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dalech July 24th, 2004 11:40 PM

MS Mardi Gras Memories
I was wondering how many people on this board sailed on the Mardi Gras back when Carnival owned it. This was prior to the many mega and super liners we see today. What are some memories you have of this ship, good and bad?

I remember sailing on her on a four night cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau and Freeport. We had great table mates, and an awesome cabin steward named George. I remember our waiter talking all week about how he wanted to get transferred to the Fantasy because it was such an amazing vessel. This was back in 1991.

I also remember being on the ship and how the air conditioning was broken all but one day. Than God for an outside cabin so at least it cooled off at night.

We sailed in tandem with the other old ship in Carnival's fleet at that time, the Carnivale. The two ships chased each other around the Bahamas for 4 days. It was my first cruise, and I will never forget it. This old ship was like 19,000 tons (miniscule by today's standards), but it sure got me addicted to cruising.

Please feel free to share your memories if you feel so inclined.

Cruznut2 July 25th, 2004 05:49 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
Such memories!!! Mardi Gras was my second cruise in 1984. It was sailing 7 days to the Western Caribbean then. We went to PlayaDelCarmen/Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios. due to high winds we were unable to get in to Cozumel. They tendered us into PlayaDel Carmen, not much there but a few booths on the beach. The whole cruise was rough and windy. We still managed to have a great time. In Ocho Rios we took a taxi on a shopping tour and to Dunns River Falls. The taxi was a wreck and got a flat tire at Dunns River. When we were in Grand Cayman, returning to the ship on the tender it ran out of gas. We had to wait until another boat came to tow us. The other boat towed us back to the pier even though we were closer to the ship. We had to wait over an hour for them to get the gas. Finally we got back on the ship and just made the dining room for a late lunch. On formal night the waiters came out with trays of banana flambe balanced on their heads. One couple got covered in it as the ship rolled and the tray slipped off the waiters head. Murphy's law seemed to be in control that week but we still enjoyed ourselves. We were on a cruise meeting new people and having fun.


dalech July 25th, 2004 06:18 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
Well Cruznut2,

Hope you have better luck on the Spirit. Looks like you will sail on that ship before me as well. I will be interested to hear your impressions after your cruise.

Cruznut2 July 25th, 2004 06:46 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
Hi Dalech, I have already sailed on the Spirit. That was part of why I chose her again. I was very impressed with this ship. The Staff and crew were very friendly. The service and food were excellent. There were many families aboard. there were no hints of obnoxious drunken party goers. I just had a wonderful time the whole 8 days. I hope you enjoy your Spirit cruise as much as I did.


luv2cruz17 July 25th, 2004 09:00 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
My parents sailed on the Mardi Gras on their honeymoon in 1980. They sailed from Miami and went to San Juan, St Thomas. They still talk about their waiter who was named "Cha"!!!

venice July 25th, 2004 11:06 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
thanks for bringing back great memories...When my son was small he and I went on the Mardi Gras and then spent 3 days at Disneyworld...He still talks about that cruise to this day !!!!!

JoeMo July 25th, 2004 01:52 PM

Re: Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
Our first, second, and third cruises were aboard the Mardi Gras.
I would sail her again if I could. There were only two cabins on the ship
with king size beds, and we had one of those the second two cruises.
The best thing I remember is you could hardly get from one end of the ship to
the other without going up and down the stairs. It did not have the long hallways
you see today on the mega ships. It's layout was all "chopped up" .
It added to the adventure trying to figure out where you were and how
to get to where you were going. Our table companions were the greatest.
They were in their 60's and it was hard for us young'uns to keep up
with their level of activity. The were a hoot, always inviting us down to
their cabin for a "nightcap" at the end of every day.
Those were the days............................


MJ July 25th, 2004 02:35 PM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
This was our very 1st cruise. It was back in 1986. This is the one that got us hooked!
We had the best time. At the time we thought the ship was huge, now it looks like a dinghy!
I still have our drink receipts. It will be interesting to see how much the price has changed. We will be sailing on 8/1 on Paradise. I am sure this ship will really seem huge.
Thanks for the memories. We had the absolute best time ever on the Mardi Gras.

rdonte July 25th, 2004 08:05 PM

Re: Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
Not on the Mardi Gras but twice on the Festival which had a movie theater. Also twice on the Tropicale another oldie. Loved the "old cruiseing feel" and all that teak wood. Fond memories of both.
Looking forward also to the Spirit like many of you. Sailing Nov. 9th

MOM July 26th, 2004 12:22 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
I sailed on the Mardi Gras...March 19, 1978... I am sitting here looking at my Welcome Aboard Envelope!! Its amazing I still have it..

I was 23years old.. and we had a blast...

The Italian Officers were so cute then... Rules were not as strict.. so we socialized with many of the Crew.. and had a great time..

No dirty thoughts here... it was just clean fun!!

I even have my boarding pass and luggage tag... not to mention pictures.. many pounds lighter than today..

Back then the ship was a bit shabby...

But who was looking at the ship...not at 23.....!!

ParrotHeadFL July 26th, 2004 06:50 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
My first and only cruise was on the Mardi Gras. It was 1991, and it was my high school senior trip. Back then, Carnival served alcohol to anyone 18 or over. What a party! Not long after that, our school district stopped having cruises for senior trips. Can't imagine why...

dalech July 26th, 2004 09:30 AM

Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories
It's great o hear all of you share your experiences. I too thought that the Mardi Gras looked huge until I started seeing some of the other cruise ships. We had a blast though and am sure glad that this was my first cruise. I hope others will continue share stories as well.

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