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi you booked a hotel room, dropped off your luggage, then toured NYC?

I prefer to stay in Manhattan for a few days then fly out of LaGuardia.

I refuse to travel on any bus or train with all the luggage from a cruise. Did that once when I disembarked at the NYC port and took the Long Island Railroad to my mother's house. Not a pretty sight getting down escalators and on the railroad with luggage. The only good thing was that it was Saturday, because those LIRR commuters would have killed me getting on with luggage. I know, because I used to commute.

I have enough trouble slepping my luggage out of the port terminal let alone getting on a bus or train.

I still think Bayonne needs to have some kind of Shuttle to NYC from the port. The cruiselines should set something up.

annie lee June 20th, 2005 12:59 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
this will be interesting because we are set to do this very thing in just a month. We are a family of 4 who travel a lot. We do all types of travel but now that our kids are teens, they like cruising the best:) Lat year we drove from Arizona to Florida (yes, you read that correct) because we wanted the driving time with our kids. We are all so busy during the school year and I teach school so I am able to have the summers off. My husband says he doesn't mind the drive because they are "stuck" with himin the car!! From Florida we spent 5 days in Miami to "check it out" before flying to San Juan to board the Golden Princess. This year we are flying to NYC and will spend 2 days there before heading to Bayonne for the Voyager cruise. We have taken our children to NYC twice before for destination trips but we all love it so much we just couldn't resist adding a couple days on to our cruise. We do have family in Brooklyn that we will visit with but we prefer to stay in Manhattan as it is more convenient. We will each be carrying one large suitcase so guess it will be car service for us too.

Paul Motter June 21st, 2005 12:13 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
There are many convenient ways to get into Manhattan from New Jersey, so it is a viable option to stay in a NJ hotel and take public transportation. It used to be that you could the PATH train (NJ version of a subway that led into the city) but the line from Jersey terminated in the World Trade Center, so obvioulsy it isn't there now. I don't live on the East Coast so I don't know the best way anymore.

There are Path trains you can take into the city from Newark that will take you right to Greenwich village or Macys. But Newark is a distance away from Bayonne. There are many ferries that cross the river as well, from Hoboken and Weehauken. There mnight be one from Jersey city (which is south of both those cities) as well.

What we need is a New Jersian to weigh in on this post.

CruzCrazy June 21st, 2005 04:32 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
Annie Lee, if you are in NYC first check with the hotel and see if it's cheaper to get a taxi to the pier or hire a van or limo service.

It's much easier getting from the NYC airport to Manhattan the to the pier.

But it's very hard to get from the Bayonne pier to NYC unless you have a private service pick you up.

Paul thanks for the I'm not good at dragging my luggage on a train.

I used to work in Manhattan and it's hard enough without any luggage.

I still hope that the Bayonne port will have some kind of shuttle service to NYC like a Super Shuttle that will drop you off at your hotel. Even if there are others to be dropped off as well.

I heard that the Bayonne port still needs to be modified for cruising, I am just wondering when that will be.

If I do another Canada/New England on Celebrity next Fall, I will fly into Newark the day before stay at a hotel and have the hotel take us to the pier, then on the return use the ship's transfer to Newark airport...a lot less stressful.

I'll save another NYC trip by itself and not tack it on to a cruise vacation.

roadnut June 22nd, 2005 08:25 PM

Re: Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne N
Remember, the cruise companies are only going to do something if its profitable. They run shuttle buses from the airport to the port frequently because a traveller has purchased an air/cruise package. Contained within that price is the cost to pick up and drop off the passanger at the airport/cruise port. And in many port cities, the airport and cruise port are fairly close to each other, and thus the shuttle can make many runs back and forth.

Between Bayonne and NYC is another story. Congestion abounds entering and leaving NYC. Friday would be really stuff. Sundays aren't as bad, but there's always going to be some delays. Also, NYC is quite a large city with severe traffic problems in itself. It would be a substantal cost to each passanger to get them to the city. And since you are looking to do this without using a train/bus/subway, the shuttle would have to find its way to each and every hotel. Quite literally, this could be a several hours' process.

Could it be done? Sure. But like I said, a company is in business to make money. Until the cruise lines determine a way to make it profitable while keeping costs low enough that travelers would use the service, hiring a private company is better for all involved.

Marilyn June 23rd, 2005 11:56 AM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
Paul, good news the Hoboken Path to the World Trade Center has been open over a year. They have a beautiful modern new station but its quite eerie when you come to the end because it brings you in at ground zero and all the emotions stir up again. Sorry I don't know the best way in from Bayonne but I would stick with car service.

Paul Motter June 24th, 2005 11:03 AM

Re: Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne N
Thanks Marilyn - there used to be a PATH train right to the Galleria in Jersey City which is much closer to Bayonne than Hoboken. Does anyone know if that is re-opened?

Marilyn June 27th, 2005 05:41 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
Paul here is the Path Stops but I couldn't find anything on the Galleria in Jersey City.

The Path stops from Newark, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street, Exchange Place, World Trade Center

The Path stops from Hoboken, Pavonia, Exchange Place, World Trade Center

I am also including the ferry information:

NY Waterway's ferry provides service between Hoboken and Manhattan, seven days per week. For more information, call NY Waterway at 1-800-53-FERRY.

Weekdays, the ferry operates the following routes from 6:00 AM to 11:45 PM:

Hoboken - World Financial Center: Peak periods, every 10 minutes; off-peak, every 15 minutes.
Hoboken - Pier A: Peak periods, every 6 minutes; off-peak, every 15 minutes.
Hoboken - Pier 11: Peak periods, every 6 minutes; off-peak every 10 to 15 minutes.
Weekends, the ferry operates the following routes from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM:

Hoboken - Pier A: Every 30 minutes.
Hoboken - West 38th St: Every 30 minutes.

$3 one-way

You can go to, click on recreation & tourism, Royal Carribean Cruise Information and all of your questions can be answered about Cape Liberty Cruise Port.

And my favorite hotel in NYC is The Muse ( it is about $250 a night and so worth it.

Hope some of this information is helpful Marilyn

MaureenR June 29th, 2005 12:47 AM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
We are wanting to drive to New York from our home in Prince Edward Island, Canada to catch the Carnival Legend next October to E. Caribbean.. When I looked up the area of the pier on Mapquest, I couldn't make heads or tails of it.. Does anyone know if we are able to drive up and park somewhere near or at the pier somewhere? Would there be some sort of pier security so we don't spend the next 8 days worrying about our car instead of enjoying our cruise?

Marilyn June 29th, 2005 03:22 PM

Re: The big question? How do you get from the Bayonne NJ pi
Yes they have a secured parking lot and its $12 a day cash only.

You can go to, click on recreation & tourism, click on Royal Carribean Cruise Information and all of your questions can be answered about Cape Liberty Cruise Port.

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