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Tommie November 8th, 2003 05:15 PM

Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
My husband and I cruised on the Elation on October 26th to November 2 from Galveston. From the time we set foot on Carnivals property we were HIGHLY disappointed with their so-called company. We were told my numerous friends who had cruised with Carnival before that they were the worst in the cruise line business. However, we booked the cruise because it was going to Belize and we wanted to scuba-dive there since we got certified this past summer. O also might add that we were first-time cruisers and TRUSTED our rep at carnival.....BAD MISTAKE. Our rep Michelle Haraf lied every step of the way including but not LIMITED to our room category and on-board activities. The Elation is the ONLY ship in the fleet that has the Azipod propellers.....instead of pushing the ship through the water it pulls the ship through the water. Well needless to say and OF COURSE....on our way to Belize one of the propellers broke and we were unable to get to Belize, so we had to go back to Cozumel to dock and wait for the ship to be fixed. Understanding that this can and does happen we made the best of a bad situation. Thank GOD we were with a diving group cause we got to dive with the same company as the day before. However, the other 2,000 people on board were not as fortunate. They were stuck with nothing to do in Cozumel cause ALL of the land tours were already booked up. Did Carnival try to help these people........NOOOOOO. I know this because we spoke to many of them and they were very disappointed with this ship and the whole company. Keep in mind that some of these people were veteran cruisers and stated they too would never cruise with Carnival again. If the Elation had made it to Belize and back to Galveston it would have marked its 1 month birthday (4 successful trips). The Elation is new to the Caribbean.....It use to sail from LA to Cabo and other Pacific destinations. This vacation was a DISASTER from the get-go (and not only cause we missed Belize). I could tell you ALL the specifics of what went bad but as you can see this letter might be 10 pages long. If you would like to know the specifics and NOT run into the same problems feel free to email me. Oh yeah BTW the Carnival customer service reps gave us a 10% discount on our next cruise and a $25 credit to sail and sign card on our next cruise. Instead I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and sent them a copy of my complaint along with their 10% discount and $25 credit coupons. Good Luck traveling with Carnival and if you have a good time then you will be minority.


jedgar November 8th, 2003 05:54 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
How on God's green earth can you blame Carnival for lies that were made to you by your TA. Also you are wrong about the azipods as most all of the Carnival fleet have them as do most all of the newer ships on all cruise lines. I suppose that you have never had a car or other mechanical device the broke down and had to be repaired.
What Carnival offered you is 100% more than they have to. If you would read your contract you will find if you miss a port of call for any reason whatsoever they can substitute another without compensation and if they can not substitue you are entitled to only $25. Most other lines have this same or like policy. If Carnival were the worst cruise line in the business they would not be the biggest nor most successful line in the business.
If you decide to never sail Carnival again I hope you will be happy with another line but you will find complaints on all the lines.

Bmaintz November 8th, 2003 06:48 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
If your friends all had bad experiences with Carnivel then WHY would you book them????
Did you use a Travel agent or did you use Carnivel direct??____
I booked the Conquest direct & have only PRAISE for the way we were handled...
I orginaly booked the Conquest, then switched to the Holiday & then back to the Conquest when the fares dropped...makes me seasick just thinking about it....Anyway my Carnivel direct rep. Jennifer Sommerkamp was kind & never in a hurry to move on.....
I own a Camry, they are a fine auto but I know it will need a part or be fixed in the future....
I have always found that if you do have a problem a SOFT answer (gentle) will always get you better results than an ANGRY voice...
Anyway I feel better now....
Bob & Kathy
Conquest... 11/16

jamie gunter November 8th, 2003 06:59 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I hate you had problems, we have been on Carnival twice and love them. Never had
a problem. We did get into a port late because we had to turn around and go back to Grand Caymen, a crew person was in critical condition from a fall down stairs. But they informed us and kept us posted. Came up with things to do onboard. Give them another chance. They are the only cruise line we go on now. We have been on Paradise and Imagination.

Legend November 8th, 2003 10:41 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch you know, Things happen and what can you do...make the best of it, life's too damned short to worry so much. Now you have one more reason to go back to Belize .

Paul Beighley November 8th, 2003 11:49 PM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Whoa!!!! We were on that same cruise and received NOTHING from Carnival!!!!!
We have cruise 19 times, including several on Carnival, and it was the worst one we have ever been on for many reasons. NOw, how do we get the $25 credit and the 10% off on another cruise?

