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Jim Bragg December 24th, 2002 10:49 PM

To Worried
After five posts allow me to condense it into one reply. You have no reason to9 be worried. There haven't been any reports of any numbers of people onboard that particuliar ship contracting NLV. The fact is that you are much more likely to contract NLV at home, at church, at work, on a plane, or any other place that large number of people congregrate. So far even those ships that have been in the news with all the 'problems' have had less than 10% and usually around or less than 5% of the passengers affected. That percentage is less than most places during this time of year for this very common illness. The only differance is that it isn't as 'newsworthy' or interesting as the reports they have been making about cruise ships. The trend now seems not so much to 'report' news as it is to 'create' news. <G> Don't worry and have a great cruise. Should the unlikely occur and you become sick then you would be very unlucky but at least you are on a cruise ship instead of being home and miserable.

Worried December 25th, 2002 08:36 PM

Re: To Worried
Call me crazy, but aren't you with one of the cruise line agencies? Your positive spin is reassuring but seems borne of your point of view rather than hard data. Do you know whether the Holiday has had Norwalk problems? If you don't know, do you know where I can find out?

Lisa December 25th, 2002 10:52 PM

Re: To Worried
No outbreaks of Norwalk-like virus have been reported on the Holiday in the media or to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) - check out for the latest information. No, I am not a cruise line employee, just a nurse who is dealing with an outbreak of the intestinal flu at the facility where I work, and no, it is not receiving any media attention, because it is flu season and is to be expected!

Worried December 26th, 2002 02:22 PM

Re: Re: To Worried
Thanks, I have been surfing the CDC website for info. Do you know what kind of medical facilities are on board the Holiday?

Jim Bragg December 26th, 2002 06:45 PM

Re: Re: To Worried
Okay, you're worried and crazy <VBG> No, actually I am not in any way associated with any cruiseline or travel agency. What I am is the Community Staff Leader right here at Cruisemates. The hard data is really right out there for all to see once you wade through the hype of the news media. They are in the business to sell stories and nothing sells like a good story with truth occasionally taking a bit of a backseat or at least slanted to the point of thier story.
As for the Medical Facilities onboard the Holiday, you will have a ships doctor who are pretty highly respected as well as at least one nurse, usually more than that. They are equipped to handle most common emergencies and even in seriou cases at least able to stabilize the patient until they can get them to a more technically equipped facility. The ships are limited by space and funding to have equipment that would be very rarely used like MRI's CAT's and the like.
Community Staff Leader

rxforsure December 27th, 2002 11:33 PM

Re: Re: To Worried
Lisa....Too bad hospitals don't have to report their employee "Norwalk Virus" illnesses.....I work in a hospital and just today was helping a fellow pharmacy employee who started "heaving" in the nearest trashcan, UGH! It has struck our department (of aprox. 40 employees) this past week with 5 pharmacy employees out with the stomach type illnesses! Let me see....that is about 12-13% of just pharmacy employees! Hmmmmm....kind of makes you re-think this whole Norwalk business.

My husband and I leave in 1 week on Destiny. He had it last week so I guess my time is coming. Between being around it at home and work, it seems I don't have much of a chance of missing it....ugh! I just hope it happens before or after the cruise! It seems to be lasting a maximum of about 2-3 days so I figure even if I get it, I will still have 4-5 days of sailing fun!!! A plus for me is that we have a balcony on the Empress I can still relax on our balcony even if I do get sick,....(just look out below!) heehee ;)

Good Health to All!
Cathy in Indiana ;)

Doris Kaczmarek December 30th, 2002 11:36 PM

Re: Re: Re: To Worried
A couple years ago we were on a 10 day cruise to the Panama Canal. I came up with the flue about day 4 (no flue shot that year). Was stuck in room for most of trip. My fault. Also did not see ship MD for several days. He gave me this incredibel medicine that stopped the nausa. Cost was only $50 or so...wish I had seen him sooner. Anyway, symptoms to this virus sound just like my flu. No way to perdict or prevent (unless you got a flu shot and it was really flu). My point is...I could have been at home and sick or on vacation (ok so I was sick...not working). Don't worry, be happy. Also...leaving on Jan 5th for 7 days on Inspiration out of Tampa. Can't wait.
Doris K

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