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Default Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16th -

Cruise Report (First Time Cruiser)

Carnival Conquest
January 16th Ė 23rd, 2005
Cabin 9230, Lido Deck (Cat 8D)

LOTS of pictures from our cruise on the Conquest at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/mngoph...lbum?.dir=e836

Sunday, 16th (Embarkation day)

We stayed at the Maison St. Charles and did the Bon voyage package so we got the free limo transfer to the port. We left for the port at about 1pm from the hotel. It was a short ride and we were at the port. Not too bad of a line but once we got in it, it suddenly got REALLY long. By 1:40 we got to the check-in desk and completed the passport check, then on to the FULL room of yellow chairs. We sat in there for about 20 mins then on to get our photo taken? NO! Another warehouse full of yellow chairs! Waited in there for another 15 mins then got our pics taken and then on our way through security and up to the ship. Waited in line a bit on the skyway into the ship but were on the ship and in our room by 2:30 I think.

The room was awesome, I am so glad we got the balcony room, it was great!! The bathroom was a bit small, but I didnít think the overall room was that small, I liked the size.

We read some of the info in the cabin then we were off to the spa tour, very cool, some good deals on spa services. Next we went exploring and grabbed a drink and some buffet food on the lido deck.

Next it was time for the lifeboat drill and we did that, was very cold on the atlantic deck in the wind, seemed like we waited forever! Went back to the room and put away the life vests and went down to the promenade deck for some wine at the Latour wine bar. Then up to the lido deck to watch us push off and set sail.

We went to the dinning room at about 8:20 to talk to the Maitre D about getting our table switched because we didnít want to sit at a tale for 8. We got switched to a table for 4 and it turned out we had no table mates the entire week! How nice, just to have it to ourselves. I am sooooooo thankful that we werenít at our original table because it was 5 other Women, which we could tell we would have not enjoyed dinning with.

After dinner it was back to the cabin and then to the Bingo at 10pm then the welcome aboard show at 10:30.

Monday, 17th (At Sea)

This day was spent mostly laying on deck and working out in the spa/gym. The view from within the Steam Room and Sauna is incredible with the huge windows.

Formal night dinner with great steaks and lobster. I had never really liked lobster but I tried it anyways because heck it was already paid for. It tasted pretty good. I was not feeling too good, I didnít think I was sea sick but turns out thatís what it was. I tried one of those free pills ďMezcyclineĒ sp? From the infirmary the next day and it really helped, so I guess I was sea sick, the waters were really rough and the ship was swaying the first two days at sea.

After dinner we went to the nightly show ďFormidableĒ, I was sooo tired I fell asleep during it and we ended up leaving and going to bed.

Tuesday, 18th (At Sea)

Again another day of sunning on deck and working out in the spa/gym. We took the galley tour in the afternoon which was neat. After that we went to the casino and I tried Roulette, which I had never played before. I quickly learned all the rules and the different bets and I ended up winning a bunch of money and winning back $20 I had lost the first night.

Dinner was good as usual and the show tonight was Steve Cassel (cruise director) and his juggling act. Also had some singer from New Orleans. It was pretty good. Had some funny audience participation stuff too.

Wednesday, 19th (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

I woke up as we were pulling into the bay and docking, got to watch the ship dock, which was cool. We went to breakfast and then we headed downtown to shop. What a nightmare, the people are soooo pushy and constantly nag you. We got offered drugs by a good 10 people or so. After a little shopping it was back to the ship to drop off our stuff and then we got off again and went to Sunset beach resort.

The resort was pretty nice. We got a couple drinks and had some food then headed down the beach to check things out. We both decided we would try the nude beach. So we went down to a secluded spot on the beach and laid out there for a few hours. Then we went back got some more drinks and food and then laid on the regular beach. Then more drinks and back down to the nude beach. After we had had enough we went back to the ship.

All in all I would say I will never go back to Jamaica, sure the beaches were nice but for how uncivilized people are I would much rather go back to Grand Cayman.

Went to the show before dinner tonight, ďDEJAĒ the diva of deception. This show was absolutely FABULOUS!! The magic was incredible and I loved the music the show was set to. Afterwards we went to dinner, which was good as always. I loved our serving staff. Especially Aloina our Bread/Water girl from Lithuania I believe.

Thursday, 20th (Grand Cayman)
Pulled into Grand Cayman early and went and had breakfast in the dinning room today. Then we got all our stuff and went to get a tender, we didnít have to wait and were on shore very quickly. Looked around for a bit then went to Captain Marvinís to head out for our snorkeling and stingray city tour. The snorkeling was AWESOME, I still canít get over how clear the water was and I have snorkeled in Hawaii before. Next stop was stingray city. I didnít think I would be scared but I was FREAKING OUT! I didnít want them to touch me but then slam right into you and are all around. I finally pet one; got lots of pictures of them and Andy held one. There was no way I was gonna hold one though.

We left stingray city and did one more snorkel stop which was cool. Then back to town and we did a little shopping and then back on the ship. Four other ships were in port with us at Grand Cayman: HAL (Westerdam), Carnival Victory, RCCL (Mariner of the Seas), and some Princess Ship. Very crowded as you can imagine.

This was the week that the big Norwalk outbreak happened on the Mariner of the Seas and they werenít letting very many people off of that ship.

After we were back on we grabbed some lunch on lido deck and then I went on a picture taking spree and got tons of ship pics.

We went to dinner (formal night) then we were sooooo tired and drained from snorkeling that we went back to the room to lay down, decided to skip the show for the night. The midnight gala buffet was this night and I wanted to go so bad, but I dozed off and woke up just as it was getting over!! I was sooooooooooo mad! I wanted to get pictures of the ice sculptures and buffet!! Darnit all!