LHP November 9th, 2003 09:43 AM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
My question is if you were having such a horrible time from the start - wrong cabin etc etc etc....why didn't you take advantage of Carnival's guarantee and get off at the first port and fly home??? I am sorry you missed Belize, but I don't see staying at Cozumel as a problem. You stated it was awful to be stuck in Cozumel because all the excursions were booked up. The fact is you don't need Carnival shore excursions at Cozumel. It is a very safe and tourist friendly place. We have been there 3 times this year and haven't used a Carnival shore excursion yet. Sorry you had a bad time, but you are judging all of Carnival by one bad experience... if you apply this to the rest of your are going to have a hard time forever. BTW, we have been cruising Carnival for over 20 years and have NEVER had a bad cruise. I guess our 18 great trips were just a fluke??? I believe your attitude was the biggest problem and that certainly isn't Carnival's fault.

hkolln November 9th, 2003 10:17 AM

Re: Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Send a letter to Carnival corporation via if your were dissatisfied.

I have to say I've been on 2 Carnival Cruises and my 3rd is booked in March. I've had good and I've had bad experiences but you have to make the best of it. I wouldn't worry too much on what OTHERS went thru either. So what they were stuck on the boat (they could have gotten off and found something different to do in Cozumel). You just can't expect to get a free cruise out of a bad experience not within Carnival's control. It's not like they planned this all to ruin your cruise. In life you have good and you have bad, it's what you make of the bad that makes ALL the difference.

Joie November 9th, 2003 10:24 AM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
You know the old saying "SHIP HAPPENS"
Could have been your car that broke down on the way, or a plane delayed, or even the flu or family sickeness.....Let's not blame Carnival.

Buzz November 9th, 2003 11:07 AM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Okay - I do understand your being upset about your vacation being not as you expected it. I will refrain from echoing the exact sentiments of the other respondents to your complaint thread, but will empart my impression of Carnival:

I have been on 31 cruises now and the majority have been on Carnival Cruise Lines and/or one of the CCL-held companies. On a few of the 31 there have been problems beyond my control and that of the cruise line. There have also been problems as a direct result of the cruise line. The key is KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE and lowering your renumeration expectations. Things go wrong on some cruises - this is to be expected at times (as an exception, not a rule) there are no guarantees. One cruise was stalled and curtailed due to an impending hurricane. We lost 2 days of the 7 day cruise, but made the BEST OF IT (as it wasn't Carnival's fault, but they still gave us a nice little rebooking deal regardless).

Why is it I see you as the 'guy at the airport chewing out the ticket agent for a weather canceled flight'?

Please - do NOT cruise Carnvial anymore, because I do not want that attitude on my cruise... Although the rest of us will simply laugh and make the best of our vacation...

Just my $.02

Jeanie November 9th, 2003 11:09 AM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
We were on that cruise. There was something NOT RIGHT about the ship from the time it left Galveston and THEY KNEW IT, guys. If you weren't there, you don't know. My husband heard the explosion the night it happened and waited for water to enter the cabin, ok? That's how bad the sound was. What we're most disappointed about is this: We understand that "ship happens" and we did try to make the best of it. What else are you gonna do, right? BUT, we were lied to. They said the ship was repaired in Cozumel. How can that be, when this was only the 4th trip by the Elation to this area and the only one with the azipod propulsion system? You think they carry spare parts in Cozumel for such a relatively brand new system that not many ships are using yet? The ship was, if anything, WORSE after we left Cozumel. I personally saw black plumes of smoke coming from the engine twice. BTW, the Elation had been dry-docked in the past for the same malfunction. This is not a car. It's a vacation. We all have higher expectations when we're on vacation and spending a small fortune that we've worked hard for. We would try Carnival again if they made it right by making restitution in the form of a partial refund or deep discount on the next cruise. Oh, and they might try a little honesty with their passengers from now on.

Buzz November 9th, 2003 11:29 AM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
You were lied to?

Again - not to irritate you, but:

a) What was the lie?

b) How do you KNOW (not think) it was a lie?

c) What SHOULD they have done differently?

d) Do you have an 'inside contact' in Carnival's ship maintenance that gave you the 'scoop' on the parts stockage levels in Cozumel and/or the maintenance history and configurations of those drive systems. Many assumptions are being made.

