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Easy E 1963 July 26th, 2008 06:16 AM

Celebrity Aquaclass(AQ) vs Concierge(C1) Solstice
Hello from sunny Afghanistan. I booked the 7DEC cruise on Solstice category(AQ) not knowing the difference in classes and tried to get the most for my US Army dollar. Does anyone know if the AQ class has priority check-in, priority luggage delivery, welcome champagne, daily fruit selection, fresh-cut flowers, daily hors d'oeuvres, pillow menu, dining and seating preference, preference on shore excursions, personalized stationery and a tote bag, Frette bathrobes, VIP invitations to events, early embarkation and debarkation, and shoeshine service as does the (C1) class? The (AQ) is two classes above the (C1) and of course more expensive. I'd like to have the above amenities, but it's not clear to me that (AQ) has them.

NY Cruisin Mama July 27th, 2008 03:06 AM

Did you book directly with Celebrity or go through a travel agent??
Either way, the TA should be able to tell you or you can send a request
to Celebrity Customer Relations. Personally, I don't think the extra $ 300 to $ 400 per person is worth it (JMO). We had all the same "perks" in
Conciege Class when we did the Panama Canal - I also would NOT like
to be confined to the Aqua Spa dining room for ALL my meals. On top of that, the cabins on that deck look rather "squeezed in". I am all for
"healthy eating /living" BUT this is my vacation and other than my walking routine each day - that's all the "fitness" I want when on holiday. I see
that you are in Afghanistan - did you ask for your military discount?? Good luck :) :)

Easy E 1963 July 27th, 2008 03:43 AM

I booked through CruisesOnly. My wife called them yesterday and was helped by Nina, a very helpful person. Nina called Celebrity and got some clairification. We get all the amenities as (C1) and we must eat in the Blu dining room. Had I know this, I would never had booked (AQ). We can ask the matre'd(sp) to move us to main dining once we board the ship. When I booked this in May, (AQ) was only a hundred or so dollars more. I believe I got a decent deal. The price has almost doubled in the last week it seems. We have decided to give Blu a chance. We just love sitting with 3 other couples and talking about life. I ask for a military rate and was told none were available. I appreciate your comments.

NY Cruisin Mama July 27th, 2008 01:05 PM

Well, you still have some time to shop around for the Conciege Class of
cabins on the cruise. why did you pick the Solstice? - because she is brand new?? Talk to the TA and have her see what else may be available
cabin wise on that date - you can certainly move your deposit around if
you find something more to your liking. Did you just put a deposit down??
(I hope so) - that way if you do go with another agency - you would receive a full refund of your deposit. Did you take out travel cancellation
insurance ?? Because of your situation and where you are - just in case
your vacation plans are changed - you can recover your money. If you
definately stay with this TA - have her keep checking on possibly moving
you to a CC cabin (Balcony is a MUST in my opinion). Final payment is
not due until 70 days prior to departure ( about Oct. 1st) and cabins
open up as people change their minds and cancel. Is this your first cruise?? If not, did the TA ask what other cruise companies you have
sailed with?? There are benefits for repeat customers within the same
cruise corporation - for ex. RCCL/Celebrity/Azamara. - So ask about that
if you qualify. Is the TA giving you any pre-paid tips, shipboard credits,
or free travel insurance?? If not - have your wife start to shop around.
You don't have to tell the CruisesOnly agent you are doing this - but if
you DO find a better offer - tell her about it and she may match it or
do better to keep your business. Make sure your wife has her passport
- I don't know where this cruise is taking you - I assume the Caribbean
and I think after Dec. 31st - everyone needs a passport. Good luck and
keep me posted. There is a website where you can compare different
cruise agencies but I am not allowed to post it here. Sorry. :( :(

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