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SallyJeanB March 10th, 2006 11:32 AM

motion sickness medicine advice

I know this topic has been posted before, but I have a bit of a different question. We're leaving on our first cruise Tuesday and I have no idea whether we will be bothered with motion sickness. I purchased some Less Drowsy Formula Dramamine just in case. My understanding is that you should take it before actually becoming sick as a preventative measure. I planned to do that but then wondered if there were going to be problems if I drink alcoholic beverages at the same time???? Is there anything that I can just take IF I get sick??? I have also heard that any motion sickness that might occur should disapear after the first day or so once my body gets used to the motion of the ship, is this true?

Thanks for the help.....

Mike M March 10th, 2006 12:00 PM

Your physician is the best person to answer these questions.

I can tell you one thing from personal experience that helped my wife. She tried a dose of the medication before the cruise to see what effect it had on her. It was better to know before the cruise than to ruin it while she was on it. This was on the advice of her doctor.

All of the OTC motion sickness medications are preventatives and offer little relief once true motion sickness sets in. Ginger does help the sick feeling you do get with motion sickness.

Take care,

showcat March 11th, 2006 07:47 PM

Once sea sickness takes hold it's usually too late to do much about it. I am very sensitive to motion of a ship so I take 1/2 a non drowsy dramine right before bed starting the night before the ship leaves. I only take 1/2 because I only weigh about 100lbs so a full tablet is too much for me. The non drowsy formula still makes me sleepy; this is why I take it before bed it acts as a sleep aid as well ,and keeps me from getting queezy the next day. I have had alcohol on cruises while this is in my system I find it makes me perhaps more tired so I drink less alcohol. Hope this helps.

LisaK March 13th, 2006 11:21 AM

SallyJean - do you get motion sickness when you ride in the car or fly? That is a good indicator. If you do not get sick when you drive or fly the chances are pretty good that the slight motion of the ship won't bother you at all. The ships have wonderful stabalizers. If on the other-hand you get sick in the car or when flying- depending upon the severity - very sick - talk to your doctor about the patch, if you get the mild queezies then try eithr the Bonine or the SeaBands.
I get very mild queezies when we first set-sail and ginger works great for me, ginger cookies, ginger candy, and ginger-ale as long as it has real ginger in it, and not just flavor. I do pack the Bonnine just in case, glad to report that we have yet to take the Bonine and we have encounterd a couple of storms and rough water on a couple of our cruises.

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