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Len August 30th, 2001 09:07 PM

After Cruise BLUES!!!
Well a week ago today I was on a jet flying to Miami to board the Fascination tomorrow morning! Now I don't have that cruise to look forward to until I book another! What a GREAT vacation I had!!! I envy everyone out here waiting for their sail dates!!!

TINA August 30th, 2001 09:57 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Half of the fun is the anticipation. We only have 16 days till we sail. The waiting is awesome. You want it to get here, but then you don't because it will be over. I'm coming Triumph!

Len August 30th, 2001 10:16 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Tina, I agree the waiting is a KILLER, then it's over before you know it! I just got my photos back today from the cruise and I miss it already! But will always have the GREAT memories to hold on to until my next one! Have a FANTASTIC cruise!!!

Doreen August 30th, 2001 11:09 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Hey Len, do u have a scanner? If so can u scan some of the pics and e-mail them to me? Thanks!
2 more months till I sail the Fascination!!!

midgetpdp August 31st, 2001 12:57 AM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
After my Fascination cruise, I would re-live my itinerary. It's Tuesday -- must be St. Thomas Day, Saturday -- embarkation day, etc. I worked with a doctor that went on an RCI cruise right after mine, and whenever we had a procedure together, we would compare itineraries! This went on for months. It was a great way to slowly get over the Post Cruise Depression (PCD).

Debby August 31st, 2001 03:13 AM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
OMG I thought I was the only one that suffered from post cruise blues. When I got back from my cruise I cried like a baby. Especially when I took that frozen dinner out of the freezer and realized that no one was going to prepare a fantastic dinner for me, pull out my chair for me, put a napkin on my lap, and be at my every beck and call. :(

Len August 31st, 2001 09:54 AM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Doreen, sorry I don't have a scanner :( the pics did come out nice, but not the same as being there! You will not be disappointed!!!

Donna August 31st, 2001 12:01 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Hi Len,
Now is a good time to start looking around for that next one? Be sure to check out all the Cruisemates cruises coming up:

We have a lot of CM cruisers going on the Golden for New Years, you may want to check that out??

Tuesday Chat Host

Len August 31st, 2001 12:29 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Thanks Donna, actually I was just looking at rates for the Carnival Pride in June 2002. Western Caribbean itinerary looks interesting!

sami August 31st, 2001 08:14 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
Yes, I cannot believe how down I was coming back to reality and work after my cruise last week. I am more than ready for the next one, but this time, want to go for seven days. It was the best and most stress free vacation I have ever had. I would go again in a heartbeat. I am already thinking and planning my next one. This board has helped me though, reading about others going through the blues and seeing how much fun everyone else had too.

Blumoo September 4th, 2001 07:06 PM

Re: After Cruise BLUES!!!
I am with all of you, just returned home Sunday pm. I started to feel a little depressed Saturday on the ship just packing to come home!!! AAAAGGGHHH! One of these days I will do a back to back or any cruise longer than 7 days and maybe then I will be more ready to come home!! I want to leave now!

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