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tiffany August 22nd, 2001 05:01 PM

Jubliee Inquiry
Hey cruisers:

I , actually my family is going on the Jubilee in December. I have been reading ship reviews and I am somewhat anxious. I am getting a mixed bag of comments. Some are very favorable, some are really negative.
I have not cruised with Carnival before so I do not know what to expect.
Has anyone been on this ship recently and can maybe ease my nerves about this ship?


Marla August 23rd, 2001 06:02 AM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
We went on the Jubilee about a year and a half ago. i was advised by my TA not to go on it, as I had only been on the newer ships, and the Jubilee is an older ship. I liked the itinerary and went anyway, had one of the best cruises yet. As long as you keep in mind that it's an older ship and it doesn't have all the bells & whistles of the newer ships you'll love it. I would go on the Jubilee again in a heartbeat, we had some of the best service on this ship from waiters, busboys, room stewards, etc. And also keep in mind a cruise is what you make it!

Teri August 23rd, 2001 09:45 AM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
I returned from the 5 day cruise just a couple of weeks ago and found it absolutely wonderful. It was my first cruise and the ship was lovely. The entertainment was very well done and the crew were extremely attentive. I probably booked the lowest level of a cabin (since I was travelling alone) but found none of the vibrations that others mentioned. I think the size of the Jubilee is one of its better points. It isn't so large that you get lost or never run into the same people again. I think the biggest point is to have realistic expectations and enjoy yourself. One person I heard whining about the fact that the lobster they served for dinner wasn't "live Maine lobster". Somethings you just have to get over!!! It was great - HAVE FUN!!!!

rjack22 August 23rd, 2001 12:59 PM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
I just got off the Jubilee a week ago today! We had a great time! Don't believe all those negative reviews! I know that they got to me too but I found them either not to be true or greatly exaggerrated. I posted a lenghly review on both and also on Jason's Carnival site at:

Email me at and I will be happy to ease those fears! (smile)


Robert August 23rd, 2001 03:37 PM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
I just got off the Jubilee like a month ago. It was a nice ship but i went on the Ecstasy in the Fantasy Class, and liked the ecstasy alot better (ship wise). I have heard many people say they prefer the smaller ships, but my whole family wold have to dis-agree. Dont get me wrong the ship was nice, and the cruise was very nice, but it was like small things that you reconize, like it doenst have a atrium, ALOT smaller pool, No pool side stage, and just little stuff like that. I dont think i would go on the Jubilee again, but i know i will go on carnival again Fantasy class or higher. We are either going on the Carnival Pride, or the Triumph (out of Charleston SC) in 2002. I kno you will LOVE the cruise, but next time u might want to book a fantasy class or higher ship. (sorry if i worried you)

erica August 25th, 2001 04:38 AM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
I just got back form a five day cruise on the Jubilee. It was our first cruise, and we absolutely loved it. The ship was clean and well kept and looked a lot better than I had expected for a 15 year old ship. The staff were wonderful and the entertainment was really good too.

I had heard mixed reviews before I left also, but don't pay any attention to them. Just go with a positive attitude, and you wond be dissapointed. It's the best kind of vacation because they plan everything for you. All you have to do is decide what you want to do that day!

Have a great trip.


Nancy August 31st, 2001 10:39 PM

Re: Jubliee Inquiry
We went on the Jubilee when she was still doing 10 day Panama cruises. I was a little aprehensive since she was older, smaller and probably not as nce some of the others... well we were surprised. The food was great... the staff friendly and accomodating... our cabin steward was wonderful and had a great sense of humor. Our waiter was really good and so was the assistant waiter. DOn't forget we spent 10 days with this ship and there was plenty to do or not to do at all.
I would sail her again.

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