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michelle June 12th, 2002 07:11 PM

banana ride
I am going on paradise aug 11th will be sailing western caribbean. Does anyone know if they still have those rides on the banana by a boat? I have always wanted to do this. If any info or pictures I would love it. Thanks alot.

Charlene Hempler June 12th, 2002 10:43 PM

Re: banana ride
Hi, Not sure if they have them or not.But they are very dangerous. my son and his Fiance almost drowned when they cut the corner too sharp and it tipped over. There was also a 10 yr old boy on it and he was so afraid. Think about it first. There ride was in Bahamas tho. Hope this helps. Char

Helene June 13th, 2002 10:02 AM

Re: Re: banana ride
I also wanted to do this. I am so disappointed that it is dangerous it looks like so much fun. Has anyone else ever tried it.

Kuki June 13th, 2002 11:31 AM

Re: banana ride
I've never envisioned the banana boat rides as being dangeous. Wear a floatation vest, and have a ball.

Lisa June 14th, 2002 08:50 PM

Re: banana ride
Well, I for one can testify that it is VERY dangerous! I nearly drowned on one a couple of years ago. Some idiot thought it would be cool to try and tip everyone over. Well, I nearly drowned after falling off; and this jerks wife, she almost drowned to and, well let's just say she did not speak to him for the rest of the cruise! You are being pulled so fast, and when you are in the ocean (with the waves) and the different people on board, there is no way to predict what will happen. I made it back to shore thanks to a guy on a jet ski - and I was really exhausted by the time I got there.

DonnaAldred June 16th, 2002 12:46 PM

Re: banana ride
I went on a banana boat ride in the Bahamas on my last cruise there, and we had a blast. No dangers of drowning or anything like that. We all had life vests on, we didn't tip over, and just had lots of fun.

We own our own ski-boat at home, and are in the water all the time - tubing, wakeboarding, skiing, etc., so there was no fear of the water for any of us, and we also communicated to the driver of the boat our vision of the banana boat ride - and a boat driver is obligated to circle back around to pick up passengers who have fallen off. Yes the waves may be rough, but the life vest keeps you afloat, and the boat should never be more than 50 -60 feel away from you to get back and pick you up.

Always the best advice is to use your own best judgement. If the boat driver doesn't seem to listen well or communicate with you, or if you don't feel comfortable, don't go.

nketz June 16th, 2002 05:05 PM

Re: Re: banana ride
We did a banana boat ride last January on Princess' private island. I never felt there was any danger. Our group did not tip over at all, but the group in front of us could barely even get away from the shore without tipping over - however, it looked like they were all having a blast. It may be the difference between a cruise-ship sponsored ride and just some guy on a beach giving the rides. I will say my husband (and several other guys) said he is not sure if he would go again -- or at least would wear some protection if going :~) -- you get bounced around quite a bit.

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