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Default seasickness medication

I just spoke with my pharmacist about medications for seasickness. He clarified several things for me.
1. Regular Dramamine has one type of chemical that makes it work.
2. Dramamine Less Drowsy is a different chemical, but the same one that's in Bonine. It is called Meclazine which can also be purchased from the pharmacist without a prescription. You will get the chewable kind, can be swallowed whole or chewed and it is scored down the middle if you only want to take half. The one that you don't chew is prescription only.
3. The trans derm patch that so many people complain about the side effects. He said that the dry mouth can't be avoided, the blurry vision and dialated pupils, maybe. Said that if we could keep our hands off the patch or at least wash our hands after touching it, it might eliminate the eye problems. We humans have this awful habit of touching stuff and then rubbing our face and eyes..........that's for sure what gives us the dialated pupils. Just wanted to share..........
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Default Re: seasickness medication

You could also try the Sea Bands which applies pressure to a point on your wrists. We used them and I thought they were effective. Dramamine makes me so sleepy I would have slept the whole time!!
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Default Re: seasickness medication

I also saw this in a post yesterday.....I wonder if there is some "way" for us to get it here in the US??

"Gravol (better than Dramamine anyday but only available in Canada)"
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Default Re: seasickness medication

Before we took our first cruise we were concerned with this same thing. I talked to an someone I knew in town who both he and his wife had trouble going for a pontoon ride. They took ginger for several days before sailing, took Bonine every AM and PM and made sure they kept their stomach full (like thats a problem on a ship. We tried this and despite 17 to 17 1/2 foot seas we never has a speck of trouble--and is did not cause drowiness.
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