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Melina's Mama July 27th, 2010 11:50 AM

Cruising With 11 month old - NEED ADVICE!!!!
I will be traveling with my 11 month old daughter on Norvegian Epic in August (2010).

Any advice? What to pack? What not to pack? Shes eating everything adults eat, but blended....any advice/experince on what will be acomodated and what wont be? Should I bring a portable blender/food processor? Will I be able to use it any where on the ship?

How about little swimmer diapers? Rules state "According to United States Public Health (U.S.P.H.) regulations, no diapers of any kind are permitted in the swimming pools or jacuzzis, including those marketed as "swimmers."

So what are we to do? not use the ameneties? Shes paying for her trip too, shouldnt she be able to use some sort of water fun activities/amenities? (also, note to all other travelers with infants, we were not told about this at any time during booking or after. I just stumbled up on this info now, 3 weeks before cruise. Plus, travel agent told us to bring little swimmers for the pool area.)

How about diaper change areas throughout the ship, are there any? If not, any sugestions?

Any advise on bathing her? I traveled on Royal Caribean Mariner of the Seas in 2008 (no kids at that time) and showers seemed to be very high pressure, so not very baby friendly. Any advise what to do on the Epic?

How about cribs any tips/info in regards to those?

Any other tips/info that I might have not mentioned?


Melina's Mama

LisaK July 27th, 2010 01:51 PM

Melina, i hate to say this but your travel agent should know that swim diapers are not allowed in the pools, it is common knowledge, its for health reasons. quite a few families will bring their own little blow-up pools for the little ones to splash around in. She can sit on your lap and you can stick her feet in the water. Your travel agent should make all the necessary arrangements for a porta-crib in your cabin. Public ladies rooms have baby changing stations. As for packing suggestions, bring enough diapers to last the duration of the cruise, pack lightweight clothing, little sundressess are ideal, shorts, hats, sunscreen. As for her food, again take that up with your travel agent, and just to be sure, once you get onboard go to see the Maitre D directly and tell him your needs. I would also suggest you ask this question over on our family cruising board.

Melina's Mama July 27th, 2010 02:33 PM

Will do..thanks!

Trip July 27th, 2010 06:01 PM

Hi Melina, and welcome to Cruisemates. With the lack of communication on your ta's part, I would perhaps consider looking for a new agent for your next cruise. Two things that upset cruisers, concerning small children on board are: bringing a baby, in a diaper into the pool,and not leaving a restaurant or show, when a child is crying..

What I would suggest is, to pick up a small blow up pool, to use by your lounges at the pool. Usually aft pools are a bit more quiet, a nice place for a nap too if she gets sleepy. You could also put the pool on the shower floor and fillit with water and bathe her that way:)

All that said, for the most part, I have enjoyed kids onboard, and I hope you all have a great crusie!

Melina's Mama July 28th, 2010 11:50 AM

I really appreciate everyones input and the advice in regards to the blow up pool. Also, I do understand the concerns of other cruisers.

However, not sure if any of you have children, but consider the following:

1. Blow up pool is just as exciting at home, so why would I want to deny my child of enjoying her vacation,
2. Children pay same rate as a 3rd passenger, which should entitle them to be able to use all of the cruise ameneties, diapered or not! (sorry, but I dont see any regulations against older adults with bowl movement control problems. Because it is their responcibility to ensure curtesy and safety of others. With children it should work the same, as long as a parent makes all effort to ensure safety of their child and others, kids should be allowed in the pool)
3. Kids are people too, dont forget that, they are not pets, they are humans, and just like adults they enjoy vacations as well. Adults who bring their children on vacation, simply understand that and they want their child to have a fun vacation too. Also, many people (especially business owners) dont see their children much and FAMILY VACATION (note the word family, which in most cases includes parents and children, even babies) is the only time they can enjoy their time with their chilhildren.
4. Once again...Kids pay same as 3rd passenger for their vacation and their parents paid full price to enjoy a vacation, untill travelers with babies start paying 1/2 price and babies start cruising for free, the entire family has every right to enjoy all amenities.

Think about it....Almost forgot, if we were well informed on ta's and cruise lines part before we booked (everyone knew we will be traveling with a baby), we would of never went with any of the cruise lines with this restriction. Instead we would of booked with Disney (which allows children everywhere).

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment.