Perhaps Carnival SHOULD have done more for the guests inconvenienced by this unforeseen occurence, but it is now up to YOU to formally write to the senior management of Carnival and intelligently convey your case. The pursers and other personnel onboard the ship were trying to handle a potentially volitile situation in dealing with over 2,000 upset passengers and probably issues your small credit (if any) as a preemptive measure. I'm 99% confident that if you wrote an email to the approriate executive and were constructive in your message - you would be reimbursed in some way for your inconvenience.

Again, my $.02

Starfighter November 9th, 2003 11:33 AM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Well, I suppose disappointment goes with the territory. I know I was very disappointed when I had a flameout and had to eject over North Vietnam into no-mans land, but that's life. I wish I had a dollar for every time that I heard or read about someone saying "never again", only to hear or read about their next experience doing the same thing again. With interest, that could have been another million dollars. Look at the bright side. If similar disappointments happen to you on all the other cruiselines, you'll never have to cruise again, not that you do anyway. Anyway, you lived to tell about you're experience, which is more than a lot of folks can say. Count your blessings.

Not Elated with Elation November 9th, 2003 11:55 AM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I wonder how many of you who were not on the 10/26/03 Elation out of Galveston that are expounding the virtues of Carnival are actually Carnival employees? This was our first cruise, if I had known that this ship was going to rock and roll, not to mention vibrate the whole time we were out, I would've bought stock in the Dramamine company. If you weren't on this cruise, you could not comment one way or the other if we had a good time or not. It woudn't have been so bad if Carnival had been truthful with us the whole time. This is not the Titanic, because people were lied to on the Titanic and look what happened. This is not a car, if it breaks down you can not just get off !!! We decided to give Carnival a chance, unfortunately it never got better. All we ask for is the truth, and a little compensation.

DanPolulak November 9th, 2003 12:12 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Well first off, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Elation, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride, and Carnival Legend all have azipods...

Second, if you had already heard that Carnival was the WORST company... why did you sail on them! Plenty of other lines go to Belize...

Third... Ships break down!

jedgar November 9th, 2003 12:21 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Two people have now stated that the Azipod system is brand new and that the Elation is the only ship with it. The Elation was retrofitted with the azipod system in 1995. Now over 40 ships use Azipods and many many of those ship sail the Caribbean encluding Cozumel. It is hardly a brand new system. Mechanical things have a tendency to break down whether one is on vacation or not. Many of peoples vacation have been shortened or cancled because their car broke down and had to be repaired, I wonder who those people went to for compensation. Sure it is disappointing whe things do not go as planned but it is just part of life.

Joie November 9th, 2003 12:33 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Carnival has their GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied.....get a refund and fly home......they do offer this....AND COZUMEL is a GREAT place to visit without ships excursions there are a MILLION things to do including diving

LuvCruising November 9th, 2003 12:51 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I was on this cruise also and although the ship DID do quite a bit of rocking back and forth we still had a great time. The extra day in Cozumel was absolutely wonderful. I also heard the loud "boom" and was up on the lido deck when the black smoke started billowing out ..... needless to say,.,,,the staff was VERY interested in this. All in was an OK trip but Carnival does need to work on the sewage smells on the Elation. Service was great but food was so-so! Next time I think we are going to go with RCCL!

hkolln November 9th, 2003 12:58 PM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I can remember in Feb 99 going on the sensation when it went from Tampa to Cozumel, New Orleans, etc....thru the Gulf of Mexico. Coming back to Tampa from New Orleans the weather was BAD...a noreaster had come thru and the waves were HUGE, the ship rocked, the captain said he had all the stabalizers out and we just were SO sick it wasn't funny! We would go to the Lido Deck for lunch and it was totally deserted. Everyone got sick from that rocking but we made the best of my free dramamine from the pursers desk and took a nap and was fine afterwards. But man I hated that last day due to all that rocking YUCK

Not Elated with Elation November 9th, 2003 01:15 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
jedgar where did you get your info . you are clearly misinformed . the elation was not built until 1998. you carnival employees keep comparing this to a car trip . if i took my car on a trip and it broke down i have no one to blame. but i paid carnival to take me on vacation so i believe they are responsible for the condition of the ship before it sets sail. they told us the ship was fixed after we left cozumel the second time.{ WRONG} the ship was still vibrating, rolling in calm seas. i repeat i dont care how many cruises you have been on if you were not on this cruise you dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanie November 9th, 2003 01:48 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Please reread my post above. The questions you asked had already been addressed.

