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Old February 26th, 2005, 08:51 PM
never again
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Default Re: Re: Carnival really sucks

<< Strong words, I hope that they have some facts to back that statement up. >>

I would be happy with any words at all from Carnival. Since it is Carnival that is refusing to provide any information, one must search for a plausible reason.

<<To be quite honest it was your overwhelming negative overreaction to minor problems on your vacation caused me to overlook it.>>

I do suppose that the degree of seriousness of the problems mentioned is subjective. Obviously you and many others on this board are accustomed to receiving less than attentive service at dinner, missing a shore excursion, being forced to stand in cramped quarters for 45 minutes and of course, being out an unexplained $354.60 to be minor problems. I do not. Some of the other stuff was indeed minor. However, dollar is only minor money, but if you put enough of them togther...

<< Your posting under different screen names also does little to help clarify responses. >>

Yes, that was explained earlier. I originally was responding to a post requesting comments on the Legend. It didn't go through (I thought), so I resubmitted it.

<<They said "Too bad, so sad." or was that your opinion of what they meant? >>

I assume that you are being facetious. Of course she didn't say that. If you focus, you will read that "attitude" is the key word.

[[ DO NOT sign up for the "Island Tour" in St. Maarten. It is a disgusting waste of time and money]]

<< So much for an objective opinion. That reads like a demand. >>

! Yes, I am demanding that nobody else waste their time and money on this particular excursion. Even though that was the opinion held by virtually everyone that experienced it, I recommend it highly to you.

[[ It appears that my complaints are common with Carnival.>> ]]

<< Really? Why do you say that? >>

From reading other messages on these boards.

[[ Carnival claims that their sponsored tours guarantee that you will be back on the ship on time. That is a bald faced lie.]]

<< Yes it is a lie, but not via Carnivals mouth. Where did you read/hear that?
To quote Carnivals words exactly.....>>

"One of the many benefits of booking excursions through Carnival is a guarantee that the ship will remain in port until all guests are back onboard."

Let's get the facts straight here...................

Carnival DOES NOT guarantee that you will be back on the ship on time.
They DO guarantee that the ship will remain in port until all guests are back onboard if you are on a Carnival booked shore excursion.
Been there, seen that.
Big difference. >>

The big difference is in what we (the guests) were told. I taped the pre-docking meeting, hosted by the cruise director. In reviewing that tape, he stated "If you book a tour through Carnival, you are guarenteed to get back to the ship on time" (with an English accent). That was after he had pointed out all of the dangers of finding your own tour.

<<The shore excursions ARE NOT "sponsored" by Carnival in any way.

"All of the shore excursions, including any related transportation, are operated by local independent companies and they are solely responsible for their products, excursions and any related transportation."
"Carnival acts only as an agent for the independent tour operators supplying excursions or services." >>

Well, according to Webster, "one who assumes responsibility for some other person or thing" is a sponser. When the cruise director tells me that I am guaranteed to get back to the ship on time, if I book THROUGH Carnival, I believe that that qualifies as sponsorship.

<<As for lines, welcome to the world of cruising! Trying to move 2,000 passengers all headed the same direction at the same time a couple times a day and you may encounter a wait here & there. We have cruised on various lines since 1989 and that fact has never changed much. That's just life on EVERY ship. >>

Perhaps you are right, I cannot speak to that being the norm. However, at the other two ports, there was no problem at all.
What you suggest is that cruise lines know that there will be difficulty getting off the ship, but that they ignore the situation. Moreover, Carnival at least insists that everyone have at least one and usually two photos taken, as you leave. Even if you have absolutely no interest in buying a copy. Now, you tell me; could they avoid this problem?

<<For the charge on your credit card THAT is the one thing that should not happen and I am really interested in finding out the truth.
A call to the credit card company will put a hold on the charge until the issue is resolved.
You are not responsible for any charges during that period.>>

I understand that, as mentioned earlier. Again, the point is that Carnival refuses to allow customers to contact the billing department, and get immediate resolution. Even more disturbing, whatever associate that you are speaking with is the only person that you will be able to speak with. They refuse to transfer you to a supervisor or anyone else.

