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Default Help, Help, Help!!!!!

Does anyone know where any good souviner (straw market type) shopping in Montego bay is?

Does anyone know where Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is?

Is there any must do's why we are in port that we should not miss?

And is Montego Bay as bad as Ocho Rios Jamaica when it comes to the drugs?
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I have been to Jamaica twice, by cruise and land package. Our port was MO Bay and we took a tour with a lady, I forget her name, off the beaten path, we went to YS Falls.

There is shopping all around Margaritville. However, the drugs that you mention I did not encounter. I mean I was offered by wisper once or twice but when I said no thank you with a smile it was not a problem. Based on what I have read on different boards Jamaica seems to get a really bad rap and I think that when people read so much negative they become paranoid. I have traveled to many different islands in the Carrib. by cruise and landbased and I have found that it's not waht you say it's how you say it.

The most important ting is to experience/appreciate a culture different from your own and enjoy it.
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Traveladdict...thank you, this is worth to be repeated:

The most important ting is to experience/appreciate a culture different from your own and enjoy it.

An additional comment...or point of view: traveling is not a conumption process but a learning and growing process...see earth from space (or Google Earth jeje)...that is our planet and soil and we should consider the ability to travel and meet other .. lets call it dimensions...a priviledge to know more about ourselves and our environment (nature!...dont forget to look at a tree (colors, shape, smell, etc) for more than 3 seconds after 8 hours in front of the comuper screen...)...travel, explore, experience...what a great gift.
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In Montego Bay there is a shuttle bus for $12 available at the terminal area that stops at a large craft market, another shopping area, Margaritaville, and Doctor's Cave Beach. It is cheaper than a taxi and is very convenient. The Margaritaville has a water slide into the ocean (the one on Grand Cayman goes into a pool) and is a lot of fun. I think that Mo Bay is less of a threat than Ocho Rios.
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