a) The lie was the shipped was repaired.

b) We KNOW it was a lie due to the obvious fact that the stabilizers weren't functioning properly, we were cruising at 13 knots (normal cruising speed is around 24), and there were at least 2 incidences that I myself saw of black smoke billowing from the aft lower deck of the ship.

c) They should've given us some restitution - a partial refund or a deep discount on the next Carnival cruise.

d) an "inside contact" in the ship's maintenance to provide us with "scoop" on stockage levels of parts kept in Cozumel and/or the maintenance history and knowledge of the drive systems is not an absolute necessity to know the ship was not repaired as we were led to believe.

I have nothing against Carnival as a whole and heard many good things about the line or we would never have considered taking this cruise to begin with. The point here is you have a certain higher level of expectation when you are on vacation. When you rent a car from the most popular car rental agency in the world, you expect that car to have been maintained, repaired as needed, and be in good running condition. As I said before, the ship wasn't exactly right when we left Galveston and got a lot worse. This was reiterated by MANY veteran cruisers on that trip. This is not meant as war against Carnival or Carnival advocates. I hope to cruise again one day. I just expect honesty and good business practices from such a well-known and popular company. And yes, I am sending a letter to the execs at Carnival via And I'll try to sound more "intelligent" in my message.

Paul Beighley November 9th, 2003 02:00 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
As I stated earlier, we received nothing from Carnival but a note under our door stating that we were going to have another day in Cozumel!

We have been on Carnival before, and we booked this cruise only for the two new ports, Progresso and Belize. We have enjoyed all of our 19 cruises, but this was certainly the least fun for many reasons.

Certainly, many of you can defend Carnival, but if you were not on Elation on that cruise, you do not clearly know the details. Food on the lido deck was the worst we have experienced; service on a very crowded ship was poor with the waiters putting two dishes in front of us at the same time; the nightly show in the dining roon detracted from the dessert service; the singers and dancers were great, but the rest of the entertainment was rather poor and there was no headliner act; there is no paperback exchange as on other ships, and the library was only open a few hours in the morning and afternoon; we received the satellite NY Times news sheet only twice during the whole cruise; and the cabin TV had very little to offer other then Carnival ads and stuck day-old printed news.

On other cruises, we received something from the cruise line if a port was missed for ANY reason. If Carnival ever sends us a certificate for 10% off, we will put it on the wall and throw darts at it.

We will go back to cruising on RCI and other lines which have better ship designs, better service and better entertainment. The best Carnival has to offer these days seems to be lots of booze, lots of photographers and comedians giving x rated comedy shows at midnight.

Evertyone is entitled to thjeir opinion, and I have mine!

Dorothy November 9th, 2003 02:12 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I'm new to the crusing world, but I guess I'm wondering....if all of the people on this board are, as they say, NEVER going on another Carnival cruise, why are they on a Carnival message forum?

I sure do appreciate all I've heard from everyone about Carnival on this forum, it has helped me ask intelligent questions of my TA, but it's starting to sound a lot like "Carnival bashing" from a few.

I sure do respect the decisions of these individuals to cruise on another line , and I understand that those that weren't on this ship can't really understand how awful it apparently was.

May question is: Have you found the message board for the ships you *do* intend to cruise on?

good luck


hkolln November 9th, 2003 02:21 PM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I had a "minor" problem with my last Carnival cruise and sent a letter to them thru a letter in the mail apologizing and a shipboard credit of 25.00 plus a free gift basket on my next cruise.

Be prepared to only get a shipboard credit or a discount on your next cruise. Therefore if you don't want to ever sail Carnival again it may not be worth it as you'll have to use the credits on your next CARNIVAL cruise.

I've been very please with on other companies too. I wish you the best of luck. And be positive!

jedgar November 9th, 2003 03:00 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN


I think you need a course in reading comprehension. I did not say the elation was built in 1995,I said it was retor fitted with azipods in 1995. Below is the article which was printed in Feb. of 2002. Since that time several more ships have installed azipods.

