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luvmytigs April 19th, 2011 08:31 AM

Excursion woes
While we remain very excited about our upcoming July 19th Amalfi Coast cruise on the Quest (ship reviews are wonderful!!), we are disheartened by Azamara's total disregard for passengers affected by the bait and switch on 1/2 price shore excursions. We booked in January and learned on April 6th that Azamara changed the promotion on excursions without notifying us. Apparently they added a deadline (March 31st) on booking the excursions and now refuse to honor the original promotion which was advertised all over the internet and in travel magazines (Choice Air, Prepaid Gratuities, 1/2 price shore excursions if booked prior to sailing).

My travel agent was unable to get anywhere, I have emailed Azamara directly and after 7 days received a canned response, when I called I was told that management is aware of the negative comments but will not honor the original promotion. I was provided the email address of VP of Sales and Marketing and received a response that she is "out".

In all of our cruises/tours this has never happened to us. What we booked we received. Azamara can change anything it wants, however, not to communicate is bad business. When Azamara blamed our travel agent (AAA travel) I asked for proof of communication of the change and it was not provided.

Yes, I should have accessed the boards and website weekly/daily/every minute to ensure that I kept up on changes:rolleyes: but there were no excursions even posted when we booked. We book cruises and land tours to avoid all of the detail planning required of independent travel and my father gets nervous when I book tours off of the ship.

This change in promotion will add $2377 to our cost and all we ask of Azamara is that they make it good.

Paul Motter April 26th, 2011 11:52 AM

I have to say that this is exactky the kiond of thing that gives Oceania a bad reputation once in awhile.

of course it is not your fault that you were not informed.

Oceania has a way of regularly putting deadline on things and announcing in the press - but if you don't hang around the right circles you might now hear it.

There are several user groups and forums dedicated to Oceania Cruises, and I am sure the word got around there - but as you say - it is not your responsibility to track the company.

I would think you could sue the line or your TA in small claims for the difference it will cost you. A travel agent is supposed to be the liassion between you and the cruise line.

Tough on her, but then again, someone should have to pay. She would likely get it back from the cruise line.

Trackypup April 26th, 2011 01:24 PM

What's with the Oceania bashing, OP is talking about Azamara.

There's a really long discussion on this on Cruise Critic, it's appaling that they pulled a bait and switch. I would be hollering if I were you to have this honored.

Trackypup April 26th, 2011 08:25 PM

Good News OP. Azamara is going to open up the 50% off excursions to those that are effected by this. You should be receiving some correspondence.

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