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vh726726 June 5th, 2013 06:35 PM

Disney cruise questions
Boy, am I glad to find your website! :) Iím planning a trip on Disney Dream cruise in September ( OH YEAH! ) and needing some advises. There are a lot resource out there but I canít seem to find what I needÖÖfirst time cruiser here!

1) Flight schedule ( SFO-MCO ) The cruise is between 9/15 ( Sun ) - 9/19 ( Thur) and the ship suppose get back by 7:30am on Thursday, Iím wondering when should be our departure flight?? How long will it take for us to actually get out of the ship and given 1 hour back to airport, should I find a flight after 12 pm to be on the safe side? I found a flight leaving at 11:05am, Iím worried that it might not be enough time ( or does it? )
2) Ground transportation. We will need group transportation from hotel (Hyatt Regency Orlando) to port Canaveral. I was looking into different company and website and wondering what is the reasonable price for round trip 2 passenger? Some websites give me SUPER cheap price ( $ 36 round trip per person?? ) but itís kinda scary because many other places will charge as much as $ 200?? Do you have recommendation for group transportation?
3 ) Room selection on Disney dream, which deck do you recommend? We would like to choose a Stateroom with Verandah, would you happen to know which deck has the Oversized Private Verandah ? and is it better to pick a room in the middle of the ship? ( end or front? )
any other tips/ advises are also welcomed! Thanks for all your help.

Donna June 5th, 2013 07:49 PM

WElcome to cruisemates and the world of cruising...

For your return trip, I would advise booking a flight after 12:00 noon. You do have quite a trip from the pier to the airport, you may want to check the cruiseline transportation for the return to the airport...In fact, may want to check the Disney bus from the airport to the pier and take the hotel shuttle back to the airport, if the price is right. There are shuttle services that work, also try Super Shuttle...We recently went to WDW and used their transportation from the airport and back and it was wonderful...

As for cabin location, check out the deck plans, and just make sure you have quest cabins above and below the one you pick, so you will not have any noise issues..

I always hear good things about the Disney cruises, be sure to tell us all about it, when you return, have a wonderful vacation. June 5th, 2013 08:35 PM

My best advice is to work with a reputable travel agent, preferably one who is a cruise specialist and one who has actually done a Disney cruise. Their assistance can be invaluable and they will be able to help with all the arrangements and answer all your questions so you won't have to hassle with all the details. Plus, their pricing is going to be exactly the same as Disney charges, so it makes sense to utilize their services and expertise for free. Besides, if you book with the cruise line and have any problems, who do you think they represent?

With that said, I always recommend getting a flight after noon just to be on the safe side. Anything sooner does not allow for any delays. Plus, you want to be at the airport and least 90 minutes prior to the flight - again, just to be on the safe side.

There are plenty of really good and affordable transfer companies from Orlando to Port Canaveral. Your agent will be able to help you with this as well as assist you with the type and location of cabins.


Queen of Oakville July 4th, 2013 02:13 PM

Even if you are the last off the ship - it will be between the 9 and 9:30.

The biggest delay in getting out of the terminal is waiting for Ground Transportation. We always rent a car - and we have wasted up to an hour for the shuttles to come through. Apparently, they are there but security doesn't let them enter (or so they say :confused:)

We have booked 11 AM flights and made it.

If you do this - you must - carry your own bags off the ship - don't risk your bags being misplaced and time spent looking for them in the terminal. Get off the ship as soon as it is cleared. You still line up to get off - but the line moves fast.

We don't use ground transportation - we always rent a car. Hertz is the closest to the terminal - and in my experience, they offer the best/fastest shuttle experience.

Some MCO hotels offer service too - but that can cause waits/delays.

We've stayed in an inside cabin on Dream and we also had a balcony on Fantasy. Both were nice. My kids preferred the inside cabin because you get the magical port hole.

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