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minkers September 25th, 2004 11:39 AM

Can you wear jeans at night to dinner?

Gottacruise September 25th, 2004 02:16 PM

Re: Jeans?
I bought a pair of white jeans that I will wear with a nice top. Me personally I would not wear blue jeans in the dining room. My jeans would be for casual nights only.

Yuyi64 September 25th, 2004 03:10 PM

Re: Jeans?
Jeans(of any color) are not in the suggested attire for the dining rooms at night. I would suggest slacks instead for the guys and something dressier than jeans for the ladies.

Jim Bragg September 25th, 2004 03:26 PM

Re: Jeans?
While they are permitted you will see very few that wear them. Dress code calls for "resort casual" which is a collared shirt and slacks for men. Shorts are not permitt4ed in the main dining room during the evening meals.

bjkeen September 25th, 2004 09:01 PM

Re: Jeans?
Do you want to feel out of place?

I'm a country girl and the dining room is like going to a classy restaurant. The dining room is elegant with it's chandaliers, white table clothes and silverware. I wear my jeans when I eat at the buffet on the Lido deck, but you wouldn't catch me wearing jeans in the dining room.

While on a cruise I sat at a table next to a group who wore jeans in the dining room; they were informed that for the second night they were required to dress accordingly. They were told in no uncertain terms do NOT wear jeans in the dining room. I felt embarassed for them.

Janie Doe September 25th, 2004 10:03 PM

Re: Jeans?
I have very stylish designer jeans that I've worn with dressier tops and heels and no one has EVER looked at me and shook thier head. It's your cruise, your vacation and it's all about having fun. Of course you're not going to take a nap after being out at the pool all day and throw on a pair of ripped blue jeans and head out to dinner-keep it classy and you'll be fine.
Happy Cruising!!

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Dorothy September 25th, 2004 10:05 PM

Re: Jeans?
BJ is right - you would probably feel uncomfortable. We only saw one person in jeans (and I was looking after so many posts about jeans), although there was a guy who wore do-rags on all nights except the formal night.

He actually had quite the collection and wore a different color every night!


JeanS September 25th, 2004 11:59 PM

Re: Jeans?
Oh pishah, my hubby & I wore jeans every night.........after all, it was our VACATION! We had planned to skip formal night, since we have been on so many cruises, dressed to the hilt, and have gotten all of the photos we want, but our tablemates insisted that we join them, jeans or not! We hadn't brought any formal wear, so believe it or not, we did wear jeans, although nicer shirt and blouse, and our tablemates had no problem with it at all..

Although I'm sure others will still have a problem with this... :)

ROXTEACHER September 26th, 2004 08:15 AM

Re: Jeans?
Agree with Matt. BTW., when packing, jeans have to be the bulkiest thing to cram into a suitcase. Wouldn't a nice pair of khakis, cotton or linen be easier to take along?

ParrotHeadFL September 26th, 2004 09:54 AM

Re: Jeans?
As Yuyi mentioned, jeans are not in Carnival's list of suggested attire for the dining rooms--even on non-formal nights.

Kuki September 26th, 2004 11:40 AM

Re: Jeans?
I used to be one to expound adhering to the ship's "suggest dress codes".... in favor of creating a particular atmosphere onboard.

However, the cruise line chooses to ignore it's own suggested dress guidelines. There are signs outside the dining rooms saying shorts are not allowed, but I've yet to see anyone turned away for wearing them, even on formal nights.

The fact Carnival isn't willing to show the resolve to show a bit of gumption in dealing with their policies, and setting a particular decorum, in my view leaves it absolultey wide open for anyone to dress however they want, with no thought given to their fellow passengers.

In fact, I'd love to see an entire shipload show up to the dining room on formal night in shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Might clearly demonstrate to Carnival how hypocritical their policies are.

Andy B. September 26th, 2004 12:55 PM

Re: Jeans?
This is obviously a hot button issue, but the truth is, while not recommended, jeans are tolerated in the dining room on Carnival. You won't feel out of place, no one will give you dirty looks, and you won't have any problems. Been there done that.

In fact, similar to Jean S., when we informed the waiter that we wouldn't be attending formal dinner due to my lack of formal wear, he insisted, firmly, that we attend regardless, and I'm glad we did. Formal nights in the dining room are the hightlight of the cruise. I did have a pair of dressier slacks along that I wore on those nights, but never felt out of place in jeans on the other nights either. Like it or not, the "dress code" on Carnival is not an issue once on board.