<<<This thread started out simply as a reporting of my experiences, and my resulting dissatisfaction. It immediately became a circling of wagons affair, with a mob mentality atmosphere prevailing.>>>

<< No, it started out exactly the opposite. You opened the door in a room full of people that you did not know that were discussing Carnival cruises and yelled......

"Carnival really sucks"

Not just Carnival sucks, but "really sucks"

Did you think that we all would agree with you. If you want in to a discussion with people you should first get an idea of how the conversation is progressing before telling us what excusrions we should NOT book, in your opinion. >>

Again, the tour thing was simply advice. I wish that I had read something similar before wasting my money.
I wasn't looking for agreement. In fact, I wasn't really expecting anything. There is nothing that anyone on this board could do, after the fact. I was hoping that someone else might be spared my dissatisfaction by being made aware of potential problems, and I certainly didn't expect the deluge of insults and sarcasim.

<<Toss a rock in a crowd and a few may toss back at you. >>

A closer analogy would be, toss a hamburger into a crowd of Hindus, and they may burn you alive.

[[ Other than sailing with a different line, please name even one piece if good advice that has been offered here.]]

<<If you came here looking for advice that is the best that anyone could offer.
Try another line. (or just skip cruising vacations) >>

That's just the point. I did NOT come here looking for advice. Jim has insisted that I received very good advice, and I challanged him (twice) to produce even one shred of such advice. He could not.

<< I am wondering what your cruise history is, if you would care to inform us.......

Was this your first? NO
Have you tried other lines? YES
Been on Carnival before? YES

This sort of stuff helps us form our own opinions also. >>

I can well understand your reasoning, but experience, or lack of same, does not change the central issues that I presented. I readily admit that I am not addicted to cruising but unless you are telling me that I should not expect courteous treatment, competent management and correct billing on any cruise line, I do not think that my expectations were unreasonable.

<<The internet has led many first time cruisers to unrealistic expectations sometimes.
For about $100.00 a day, we expect everything to be perfect in an imperfect cruise world.
We want 5 star meals, entertainment, accomodations and good weather.
We expect white glove treatment all the time.
If we can't have a Coke when we want it we throw a hissy fit.>>

In this case, the Internet was not a factor. A hissy fit over a Coke? Hardly.
However, I did expect to recieve the same service and consideration that I have received on other vacations that were in the same price range. As you say, perhaps cruisong is not for me.

<<I'm wondering if anyone here gets paid $100.00 a day and supplies all that to anyone?
Anybody here willing to do that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.
I didn't think so.>>

Since I didn't pay $100.00 a day to any person to do those things, your sarcasim has missed its mark.

<<Yet we expect people from other countries to serve us and bow to our every minute need. >>

Whoa! Let's all join together in a chorus of "We Are The World." Where are you coming from? The only reason that so many nationalities are on those ships is because they will work for less than a living wage. Please, let's not go off that far on a tangent.
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Old February 27th, 2005, 08:55 AM
Jacque Bearstows parents's Avatar
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

I guess that we can just keep going with the selective cut & paste deal forever but it grows pointless and does nothing to help solve your problem.

I do have a couple direct questions though.
(please excuse me if they have been asked and answered in this seemingly endless thread)

You state that you have cruised before. If there was a shore excursion that you wanted, why did you not go to the desk and purchase it when the in-room ordering service was not functioning? Previous cruisers all know that popular shore excursions often sell out early. We booked ours online a few weeks before our last Carnival cruise.
(you can do that now)

Also what was the $354.00 charge labeled as on your S&S account?

I have all of ours here and all charges are marked what they are for......

Service Gratuity
Shore Tours
Pool Juice Bar
Gift Shop

There are a few things that you can do in this matter.

