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addicted2cruising January 15th, 2001 02:39 PM

Carnival new tipping policy
This was brought up here first, but I've got more details from Carnival to share, so enjoy:

Thank you for visiting We are forwarding the information you requested regarding gratuities below.

Gratuities (Tipping)

Gratuities are customarily given out the last evening of the cruise. We have set guidelines in regard to what is appropriate. Gratuities have traditionally been paid by cash or prepaid prior to the cruise. With the implementation of Team Service and other departmental changes on board, gratuities will be applied to the guest's Sail & Sign Account. Dependent upon the ship and the date of departure, gratuities will be handled accordingly:

. Traditional System: Gratuities are paid with cash.
. Tropicle Celebration Jubilee Holiday Fantasy Ecstasy Sensation Fascination Inspiration Elation Victory; Destiny (thru 1/14/01); Triumph(thru 2/3/01)

. Reverse Gratuity Program: Gratuities applied to guest's Sail & Sign Account.
Imagination Paradise Spirit Pride; Destiny (beginning 1/21/01); Triumph (beginning 2/10/01)

. Prepaid Gratuities: Gratuities are prearranged and paid prior to the cruise.
This option is available on all ships, at all times; on Cruises-to-Nowhere,
this is not an option but is mandatory.

Personnel, such as Bar Waiters, Bellboys, and Deck Stewards may be tipped as service is rendered. 15% of the bill is automatically added to beverage purchases which the guest may adjust appropriate to the service received. Tipping still applies regardless of the dining options selected, such as eating at the casual dining restaurant or utilizing room service. NOTE: Guests under two years of age are not required to extend gratuities.

The following are PER GUEST totals for recommended gratuities:

2-CTN: $ 20.00 5-day: $ 48.75 10-day: $ 97.50 14-day: $136.50
2-day: $ 19.50 7-day: $ 68.25 11-day: $107.25 15-day: $146.25
3-day: $ 29.25 8-day: $ 78.00 12-day: $117.00 16-day: $156.00
4-day: $ 39.00 9-day: $ 87.75 13-day: $126.75 17-day: $165.75


Traditional System

Applicable Ships: Tropicle Celebration Jubilee Holiday Fantasy Ecstasy Sensation Fascination
Inspiration Elation Victory Destiny (thru 1/14/01); Triumph (thru 2/3/01)

On the last evening of the cruise, envelopes will be available to the guests to place gratuities in (cash only). Tipping the Dining Room Maitre d' and Head Waiter is strictly at the guest's discretion, based upon the service received. Following are the recommended guidelines for gratuities:

Waiter: $3.50 per guest/per day
Assistant Waiter: $2.00 per guest/per day
Cabin Steward: $3.50 per guest/per day


Reverse Gratuity Program

Applicable Ships: Imagination Paradise Spirit Pride; Destiny (beginning 1/21/01); Tiumph (beginning 2/10/01)

With the implementation of the new Team Service structure, we are also implementing the Reverse Gratuity Program which will eventually be fleetwide by the end of 2001. For the guest's convenience, we are automatically adding the gratuities to the guest's on board Sail & Sign Account. The total amount will be $9.75 per guest, per day, which is our recommended guideline:

Headwaiter/2 Team Waiters : $5.50 per guest/per day
Lido Restaurant Wait Staff: $ .75 per guest/per day
Housekeeping Staff : $3.50 per guest/per day
Total Gratuities: $9.75 per guest/per day

Tipping the Dining Room Maitre d' is strictly at the guest's discretion, based upon the service received. An envelope will be available to the guests on the last evening of the cruise for those who wish to extend this gratuity in cash.

You will have the discretion to adjust these gratuities based upon the level of service received during the cruise. This includes the option to adjust gratuities (up or down) for any individual on the Dining or Housekeeping staff. In order to do so, the guest will need to contact the Information Desk in person.

whipper January 15th, 2001 04:14 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
I assume that you can reverse the charges on your card?? When I cruise I will pay tips based on service. Carnival is only thinking of themselves when they charge tips automatically.

Suzieqk January 16th, 2001 11:37 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
I agree, this policy really sucks!!!! I usually tip beyond the suggested amount for my room steward and waitstaff. But I want to be in control of who I tip!!! What incentive does one have if they already have their bonuses upfront???

alesia January 17th, 2001 09:35 AM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
CCL is going to have to try much harder to show me that they are not doing this for themselves. I will fight this everytime I cruise. When will CCL put their clients first. Oh yeah never. It started with the new liquor policies. They did that for us? Oh they figured out they can make much more money making us buy their drinks, instead of allowing us to buy on board or in port. I hope if CCL monitors this board, they will come to learn that they can't continue to screw us out of every dollar they can, and still keep us cruising with them. And now for a word from our sponsor.

Linda W. January 17th, 2001 12:50 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
I, for one, am happy with this idea. I have always tipped more than the recommended amount. This could actually save me money! Actually, I will probably still tip an additional amount in person for the people who have been outstanding. But at least that's less cash I need to have with me on the cruise. I'm scheduled on the Destiny in April and I'm glad this will be in effect for us.

Storm'n Norman January 17th, 2001 10:03 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
I travel on at least 3 Carnival Cruises a year (heading out on the Triumph on the 3rd Feb. 2001 again - twice in 6 months), making it my 17th on Carnival in 6 years and believe that tipping should be at the discretion of the individual. If I wish to tip - it should be in cash.
I usually give gratuities at the beginning of the cruise (that way you receive that "extra special" service) and a final payment at the end (depending upon the level of service received). How do I know that CCL will not "skim" a percentage off the top!
I agree with Alesia, in that CCL is going "overboard" on this idea.

Carvin January 19th, 2001 11:57 AM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
I see CCL slipped in a tip for the Lido crew with this
new policy. I realize they were never tipped directly
before but I thought I had heard something about tips being
pooled and split up. Any comments?

Alex January 19th, 2001 01:55 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
Who is going to be given a tip next the captain, navigator, or maybe the enginemen that work below decks. Think it is kind of sneaky to tip the people on the lido deck if you never go there to eat.addicted2cruising wrote:

alesia January 19th, 2001 02:23 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
Keep in mind Alex that the dinning room staff also does lido deck duty also. Keep an eye open if you "ever go to lido deck to eat" you might just see your waiter there.

addicted2cruising January 19th, 2001 02:36 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
Our Primary Waiter on RCCL Monarch of the Seas told us that if he didn't get a good review on his comment cards that we filled out at the end of the cruise, then they move those waiters with less than exceptional marks to the Lido Deck and other buffet's, open seating, etc, where they don't get tips. That is the service they don't want to do, since so much of their real wage is based on getting those tips. Working the Lido, buffets, Open seating, etc, is almost like working for no wage at all, but required if they want a shot at moving into the Main Dining rooms for the real tips.

kiddingru February 3rd, 2001 11:53 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If it is mandatory: It is NOT a TIP; It is a subsidy to compensate for the employers low wages. Increase the fares up front, pay all the staff a fair wage and leave the gratuities on a reward system as it should be. Of course this is just my Opinion. Happy Cruising!

kenny holt February 13th, 2001 09:48 PM

Re: Carnival new tipping policy

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