Enjoy your vacation, and everyone quit worrying about what everyone else is wearing!


Dorothy September 26th, 2004 02:31 PM

Re: Jeans?
At the risk of redundancy....JEANS in the tropics? Do folks that wear jeans just stay inside the ship all the time? Guess it depends on when you cruise, but it was in the 80's on my January cruise and high 90's on my September cruise - can't imagine wanting to wear jeans on either!

I find khakis and linens much more comfortable (and attractive) then jeans.


dmdiver September 26th, 2004 02:44 PM

Re: Jeans?
honestly, carnival doesn't care if you wear jeans on non-fomal nights. however, they are thick to pack in a suitcase and you will be way too warm when you go out on deck. i usually take along a pair anyway and so does hubby. the a/c works very well in the public areas.

pg. September 26th, 2004 03:17 PM

Re: Jeans?
Jeans on Carnival? Yup, you won't be stared at. I consider Carnival one the most casual lines.
I belive others brought up some very sensible and valid points. It is too hot for jeans, and they take up too much space in luggage.
I do think white jeans are a step up, they can look quite nice with a nice top, in fact they actually just look like casual white slacks , which are fine for the dining room on any night but formal night.
I do think jeans on formal night is tacky. Everyone have something they can wear that is comfy and anything would be better than jeans.A pair of slacks and a blouse would be fine, ( although I personally dress for formal night) . I think anyone who wore jeans to formal night( and had in fact NOT lost their luggage) is being a bit rude and self centred.
I understand not wanting formal wear, but there are a lot of choices between jeans and formal wear, and if you can afford a cruise you can afford a pair of slacks or a skirt( I found some great outfits at thrift stores for under 15 bucks)

Jim Bragg September 26th, 2004 03:31 PM

Re: Jeans?
I have in fact seen people turned away from the dining room on CCL because they were wearing shorts and or "T"-shirts and I commend them for it. Flaunting suggested attire is flaunting generally accepted mores and should not be encouraged, rather it should be discouraged. Come on folks, let's stop dressing down and start having a little class and respect for a nice dining experiance. If you want to wear what ever you wish go to a motel and eat at Burger-King or McDonalds.

Andy B. September 26th, 2004 04:17 PM

Re: Re: Jeans?
I know it seems silly to wear jeans in the tropics, but....... some of us LOVE our jeans so much that we'll go to great lengths to enjoy wearing them. (Check out some of the message boards for/by jeans addicts!) And, as many here are already aware, Carnival's air conditioning works very very well most of the time, so it's not an issue of comfort in the dining room.

On deck, yes, it's a different story. There you'll find me in a speedo, or less. (another hot button fasion issue!)

I don't object too strenuously to wearing slacks for a couple of nights. Mine are just some Salvation Army store cheapos, but they're just so boring compared to the many different styles of JEANS. Yes, it's an obsession of mine, sorry!


Dorothy September 26th, 2004 06:07 PM

Re: Jeans?
Where did you get it was unacceptable opinion, Matthew? Seems to be posters are just posting their opinions and yours was no more or no less acceptable than anyone's.


jnichols September 27th, 2004 03:18 AM

Re: Jeans?
I have worn jeans on Carnival cruises many times in the past. I am the type of person who DOES NOT like to stick out in the crowd, but there were always plenty of other people in jeans (on nonformal nights) and I never felt out of place at all. In fact, until I found these message board a few months ago, I never would have imagined that there was so much controversy over the wearing of jeans. Seems to be a much bigger issue on these boards than on the ship.

LisaK September 27th, 2004 07:34 AM

Re: Jeans?
this debate will go on and on. The only way to resolve it, if Carnival or anyother line for that matter wants a "no jeans in the dining room during dinner hours" policy is to put it in writing and enforce it. Otherwise the wording of "suggested attire for the evening" leaves it open to interpertation. Personally i don't have a problem with someone wearing a nice pair of crisp, clean jeans, a nice top and nice shoes on casual nights. Its not for me, personally

Dorothy September 27th, 2004 10:40 AM

Re: Jeans?
That *is* a policy in writing - "no shorts allowed in the dining rooms."