#1 Get the A mysterious $354.60 charge settled with your credit card company.
Shouldn't be that big of a deal for them even if Carnival couldn't help you directly.
As I stated, I am interested in what happened here.

#2 Pass on any further Carnival cruises and return to other lines that you have always been pleased with.

#3 Try Carnival again and this time take your own Coke, book your excursions online ahead of time or just make your own plans on shore.

#4 Just go and make the best of it, always remembering the cruise-addicts motto..... "A bad day on vacation still beats a good day at work!"

#5 Stick to land-based vacations.

I do think that your analogy about the hamburger is pushing the limits of good taste..

Altough I don't consider myself one of the P/C crowd, there are some that may find that statement a bit harsh.
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Old February 27th, 2005, 09:42 AM
never again
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Default Re: Re: Carnival really sucks

<<I guess that we can just keep going with the selective cut & paste deal forever but it grows pointless and does nothing to help solve your problem. >>

There is nothing selective about the cutting and pasting. I address each comment point-by-point, except in your redundant case.

<< I do have a couple direct questions though. >>

All of your direct questions, as well as indirect comments, have been asked and anwered earlier. Do your homework.
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Old February 27th, 2005, 10:09 AM
Jacque Bearstows parents's Avatar
Familiar Face
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

<<Do your homework.>>

As you should have!

As Jim stated we grow tired of trying to help someone who does not pay attention and will not concede what is true when explained to them.

You want no help.

You are doing nothing but trolling.


Your line has snagged and broken.

You bait has grown stale.

I admit I am your last little fish and I have now also gotten away.

See ya!


I think I know why they charged you that mysterious $354.60.................

......it wasn't enough!
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Old February 27th, 2005, 11:27 AM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

Good Morning EVERYONE!

I just wanted to be the 100th person to post on this stupid thread. I LOVE CARNIVAL and any cruise ship for that matter. 62 more days till I sail!

Teresa and Larry

#36-Carnival Splendor 9/16/12
7 night Mexican Riviera
Retirement Celebration

#37-Allure of the Seas 11/11/12
7 night Eastern Caribbean

#38-Celebrity Solstice 4/8/13
17 night Tahiti -- Sydney-Honolulu
40th Anniversary Celebration

270 days at see; soon to be 302
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Old February 27th, 2005, 11:52 AM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

We have sailed on Carnival out of NY city the last 3 yrs to Canada and New England. Never had a bad cruise. In the summer, we did fine more crowds and lines. But, that is expected during summer when most people travel. Any problems, we saw to it right away. Always a great staff, treated us with manners and a good attiitude. My daughter is looking forward to her cruise to nowhere in June out of NY city. Carnival is a great line!
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Old February 27th, 2005, 01:17 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

I don't think I have ever had a vacation on land or on a cruise ship that really sucks. The only thing I know of that really sucks is our vacuum cleaner on its good days.

With 2000 to 3000 passengers on ANY cruise ship and unpredictable weather and equipment , you can encounter lines, delays , sometimes changes in itinerary, mistakes in billing, which are usually taken care of quickly and service that may not be perfect.

I have never had bad service and have loved every cruise, even if everything was not always as I expected. In this world, no person or thing is truly perfect, but they sure can be great.
If you always think of your glass as half full rather than half empty, life can be a lot more enjoyable.

Life is like a sewer, you only get out of it what you put into it!
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Old February 27th, 2005, 03:51 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

Sorry things didn't go right for you on your cruise, NEVERAGAIN. I would have also been upset about an erroneous charge showing up (especially such a large one) on my final bill, but l would understand that it would have to be researched before it can be resolved. I'm quite sure Carnival is not trying to cheat you. My husband and I sailed on Carnival's Legend (for the third time) on January 6th. The only complaint we had on our extremely enjoyable cruise was that our wait staff was very slow. However, we managed to survive and still have a terrific time laughing and schmoozing with our tablemates. We also thought that every employee of the ship that we dealt with went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. As for waiting in a lounge for 45 minutes to get off the ship - that happens on every cruise I've ever been on - no matter which cruise line and ship. Just takes a little patience - not worth getting aggravated. Hope things will go better for you on your next cruise.