Thrust to trust Something new is propelling ships to their destinations. It’s a pod that hangs off the ship and allows it greater manoeuvrability, while at the same time saving space and fuel.
Of all the interconnected systems on a ship, the system that actually propels it from point A to B is probably the most vital. But there are many ways to push, or pull, a ship through the water.
In the early 1990s, ABB and Kvaerner Masa-Yards in Finland jointly developed a revolutionary new propulsion system known as the Azipod. The unit, which contains an electric motor, a shaft and a propeller, hangs like a pod off the underside of a ship’s hull. It swivels 360 degrees, eliminating the need for rudders.
The Azipod offers many advantages over a standard propeller and shaft set-up. These include better manoeuvrability, space and fuel savings, and less environmental impact. Today, Azipod is a registered trademark manufactured and marketed exclusively by ABB Azipod, a division of ABB Marine.
“We see it as a young product,” says Jari Ylitalo, manager of ABB Azipod Oy’s compact division. Based on the success of the bigger units, since January 2000 the compact division has been making smaller and more modular Azipod propulsion systems. Compact Azipods are designed for a power range of between 400 kilowatts and five megawatts. Larger units go up to 38 megawatts. “In the past 10 years, the product has come to market and proven itself,” says Ylitalo.
Adapting to habitat
In many ways, the development of the Azipod in Finland mirrors the development of Nokia, although Azipod is only a household name to ship’s captains and shipbuilders. Just as the Finns used the vast distances of their country and its sparse population to develop mobile telephony, they used their ice-clogged waterways to develop the Azipod.
“Our roots are in the development of icebreakers,” continues Ylitalo. “The key issue for an icebreaker is to be able to manoeuvre out of a channel, where the ice is often thickest, to allow a boat to pass. With an azimuthing electric thruster, it can achieve that. But ice is a difficult environment, and the loads on the system are much higher than in open water.”
The system is not only for new vessels. One of the first ships to be retrofitted with an Azipod was the M/T Uikku, a 16,000-tonne product tanker built in Germany in 1978. After its retrofit in 1993, this ice class 1A ship became the first Western vessel to navigate through the ice-infested Northeast Sea route from Murmansk to Provideniya in eastern Siberia.
According to Ylitalo, the Azipod system was the only way to make the sailing economically viable, as the M/T Uikku could operate safely without icebreaker assistance.
Getting wind of Azipod’s excellent performance on tankers, service vessels and icebreakers, in 1995 Carnival Cruise Lines retrofitted two of its cruise ships, the M/S Elation and the M/S Paradise. The positive results paved the way for making the Azipod propulsion system standard on most new cruise ship projects.
On the M/S Elation, the installation of two 14-megawatt Azipod units freed up 1,200 square metres of internal space that was previously occupied by diesel engines and propeller shafts. The free space was used to install additional waste-handling equipment. Additionally, the redundant shaft tunnels were used to increase the fresh-water tank facility.
On the manoeuvring front, the M/S Elation gained a drastically reduced turning circle diameter, full controllability when the ship was moving astern and shorter stopping distances. In addition, the ship was the first merchant vessel ever to have its propellers facing forward, pulling the ship through the water. This configuration dramatically improved the ship’s manoeuvrability.
As a rule of thumb, ships that need high thrust at low speeds would choose a pushing Azipod. And rather counterintuitively, ships that need speed will go for a pulling set-up. Either way, the Azipod offers unparalleled manoeuvring possibilities, especially in tight channels and ports.
But the Azipod has other benefits as well. Besides eliminating the need for two long propeller shafts, with the Azipod the ship can also do away with stern thrusters and rudders. And the Azipod units make a ship quieter, virtually free of vibration, even at 23 knots, because the main propulsion motor is outside the machinery spaces and submerged in water.
“In other words, ice cubes don’t shake around in the cocktail glasses when the ship picks up speed,” says Ylitalo.

Fuel efficiency
Carnival Cruise Lines’ M/S Elation discovered something else during the sea trials after the retrofit. Compared to her sister ships – same hull, traditional propulsion – the Azipod used 10 percent less fuel.
There is an environmental corollary to this. A normal shaft-and-propeller driven ship accelerates by injecting more fuel into the huge diesels. Until the heavy, slow-moving engines have managed to reach the desired speed, unburned fuel is passing through the system. This is what often leads ships to belch out black clouds of soot from their funnels.
Here, a diesel-electric system such as the Azipod unit has a clear advantage. The propellers are driven by electric motors, with diesels providing the electric power via generators. The diesels operate at a constant speed, eliminating the wasteful excess of fuel needed for acceleration. The speed of the electric motors, and the ship, is regulated through transformers and frequency converters.
Since the diesels run constantly at an optimised rpm, no fuel is wasted during acceleration and – no black smoke.
Carnival Cruise Lines currently has four Azipod-powered ships in service, with an additional
10 ships scheduled for delivery in 2005. Royal Caribbean International, another leading cruise operator, launched the biggest cruise ship in the world in autumn 2000 and equipped it with Azipod units. The Voyager of the Seas has two 14-megawatt Azipods with one stationary 14-megawatt Fixipod in between them. Currently some 40 ships in the world are propelled by Azipods.
“The Voyager of the Seas is extremely easy to handle,” says Harri Kulovaara, senior vice president of Royal Caribbean International. “It achieves 25 knots forward, 17 knots astern and
3 knots sideways, which is extraordinary performance.”

