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pal April 11th, 2003 10:17 AM

Birth certificate without seal?
We are taking a friend of my daughter's on our cruise tomorrow and he was born in South Carolina. All he has is a "birth card" which has the state emblem but no seal.
I was on the phone all day yesterday with Carnival, Bureau of Immigration, and finally the Washington Passport Agency, and they said that some states do not have a raised seal on their birth certificates.

Anyone else had a problem with this? Thanks!

bob h April 11th, 2003 10:46 AM

Re: Birth certificate without seal?
I live in South Carolina (Isle of Palms) and you need to go to the SC government website and get a certified sealed copy for your trip. We got the "birth cards" for both children when they were born, but that is not what Carnival will want. You need the certified or raised seal version.

Good luck

pridevacation April 11th, 2003 11:16 AM

Re: Birth certificate without seal?
Take the paperwork and anything handy and go to a notary public and get their seal put on it.


pal April 11th, 2003 11:25 AM

Re: Re: Birth certificate without seal?
I have the notarized permission letter from both of his parents, which is also required by Carnival. I just hope this works, because we sure don't have time now to get anything different.


nushnakka April 11th, 2003 03:36 PM

Re: Birth certificate without seal?
Oh PAL, why did you wait so long to think about this? Did you book this cruise the day prior? Call CCL and explain to them and find out what they will take and then hustle.

Jim Bragg April 11th, 2003 07:24 PM

Re: Re: Birth certificate without seal?
Both my sons as well as my wife and all her kids but one were born in SC and that card is considered a legitimate original birth certificate. We even used my wife's card to obtain her passport. Just have this card and a photo ID issued by a governement agency like a Drivers License and you will be fine. DO NOT muck it up with a notary! They will question something like that. Now the notarized permission letter is fine and yes required by CCL. Make sure it not only gives permission for the minor to travel with you out of the USA but that you have full authority to give medical permission for any and all proceedures you deem necessary.

Jamiegunter April 12th, 2003 05:19 PM

Re: Birth certificate without seal?
My husband was born in SC, and he has a card for his birthcertificate. It is the size of a credit card, and has the state emblem on it. It says that it is a birth cerftificate. We have cruised three times, twice with Carnival. And we havent had any problem. That is how SC birth certificates are. I was born in Ohio and mine is totally different, a certificate with seal.

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