P.S. I loved what JACQUEBEARSTOWSPARENTS said in his post above:

"Actually, Carnival needs little defense. They didn't get to be the largest cruiseline in the world by making you unhappy.

They did it by making millions of people happy.

(and just a few of them happen to post on this board)"


Post Edited (02-27-05 14:53)
Nieuw Amsterdam
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Old February 27th, 2005, 10:54 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

We just booked our third Carnival cruise and have always had very good service.
We did not book our excursions until we went ashore and we always found things to do and had a great time.
We watched our bill on our sail and sign card daily and I kept tabs on what we were spending. In fact, we saw that we were charged for several soft drinks in our room and we don't even drink cokes. So on our last morning, we went to the pursers desk and pointed out the mistake on our bill. It was removed immediately. I hope that you were able to get your money back.
Happy cruising and hope to see you on carnival again.
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Old February 28th, 2005, 01:35 AM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

One of the many benefits of booking excursions through Carnival is a guarantee that the ship will remain in port until all guests are back onboard. Carnival will not be aware of shore excursions that are booked independently. Also, keep in mind that some ports have visa requirements that may prevent you from venturing off on your own.

The above was copy/pasted from Carnival's website.

Don - No I don't expect the ship to wait if someone decides to swim for China while snorkling but then I seriously doubt that is a problem that occurs very often and is certainly not a problem I will cause. However, many excursions involve transportation that can be - iffy to say the least. For example, on an excursion in Belize the boat we took to Shark/Ray Alley had a bit of trouble starting and we were the last excursion back to the boat.
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Old February 28th, 2005, 05:30 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

To all, but specifically to JoAnne:

We avoided Carnival for years because of bad press. We finally went in 2000 on a back to back because of a great deal. We had a fabulous time, probably the most fun we have had on 12 cruises.

The food was good, the entertainment was equal to or better than any other line and we have been on six and I can't recall any instance of bad service (there were a few snooty sales people but I try to imagine what having that job would be like before I criticise too much). We avoided Carnival because it was characterized as a "party" ship (read drunk cruise). We never had any problems - there are some types of entertainment that might not appeal to some (Hairy man contest) but my feeling is that if that offends you in some way - don't attend.

You will always have some sort of problem on whatever ship or line you sail on - the trick is to take things in stride and try to deal with them in an intelligent fashion.

Any cruise line can make a mistake ( I was double billed just yesterday by RCCL for an online excurion that I booked). I phoned my credit card company and they are dealing with it.

Trust me, with the right attitude you will have a wonderful time - the only downside being that you will become a cruise addict like so many of the rest of us.
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Old February 28th, 2005, 09:18 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

Gee we were on the Legend Dec '03 and it was fabulous. The staff was wonderful and very helpfull, our room was well maintained I cant say enough about the servers in the dining room!!! My tea and my daughters chocolate milk appeared every night within seconds of us sitting down. Dont let one review turn you off of a ship or a cruise line. Some people just cant be pleased!!!


Next up Elation Aug 23 '10
then the Miracle again Feb 7,2011
Miracle '10
Holiday '09
Legend '09
Triumph '08
Valor '07
Triumph '06
Fascination '04
Legend '03
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Old March 1st, 2005, 10:09 PM
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Default Re: Carnival really sucks

Just wanted to address the 30 days issue. I worked for a major credit card company. Its standard to say 30 days. It does take time to research the problem. It is more complicated than a few strokes on the keyboard. Yours is probably not the only one they have. we had literally 1000s of disputes. It takes a while to investigate. some were legit. most were not. Sometimes it took the full 30 days. Other times just a week or two.
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