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Ivan September 2nd, 2000 06:46 PM

Eastern or Western Caribbean?
I won a cruise on Carnival (my first with CCL). I just came back from the Voyager OTS doing the Western Caribbean.

Anyway, I am deciding between going on the Triumph to the Eastern Caribbean or on the new Victory to the Western Caribbean again. These are my only 2 choices.

Is it better to go on a new ship and visit ports I just visited (mind you, we didn't go to Grand Caymen and we visited Playa Del Carmen and not Cozumel) or is it better to go on a slightly older ship (Triumph) and visit new ports (St. Thomas, San Juan and St. Croix)?

Is there much to do in St. Thomas, San Juan or St. Croix? Are these ports better than the western Caribbean ports?

Anybody's thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Mary Ellen Malone September 2nd, 2000 07:46 PM

RE: Eastern or Western Caribbean?
I have a few questions for you as to this. First, how did you win the free cruise. Second, is there a time period that you have to use it and is it only up to a cruise of 7 days or can it be used on an 8 day cruise. The new Carnival Spirit, will be doing a different Western Caribbean than the rest of the ships do. It visits Belize City, Limon, Costa rica, and Colon, Panama in Nov. of 2001. If it were me I would find out if this free cruise is good for that and do that itineray. My daughter and I are planning on doing the Nov. 27, 2001 cruise on the Spirit if she is able to get vacation in Nov. If it were me picking between the two, I would redo the Western as I am not fond of the Eastern Caribbean islands due to the time spent on these island. However, believe there is good shopping

Ivan September 2nd, 2000 08:02 PM

Mary Ellen Malone
I won the cruise through a work promotion. I have to use it by the middle of December and my partner only has time off around Remembrance day. So I am limited in terms of the time I can go.

Donna September 2nd, 2000 08:49 PM

RE: Eastern or Western Caribbean?
Hi Ivan,
Wow, kind of tough decision, but if it were me, I'd go on Triumph only because I really like the eastern itinary better, but also for the reasons you stated on not seeing some places in the western on a brand new ship, its almost a draw. You need to decide what kinds of things you enjoy doing more. The shopping in the eastern is much better and you could also visit St. Johns by taking a ferry over from St. Thomas. The snorkeling at St. Johns is good and the whole island is just beautiful. On the other hand snorkeling with the Sting Rays in Grand Cayman is a great expierence too. From what I've heard about Triumph is a great ship, so that would be mine choice, but you may decide on the new ship. Hope I helped just a tad?? Have fun deciding, when do you have to know?


Ivan September 4th, 2000 05:38 AM

Thanks for your advice. I have to make a decision in the necxt couple weeks.

I'm not too big on shopping, so what else is there to do in St. Thomas? From the reviews I have been reading, it seems like the stop in San Juan is a bit of a waste since it arrives so late.

I'm starting to lean toward the Victory actually unless you can convince me that the ports of call are really that much better than the western ports.

Donna September 4th, 2000 12:39 PM

RE: Donna
Hi Ivan,
I really don't quite understand the timing of the stop in San Juan, you can't do any kind of tours, rain forest, forts, etc because its so late. Only think I can think of is stopping in a Casino if you're into the gambline scene?? As for St. Thomas besides shopping I have a list of excersions offered by Princess and would think Carnival has simular tours you can do. You can go up on the tram, which you can see from the pier in St. Thomas and view St. Thomas. Here is the list I have and you can see if Carnival offers some of the same ones:

Coral world & Island drive
St. John Island tour
St. John beach snorkel
Tt. Thomas mountain bike adventure
Atlantis submarine odyssey
Virgin Islands Helicopter Odyssey
Virgin Islands Seaplane exploration
Magens Bay beach Getaway
Kayaking the Marine Sanctuary
Golf at Mahogany Run
Snorkeling on the Wind thing
Champagne Catamaran sailaway to St. John
St. Thomas sailboat and snorkel adventure
St. Thomas Private Sailboat charter
Five-Star St. John Beach and Snorkel Adventure

The trip to Meagans bay, you can do on your own if you want to just grab a taxi, beautiful beach, no snorkeling, but what a sight. Our last trip to St. Thomas we did the snorkeling on the Wild thing, which they took us over to St. Johns, which was great as usual. They don't always go there, so you just don't know which snorkeling spot you'll end up on. As you can see there is a lot of things besides shopping in St. Thomas. If you've never been out that way, I think you'll enjoy it over the Western itinary, but which ever you choose, its still a cruise and you can't go wrong either way, so enjoy it and let me know which one you book?
Have Fun.


gail September 4th, 2000 02:48 PM

RE: Donna (the Wild thing?)
Donna: Four of us are booked for the Victory on January 28th going to the East Carribean. Since we are going to St Thomas and we love snorkeling and plan to go to St John anyway, what is the Wild thing??

Veronica September 7th, 2000 12:44 AM

RE: Eastern or Western Caribbean?
I'm guessing that heaven looks A LOT like St. Thomas/St. John. I would opt for St. Thomas, or Aruba!!

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