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Judy October 3rd, 2000 09:19 PM

First time cruisers that's us!
hello all, I've been reading about all your fantastic adventures for a few days now and thought I should introduce myself! Midwesterners here, direct from the corn and soybean fields of Indiana...I work for a grain elevator and my husband works for a seed corn company...anyone have any tips you'd like to share with very "novice" cruisers thier first time out? sailing on the Triumph November 11th with another couple of first timers too, we're helping to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Kuki October 3rd, 2000 11:52 PM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
Hi Judy,
Welcome aboard CruiseMates!! Glad u found us.
I sailed on the Triumph for Christmas 99, and had a great time. Here's a link to my report about urcruise.
Any questions at all we can help with, feel free to ask.
Features Editor

Malissa October 4th, 2000 08:45 AM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
Like you my first cruise was on the Triumph last year. It's a huge ship and it will probably take you the whole trip to find yourself around. Make sure to keep a map of the ship with you or check it before you leave your room. There is one pool on the very front part of the ship that's pretty secluded and I never found it. I know it's there cause it's in the picture but my friend and I couldn't find a way to it. You might be able to get there through the Rome Lounge. There are stairs on each side of the stage that go somewhere, try them. It's probably a good place to relax without all the kids.

I don't know how many people you'll have on board but as a note of warning make sure to get a lounge chair early if you plan on laying out or just relaxing by the pool. I went last year over Easter break and we could never find deck chairs on our days at sea because the families would save chairs for their kids that would never use them, and carnival couldn't enforce their no saving policy.

As for food, you have to try the Noodle Factory in the cafe (with the buffet line). It's on one side with the New York Deli on the other side. The food is very good there.

I wish you happy sailing and make sure that you have fun. Don't be too picky about the service and everything else. You're gonna find some gliches but if you just pass them by your trip will be the best one you take.

alesia October 4th, 2000 10:33 AM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
My advice when you are done packing, put half the cloths in your suit case back in your closet.

MikeM October 4th, 2000 09:31 PM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
Thought you may be interested in this article from some time back.
MikeM (cruise x 7)

What is it about a Cruise?
by Anne Campbell
Itís always the shipís horn that stops me in my tracks. It frequently catches me in the act of unpacking for the voyage ahead. This unforgettable sound is when the ties that bind me to land and my life back home begin to fray a bit. Racing to the top deck I peer over the side as sailors drop the thick coiled ropes, finally making hand signals to the bridge that the ship is all clear. Suddenly this gleaming white vessel slowly begins her horizontal slide from the pier and we majestically steam out of port.

This is the most magical moment of the voyage for me, the actual separation of the self that normally inhabits me and the self Iíll become for a week or so. My excitement level is so high I want to jump like a child with glee. I fully understand DiCaprioís euphoric outburst on the bow of Titanic. Weíre leaving for unknown adventures, to be revealed each day.

On the pool deck, passengers lift glasses of bubbly, dance or silently stare ahead, at the seas that carry this royally crafted vessel, designed to carry several thousand people 50 weeks per years for a duration of 30 years. By the time we have fully departed home port, I can almost see the person I was back home, sadly standing on the pier silently mouthing "bon voyage."

The myriad irritations and problems of life arenít resilient enough to follow me to any ship. The effect is akin to a deep massage, perhaps with a magic potion tossed in. I simply no longer care that the dry cleaner ruined my best dress, stupid mistakes at work havenít been corrected or even that I must eventually come home. Nor do I worry if my clothes are right, that Iíll fit in with other passengers or whether the food will be passable. For one week, Iíll be with like-minded folks who have cast-off everything but the joy at being carried away to new places.

The seas, oceans and rivers of the world offer cruisers so many choices. If you demand a place in the sun, then the Caribbean is your natural habitat, with its potpourri of colors and people and splendid tropical climate (and, should you ever tire, Hawaii or the South Seas might entice your senses). If youíre looking for adventure and wildlife, Antarctica, the Galapagos and Amazon beckon. If majestic scenery fills your soul with wonder, then you should sail through the southern tip of South America, Alaskaís Inside River or in and out of Norwayís saw-toothed fjords.

Serious scuba divers will love the Mexican Riviera on sailings from either the West Coast of Florida and our own eastern seaboard can be explored all the way from Florida to the rocky coastal islands of Maine. If you wish to stretch your mind, as well as your legs, in every port, the whole world is waiting for you. Those who love antiquities will be thrilled in Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt. If itís river life you like, try the small boats on the waterways of Europe, the paddle wheelers on the Mississippi and Ohio River and the barges along the Nile. You can be as enriched and fulfilled as you desire, or pursue each day at a sailís pace.

This is the perfection of a cruise.

augie October 5th, 2000 04:28 PM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
My advice is to enjoy yourself fully. Don't limit yourself to the things you normally do.Try new foods, allow yourself to be a little "crazy".


