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warren41 July 29th, 2004 02:13 PM

taking drinks on ship
i read where carnival allows a reasonable amount of drinks (water, soda) per traveler at no charge. anyone know what there limits are. thanks

sea2sea July 29th, 2004 02:43 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
Last year we took a Pepsi "cube" = 24 cans and a 12 pack of water in our carry ons and had no problems.

terri910 July 29th, 2004 04:40 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
This is good to know because we plan on taking some sodas with us in a portable ice chest (doesn't look like an ice chest, looks more like a backpack!).....But since there are no mini-fridges in the rooms to keep them cold....where do you get ice? I don't remember any ice machines on the decks, like there would be on each hotel floor.

Smokey July 29th, 2004 04:44 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
Our room steward provided ice everyday in the ice bucket. I am sure you could ask for more.

Diane Garrido July 29th, 2004 05:01 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
we just got back from the Sensation and we had no trouble bringing drinks on board. My husband brought 4 bottles of the wine that he likes from home and they didn't even check. They also did not charge us the $10.00 opening fee that was listed.

Dorothy July 29th, 2004 05:01 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
Are you sure there's not a frig in your room? Many ships have them.


befus July 29th, 2004 05:09 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
Hey Diane, How was the Sensation. We will be on it in October- can't wait!!!!

terri910 July 29th, 2004 07:49 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
We're sailing on the Elation and have been told that there aren't mini-fridges in the room. But, apparently we get the use of complimentary robes! *L*....That sounds funny, but I'm VERY happy that my robe isn't going to be taking up valuable space in my luggage!

Diane Garrido July 29th, 2004 09:33 PM

Re: Re: taking drinks on ship
The Sensation is a pretty good ship for its age. I have read some posts saying how bad it is, but I didn't feel that way. We were in an outside cabin on Empress deck. The room was a little dated, but the beds are very comfortable and had really great down comforters on them. The food was good, not 5 star, but you won't starve. There's something for everyone. The burgers & dogs at the seaview grill are good as well as the fries. I would stay away from the buffett outside though. It never looked as though they were keeping it cold enough. There were alot of things containing mayo and it just didn't look that appitizing. It didn't seem to bother anyone else though. The best seating for dinner is the 6:15. Its not too early and not too late. You can still see the shows and go to the late night buffett. We never made it because we were still full from 8:00 dinner. The food in the dining room is good again not 5 star, but you can keep ordering food until you find something you like. I only had to do that once at dinner. As for beakfast and lunch, I really didn't eat that much. Coffee and fruit in the morning and a sandwich and salad for lunch. I did indulge in the desserts, they were very good. Some people are going to read this and think why didn't she eat all they had to offer and my answer is this. I never saw so many obese people overeating in my life. It was a reall turn off if you want to know the truth. I guess that's why they're obese. Anyway, the islands are great! Grand Caymen is beautiful. My children didn't want to do the sting ray tour so we just went to the beach. I forgot the name of the resort that we went to, but they are all very nice. We rented waverunners for really cheap. I think they were 55.00 for 1/2 an hour. Shopping in Grand Caymen is expensive though. Cozumel is beautiful also. We did the beach break at Playa Sol for the day and it well worth the money. The only thing I did not like about it was the people there dog you for every little thing. And if you don't buy from them the talk about you to all the other vendors. I only know this because my husband is Spanish and understood what they were saying. Some were shocked when he would answer back. All in all we liked this cruise very much.I don't know what the other lines are like so I have nothing to compare it to. Next year we're planning to take a RCC to the Western Carribbeanso we'll see. Hope you have a great cruise!

Sarah W July 29th, 2004 10:02 PM

Re: taking drinks on ship
Regarding alcohol, sodas, and water - I have read many, many posts about people packing whatever they want in their suitcases, and in some instances just carrying it right on board out in the open, without any problems.

Terri - last year we didn't even use our robes, but I remember wanting to take them home with me! LOL Only 10 more days! Yay!

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