Trip July 28th, 2010 12:57 PM

I see your point, but only to a point. You are selecting a vacation, where the majority of people enjoying it, are adults, and therefore adult driven, with a few exceptions.

If your ship of choice has a kiddie pool, no one will bat an eyelash, if it is filled with diaper wearing kids, but once you bring a baby into the adult pool, you must realize, you will probably get comments, and possibly be asked to leave the pool. Can you deal with that, and how far will you push it? You want your enjoyment to be the same as everyone else's but, with the health issues already stated, you surely know this is out of most peoples comfort levels, and rightly so, imo....I would also hazzard to guess, that an adult, with adult diapers, would probably not be swimming. I suggested the little pool as a comfortable compromise. Maybe not the fun level you are looking for, but just a heads up to know you may get confronted, by someone feeling as strongly as you do, but on the opposite side of the issue.

All cruisers, in their cruise fare, pay for all the options available for everyone on board, but many don't use all of them. Just because someone can do something, doesn't mean they should. I do hope yourr family enjoys the cruise...I will be on the Epic in Oct, please come back and let us know how things went

LisaK July 28th, 2010 01:55 PM

Melina's Mom what you may not know is that the vast majority of ships pools are salt-water, not fresh (Princess being the exception), therefore there is no use of any type of chlorine type product to sanitize the water, all it would take is one little baby having a little accident and they would have to shut down, drain, clean and then re-fill the pool. It is strictly a public health issue and thats all it is, you have to look at it from that standpoint and not to take it as a person afront to your daughter, and if you do decide to bring a little blow-up splash pool for her, she will get so much positive attention from the staff and from your fellow cruisers who appreciate the fact that you made that effort to abide by the public health rules.

Melina's Mama July 29th, 2010 11:02 AM

Trip - 100% agree with in general even the potty trained once should stay at the kiddie pool for many reasons, not just the "potty" reason.....but the issue is that none of the pools or splash pads (apperently) can acomodate a diapered child.

Lisa K - I do understand the issue...however, 3 of Royal Caribean ships and 2 of Disney ships, and now according to you Princess, have a childrens' splash area that is safe for diapered tots...which makes it possible for a criuse ship to have a more simple system just for that area...why is this not done on every ship??????????

Hope you understand what I mean now....I do not want to put my child in an adult pool, its not safe for her for many reasons and I was a childless cruiser just 2 yrs ago, so I know that adults do not want kids in their pool and I gladly will acomodate that...but my argument is that there should be at least a splash area for all kids, including diapered, on every ship...we all know that this is possible.....unless, a cruise line specificly designates that ship to be an adult only ship, or for example 10 years and up only ship...something along the lines of that....

Well, Epic is a new ship, not much info is available on it yet, so, hopefully there is that special little spot on that ship that can acomodate my daughter and other diapered kids. (although I'm under the impression that there is nothing there for her.)

Snoozeman July 29th, 2010 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by Melina's Mama (Post 1305915)
1. Blow up pool is just as exciting at home, so why would I want to deny my child of enjoying her vacation,

Agree 100%. She can have just as much fun at home.

LisaK July 30th, 2010 09:28 AM

Melina'a mom, if enough cruisers put enough pressure on the cruise lines to add a kiddie splash/pool area then it will happen, as is has on a few ships already. I think it is a great idea

Kimbopolo July 30th, 2010 11:40 AM

Anyone who answers "don't care" in that poll has never taken a course in microbiology.

lv2b@sea July 30th, 2010 12:59 PM

We took a $5 blow up pool on the Mariner for our 8 month old granddaughter and she loved it. We also had a very nice packnplay in each cabin and the stewards changed the sheets daily. I didn't find the water pressure to be high at all. We coverd the drain with a towel, rans some water, wash and used the hand held shower head for her shower. It is only 1 week so she didn't need to play in a tub. The dining staff were very accomodating when we needed something heated. I don't remember seeing a diaper changing station in any of the public bathrooms but it wasn't a problem for us. Enjoy and make memories.

Trip July 30th, 2010 01:12 PM

I honestly don't remember seeing changing stations either.

johnthed0g July 30th, 2010 04:09 PM

Sorry, there is no place for non "houstrained'' children in pools, surely it's just common sense & respect for others. We never took our boy anywhere until he was old enough to behave in restaurants & clean.

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