Alexander Farnsworth

Jim Bragg November 9th, 2003 03:38 PM

Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
The way you stated it jedgar was a bit coinfusing. The Elation was the first CCL vessel to be built with the Azipod system and it came out in 1998 if memory serves me correctly. Yes there have been many problems with this system as there are with anything that is new. The newer pods are much better and more reliable. The ship do in fact carry many spare parts for these pods including individual blade for the props. The stabilizers have nothing to do with the pods, period. Ships will roll and pitch a bit more at lower speeds. CCL is not obliged to provide you with anything for missing the port of Belize. They are usually very good ar compensating those that have been inconvienanced. They do not, nor should they try and explain everything to the passengers, very few would understand the technicalities anyway. Nobody here that has responded works for Carnival.

jedgar November 9th, 2003 04:36 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
You are right she was built in 1998, must have been a typo in the article about it.

CheryS November 9th, 2003 06:22 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
We sailed on the Pride 10/26 and it was our first cruise. We had a wonderful time. I get motion sickness in cars so I was prepared with my seasick patch and didn't have a problem all week!

We sailed out of Long Beach, CA and were supposed to sail at 4pm. Because of the fires in southern California, the Pride waited till 8:30pm to sail to allow passengers to board that couldn't get to the ship in time. I thought it was great that they waited and not only that, since the airports were closed, they had passengers diverted to Puerta Vallarta, our first stop, so they joined the ship there! I don't know if Carnival paid for it, but they arranged it!

I will sail Carnival next time!

Somebody in the original complaint on this string, said that the Elation cruised at 13 knots going home and they knew it could do 24 knots... I was wondering though.. wouldn't it have gotten to Galveston early had it done 24? I guess the ship pilots know what they're doing and try not to get home too soon..

Does the Elation have a casino? I won $1000 on my first full day at sea on the Pride! :)


Kuki November 9th, 2003 06:44 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
Time for my 5 cents worth (its Canadian, so = to 2cents US <G>).

If the ship didn't make a port of call due to weather related problems, I'd be tempted to say.. too bad, so sad. That is a chance we take going on ships, and everything else the ship was supposed to offer was available.

With mechanical breakdowns, I tend to lean more to the rights of the passenger. No question mechanical thing break. However, when they do, I believe the cruise lines should have some responsibility.

What form that responsibility takes could be up for discussion. Personally, I think a refund would be too much compensation. However, a shipboard credit certainly would seem like fair compensation.

Also, I believe the cruise lines should have a standard policy in the case of these events. Sometimes offering it, and sometimes not just confuses things.

Bonnie November 9th, 2003 07:27 PM

Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN
I have sailed Princess and Carnival. Last cruise was a Princess cruise. My husband and I choose it because it was going to Venuzala. We had gone through an online travel agant (Orbitz) while we were in line to board the ship, we found out that the Venuzala (not sure of the spelling?) port had been canceled. They also informed us that their TA had informed them and they had a choice to cancel and re-book or get a refund. My husband and I didn't get that choice. Will we book through Orbitz again, no. But we aren't whining to the world about it. We took our loss, and learned. We notified both Princess and Orbitz. Neither seemed to even care let alone offer us any kind of discount. Will I cruise Princess again? Probably, when I am about 65. A lot of people are first timers on this board and are looking for positive things about their wonderful vacation coming up. Come on people, I hear your complaint but one cruise out of how many thousands? Stop scaring people into believing that every cruise Carnival offers is a disaster. Mine was wonderful as was thousands of others. Should Carnival offered more, yes, but they didnt. Live with it, learn from it. Stop raining on other peoples parade.

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