If you say so, Matt. I find it hard to believe that if you make your email address available to Jim and *ask* for an explanation he wouldn't oblige.

You're right Lisa. Unless Carnival decides to actually make "no jeans" part of their dress requirements it leaves it open for interpretation and constant debate.


CA Cruiser September 27th, 2004 11:27 AM

Re: Jeans?
No shorts in the dining room for dinner only. Breakfast and lunch, shorts are okay. We had tablemates (1st time cruisers) come to dinner in shorts and jeans and no one said a word. When I asked them how they got in, they said they didn't know about the policy.

LisaK September 27th, 2004 12:27 PM

Re: Jeans?
dear FamilyCruiser:
there is a stated policy in writing no shorts allowed in the dining rooms during dinner hours. Its ok for breakfast or lunch. Cargo/Khaki- Docker's type Pants

Joie September 27th, 2004 01:09 PM

Re: Jeans?
carnival is a little different that some lines......hoity-toity is NOT there style. If you LOVE jeans which alot of us do......and they are in great shape....wear them. If others are so dead set against it and it must be pearl and furs then another line is for them......I agree that khaki's are the best alternative.....looks nice and feels ALMOST like jeans. Carnival crowds are laid back people anyway.......and I am not poking at the people who dress up in gowns and tuxes,,,,,that's great for whoever wants to. But if I want to wear a nice top and jeans to dinner it shouldn't matter to anyone else. I enjoy the formal dinner also and don't feel that it has to be done in sundays best !!!!! People say it draws attention away from those that do go for the 9's.....I say BULL, however you dress is up to you IT'S YOUR vacation, YOU paid for it and if you dress up or casual jeans it's up to you.

Lisa September 27th, 2004 01:10 PM

Re: Jeans?
Another reason to avoid Carnival - they don't back up their written policies.

Post Edited (09-27-04 13:11)

Kuki September 27th, 2004 02:05 PM

Re: Jeans?
Lisa... hate to say it.. but it's NOT just Carnival. Most of the major cruise lines take the same position.

They write it down, but don't want to take the chance offending a passenger, so don't follow through.

On our Diamond Princess cruise in Aug. we did see people in shorts in the dining room at dinner.

On RCI we've seen coveralls worn on formal nights... but they did wear a hanky hanging out of the chest pocket <G>

Dorothy September 27th, 2004 09:22 PM

Re: Jeans?
>>Carnival crowds are laid back people anyway>>

I would beg to differ, Joie. I find Carnival to have a wide variety of people - I can't categorize a Carnival cruiser as just being one type of person or another.


MI5 September 28th, 2004 11:27 AM

Re: Jeans?
one more two cents worth-just got back from a Canada cruise and the first night I wore jeans-it was what I wore getting on the ship-and as not all of my bags arrived before dinner I had no choice.{the bags were found later that night seems the bag tag was removed and they were sitting by the pursers desk wiht other luggage that wasnt able to be delived}anyway I did feel alittle out of place for it seems everyone else were dressed up-but by the next causal nights we had-when I did wear my slacks/blouses it seems most were wearing jeans by than to dinner. Nice jeans{no holes or wear-n-tear} As for the first formal most everyone was dressed up-the second formal{7 day cruise}it was more 90/10 %in the dinning room and 50/50% for the rest of the ship.

pg September 29th, 2004 12:02 PM

Re: Jeans?
Hey guys there is a middle ground, it is not just "jeans" or " furs and pearls".
Hoity toity indeed, if you don't wear jeans it doesn't mean you are some rich flashy snobl. It just means you are following a written dress code that leaves alot of choices, not just hoity toity furs and pearls.

Matteous October 2nd, 2004 01:48 PM

Re: Jeans?
Hehe, Dorothy, he deleted your post defending my opinion as well! I will re-post:

Hi Dorothy,

LOL, my opinion is WAY worse than others! I am a goofy kid and tend to see humor and the bright side of most every situation. He got really PO at me for giggling at that abandon ship prank on Miracle. I know some people who got woken up were scared, but I still see a silly side to it (shrug).

He sent me an e-mail recently saying EVERY post I EVER posted here was a violation of the TOS! That seems over the top to me, but he has the gun and it is his board, so .... shrug again.

My philosophy is be nice and look for good in everybody and have fun in life ... it is the only one you got! :)


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