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Jayne Gorby January 26th, 2005 04:53 AM

what to wear that first day ?
So I've heard that your baggage sometimes does not arrive untill after dinner on the first how does everyone dress on the first day..? I am going to be taking a small hand luggage bag with toothbrush and all those ess. in but do I also need to be taking a change of clothes..? Only 3 days to go...and we then leave out of New Orleans..
Thanks for your help

wakedreams January 26th, 2005 05:50 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?
wear something comfortable, you will be standing in lines to get on the ship,
and you will be sitting in chairs waiting to get on the ship, and alot of walking around the ship after you get on the ship. They let you wear shorts etc in the dining room the first night because they know that not everyones luggage will be delivered before dinner. I would definately suggest some comfortable shoes because of all the walking and standing.

have a great time.....

Darcy January 26th, 2005 05:52 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?

I take a bathing suit and suntan lotion, hat, coverup, book, make-up & toiletries and a change of clothes in my bag. Most times our luggage has arrived before dinner, but once we didn't get it until after dinner. I like to be able to take a shower and change clothes before dinner so I make sure I bring a change. Usually a skirt and top.


LisaK January 26th, 2005 08:16 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?
I wear comfortable clothes usually cotton pants, jersey top,and sneakers. Definatley pack a change of clothes for dinner in your carry-on luggage. I usually pack either a sundress or a pair of chinos or dockers type pants, jersey and flat sandals. I also pack my bathing suit and a pair of shorts.
Most of the time you luggage will arrive before dinner, but its a good idea to have a change of clothes just in case.

sls January 26th, 2005 08:28 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?
It's probably not going to be all that warm in New Orleans in 3 days. Slacks and light sweater will get you in the dining room. It will definitely not be swimsuit/short weather unless it gets about 10 degrees warmer.


Happy Camper January 26th, 2005 08:39 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?
I was going to say too that it probably will not be all that warm in New oRleans expecially at night when you pull out and watching you pull out and travel on a river is really interesting and one of the best parts of going out of New Orleans so I'd suggest something warm. I usually wear jeans the first day becuase of lines and handling luggage etc and will be wearing just that in Galveston on Saturday when we leave. Also I'll bring a sweat shirt as it will be in the 50s when we pull out. Also the high for the day isn't usually reached till 3pm or so. So even at noon when boarding it could be in the 50s here in Galveston. This way I don't have to pack my heavy jeans that I like to bring in case it is cold the last day coming back in or if I take a horseback riding or ATV tour where they are needed. :) :) By the way I'm not sure where you are from but going out of any of us mid western Southern states you will find a lot of jeans in the dining room even on casual nights expecially on Carnival where most are more laid back. This is good or bad however you see it but just thought I'd mention it. PRobably less jeans are seen on RCL. Most people on these cruises are from Trexas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas so they are real friendly and laid back cruises. There are of course some from Canada and California and all over too just less than if you go out of Miami. I'm probably telling you what you already know so I'm sorry for rambling - have a great cruise - we can't wait for ours on Saturday. :) :) Debbie

Dorothy January 26th, 2005 10:37 AM

Re: what to wear that first day ?
I wear comfortable boarding clothes, but also pack in my carryon:

casual dress or pants for dinner in case I *don't* get my luggage
sweater (dining rooms can be cold)
all medicines for the family

That way, if I don't get my bags in time for dinner I'm all set. They *do* allow shorts in the dining room on the first night, but the atmosphere, service and decor of the dining rooms do not ever lend themselves to shorts if you ask me. It was so easy to pack a little dress.


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