Judy October 8th, 2000 06:52 PM

thanks for the great info!
thanks so much for all the great tips and advice, in between harvesting the crops we're harvesting all your tips and ideas,,,,thanks again! :)

Trisha October 9th, 2000 12:44 AM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!! My husband and I have been on 3 cruise's and the last two within 3 months of each other. WE ARE HOOKED there is no other vacation in the world like it. Oh by the way I'm from Indiana myself. Moved to California when I was just a little girl but still have family that live's there.
Have fun!

craig October 14th, 2000 10:50 PM

RE: First time cruisers that's us!
Judy, my wife and I sailed on the Destiny last year, and it was our first cruise. Best advice--keep track of the bar bills as they add up fast! Dine in the main dining room each night, as the menu varies and it is exquisite. The water slide is fun, and if you like to lounge around the pools, nab a lounge chair early. As for the rule of "no leaving personal belongings on chairs to reserve them"--forget about it! Everyone leaves stuff on chairs first thing in the AM and return later to use them. Also, if you like art, go to the art auctions. You don't have to buy anything, but they give away nice gifts to all who attend at the end of each auction. When tipping, give your waiter their tip AFTER your last dinner on board, not before. Service is bad if you tip too early. You will have so much fun, and it doesn't matter where you are from.
PS. we are taking our 2nd cruise this December on the Grand Princess, but Carnival was a great 1st cruise.

daaling September 11th, 2006 12:45 PM

Re: First time cruisers that's us!

Originally Posted by Judy
hello all, I've been reading about all your fantastic adventures for a few days now and thought I should introduce myself! Midwesterners here, direct from the corn and soybean fields of Indiana...I work for a grain elevator and my husband works for a seed corn company...anyone have any tips you'd like to share with very "novice" cruisers thier first time out? sailing on the Triumph November 11th with another couple of first timers too, we're helping to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Hi u will have our disease..when u get back home..forever..mine has lasted since 1969..and I h0pe to NEVER recover. have 2 in the oven..clothes on the bed for cat to sleep on whilst i pack for 9/30...also go to Cruise Critic web site...I make an "invoice type" list on my puter..for me/ day/date, morning/eve dress..tops/bottom, shoes/ etc for men..I co-ordinate for best advantage..write in pencil...revamp if necss. I even have colored pix I draw on margins..a line for misc..theme etc Hubby is no longer asking"honey what am i wearin" put jewels in ziplok..clip to outfit..when worn fold and put in suitcase if still in cabin...list goes in bag w/jewels(costume) nice stuff in safe..Doller Tree store ..get $1 over the door shoe hang bag..I put a small dowel rod..over door hanger(xmas wreath type) to affix to door. saves room on bath counter. If u r a constant sipper, take a big one..mine is for water/tea. get new pk of #1 bills from bank, take to a print shop,,get edge gummed..peel off when needed..they stay flat, w/o fumbling, and if u loose..only less than $50 cash in a pak. small toilet items, or buy (DT again) small amts of home size.xtra hangers. if u beach..get $1 shower curtain for sand..toss when done.nite lite clock, hi-liter, tape, sticky notes..flavored coffee creamer if u like. even if u like DR b' least get rm/serv for a.m. coffee while waking up..peel off a $ for steward....any other ?'s email

nevadurham September 11th, 2006 01:37 PM

Mike M-- Wow!! You should be a writer!! My sentiments exactly!!

ClevelandRocks September 11th, 2006 05:59 PM

Hey Hoosiers, wait till you board your ship. You'll be singin "How yah gonna keep em down on the farm, after they've seem the sea." Have a great cruise! :D GO BUCKEYES!

cruisenlove September 12th, 2006 02:17 PM

you will be singing the love boat theme as I did. Walking down the halls in the middle of the night. Also some people try to pick out little bitty nit picky things to complain about. Most do not but they are the some that do. My suggestion is look out over the waters and see the miracle out there and enjoy it.

The most helpful advise though is dont forget your motion sickness pills. Although your ship may be huge and you may not feel anything, just take it as a precaution. I usually stop taking mine about the second day because I forget. My wife takes hers the whole time. A good friend told me, "why wait til your sick and after all the money you spent. Just take the pill or get the patch and you have no worries.But I want to mention Carnivals ships are built with stabilizers and you hardly feel anything. Most of the time tou are so busy that you forget your on a ship. Its a floating wonderful city. Have fun guys and make sure you give us details when you return. :D

amaretto September 13th, 2006 05:54 PM

Glad to know that it's your first cruise. You're going to love it. I went on my first cruise on the Glory two weeks ago, and had lots of information from all the lovely CruiseMates; and I absolutely enjoyed my vacation. So now, I'm another cruise-addict convert; I'm hooked and can't wait to book my next cruise!

I like the article that MikeM posted. It truly describes the magic of a cruise vacation.

Hope that you have the time of your lives!

Fern September 13th, 2006 07:56 PM

Not that it makes a huge difference, but did anyone else notice that this post was pulled up from 2000?

"Judy" has been back from her cruise almost 6 years!

Will September 13th, 2006 08:12 PM

Judy we also have sailed on the Triumph,and loved her.

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