Friday, 21st (Cozumel Mexico)

We woke up very refreshed and went to eat breakfast in the dinning room. Went up to deck and saw Cozumel in sight. RCCL, Mariner and Rhapsody of the Seas were already in port. We pulled in and then came the HAL Westerdam shortly after which pulled in next to us. Got some great pictures.

We got off the ship and did some shopping at the port. Then headed downtown to shop big time. The downtown was beautiful, I love Mexico. I have traveled all over in Mexico and I just love the culture. I bought a fake Rolex, looks awesome, identical to the real thing. I worked my Spanish and talked to the locals to see where an authentic restaurant for lunch was. Found a decent one and had lunch. Then shopped a little more and went and had some drinks. We felt we didnít have time to do much else and just went back to the ship early and hung out.

Again tonight we were VERY tired and even our drink waiter told us we looked really tired. We barely made it through dinner and then we immediately went to bed and got like 12 hours of sleep.

Saturday, 22nd (At Sea)

Got up and went to breakfast, I was sad this was the last day. Everything had gone perfectly, I have absolutely not one single complaint or gripe about the cruise, everything was perfect.

Did some last minute shopping and lying out on deck trying to get some sun, my tan had not evolved as nicely as I would have liked. I bought some pictures in the photo gallery and went and tried the slots tournament. No luck there did some more roulette and blackjack and lost about $50.

We went to the debarkation talk with Steve and I was choking up when they brought out the crew, room stewards, dinning staff. I was so sad the cruise was coming to an end.

Went to dinner, was sad to say goodbye to our dining staff, got our pictures taken with them to remember them.

After dinner we packed and put our suitcases outside.

Sunday, 23rd (Debarkation)

Got up at about 7am and got ready and all packed up and left the room to go to the lido deck for breakfast, it was PACKED with people. Everyone was up there, Andy didnít feel well so he didnít eat much. Luckily our tag, Lime Lido was called first and we went right down to get off.

The line to get off was very unorganized and long. But we were off the ship by about 9am I think. The line was kind of long to get into the bag holding area. Finding our bags in the warehouse was no treat but I didnít think it was as much of a nightmare that some people had described it to be. We got our bags and were out to get a taxi in no time. Taxiís were very unorganized at the port also with all the construction going on.

The weather was freezing on top of all this, there was a cold snap in New Orleans and it was in the low 40ís.

We were planning on staying in New Orleans for two days after the cruise but decided to cancel the hotel reservations and just drive home early. Andy wasnít feeling well, he got a cold and we just got the heck out of there.

I am so sad to be home but I am very looking forward to going on another cruise very soon. I want to try Royal Caribbean next time though. Not that Carnival was bad or anything, just want to see what RCCL is like.

Regarding the food in the dinning rooms. I was not impressed. I am not complaining really because I can understand that they are trying to serve like 1,000 people at each sitting. But I think Carnival is trying way too hard to make their meals so gourmet and fancy when they really arenít. Give me a steak and mashed potatoes not a steak and some fancy schmancy side dish. Iím not a picky eater either, I tried everything on my plate. Also Carnival needs to make bigger portions, I quickly learned to order two entrees every night because one simply would not fill me up. (Iím not some fat cow either, Iím a skinny 23 year old).

Other observations, I was very surprised how many elderly people were on this Carnival Cruise. I thought Carnival was more for like families and like people up to like their 60ís. But I sure saw my fair share of Grandmas and Grandpas on the ship.

One thing I thank god for is that there were hardly any kids onboard. Probably because of the time of year we were sailing.

Canít wait to cruise again, we plan to before the year is over. Any suggestions on a good time of year (weather wise and price wise) for the eastern Caribbean???

LOTS of pictures from our cruise on the Conquest at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/mngoph...lbum?.dir=e836

Minneapolis, MN
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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

Great pics and review Rob. I can't wait till we go in Aug. I am even more excited now!

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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

Thanks for posting your review Rob M; I'm glad you had a good time on the Conquest. We had a great time as well on our Conquest cruise but agree with your thinking about trying RCCL next time. We always enjoyed Carnival and never thought we would try a different line but last year we decided to give RCCL a a chance and I'm glad we did. We found the whole embarkation/debarkation procedure to be much more organized and timely on RCCL (no musical yellow chairs) and the whole cruise experince was just more relaxed and pleasurable. Funny you should mention the size of the portions on Carnival; I always thought their dining room food was pretty good but their portions were small. We found the food on RCCL to be about the same or better but the portions were much larger. I never had to ask for a second entree in order to feel full. Keep an open mind and try different cruise lines until you find the one you like the best. I hope you book another cruise soon!


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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

Don't forget to post it in readers reviews, Rob for future cruisers.



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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

Dorothy, I couldn't find where that section is and how to post in there. Can you direct me?
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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

I was on the "Conquest in December. I like the smaller portions. My self I don't need to stuff myself so I found that the smaller portions allowed me to enjoy my meal without feeling like I had to leave some on my plate. It also allowed to try more than one thing if you were still hungry. But everyone is different on what they like. I thought the food was quite good.
Thanks for posting your review. I agree about Jamaica. Wouldn't care to go back there but Grand Caymen and Coz were great.


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Default Re: Very long 1st Time Cruiser Trip Report (Conquest Jan 16t

Rob - thank you so much for your review and wonderful pictures!!! My husband and I are going on our first cruise on the Conquest for our 10th wedding anniversary in April. Can't wait to go even more now!
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