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Ray Stoney
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Default Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Hello fellow cruiser and posters from the Glory Florida/Bahama trot.

When I first posted on another thread I said I was going to pursue reimbursement with my credit card agency which I will not name since it wil probably be "deleted advertisement". I called them then wrote a formal dipute of the charges of the travel portion of the cruise. I included the itinerary, the changes, the reason for the changes, and documented everything I could think of. When I hadn't heard back after 3 weeks I called them to see where I stood. The representative said they had just sent me a letter denying the dispute that CCL stands by their claim that they provided the service I paid for. I calmly expressed my dissatisfaction with the stand that a cruise is a cruise is a cruise and used many of the arguments and analogies I have read from fellow posters on this board. Paying for a Lincoln and receiving a Ford is not receiving the good and service I paid for. We spoke for twenty minutes and the rep agreed with my logic and reopened the case. I also referred her to this very website so she could read how my fellow posters felt.

I paid $4000 for the travel portion of the cruise and received $300 shipboard credit. I told her I was not looking for a total refund as we did receive an enjoyable cruise in most other respects. She asked me what portion of the $4000 I was disputing and I told her I thought $1000 back would be fair and reasonable. I explained that the mechanical problem was CCL's responsibility and they weren't owning up to it. There was no "act of God" or weather related issues out of CCL's control. She said she'd get back to me.

Today I logged into my credit card account and lo and behold, I have a $1000 credit!

If you paid with a credit card with which you have a long term relationship and have excellent credit, give it a try. I still wish CCL did better by us, but this did take the sting off and I''m sure my credit card company has got there attention. Use the big boys to fight the big boys!

Thanks to all the posters, especially Wes (congratulations) and Norman. A community is more effective than the individual.


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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Glad you have a happy ending. Good job.

Cheryl C.
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending


Hopefully it will work, and hopefully it will stick. But.. having been on both sides of disputed charges with credit card companies, the "refund" could be temporary, and the credit card company "could" reinstate the charges to your account if Carnival successfully challenges the cc companies opinion.

You'll have to keep us up to date when next months statement arrives.

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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Hopefully it will stick indeed. The credit was a "posted transaction" not a "temporary authorization" so I think I'm OK. I will repost if anything changes.

By the way, for what it's worth, I think you and Jim do a good job of moderating the board.

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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Spoke yesterday personally with the representative of my credit card company. The $1000 credit is on my statement and CCL has 45 days to prove that the reimbursement is not justified. My credit card's position is that I'm due the partial refund and the burden of proof to the contrary belongs now to CCL and not to me. Her opinion is that CCL would have a hard time reversing the credit card company's position at this time. I will, however,keep you informed if this changes.

As I posted at the top of the thread, I urge affected passengers to contact their credit agencies. Win or lose, it is not in CCL's best interest to have credit card companies questioning their business practices. It is the job of credit card companies to ensure that when their card is used to purchase goods and services, that the goods and services are indeed delivered or they will intervene in behalf of their customers.

Good luck all!

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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Hope everything works out. I too disputed and it is now pending. I like your approach and will use it if necessary. Could you e-mail me and tell me which CC company it was? That may be helpful.
Thank you,
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

For all of you who do this just be aware that you may be "blocked" from any future Carnival cruises or on those lines that are owned by Carnival. I had a dispute with Avis Rent A Car about 10-12 years ago and the credit card company backed me. I was blocked from ever renting from Avis again. To this day I can't (I keep trying just to see if the block is still in effect).

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Don Smith
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Default Re: Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

A very good pro active way to deal with a problem. Good job.
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

I wish youluck,but this may not be the end of it for you. We disputed charges from a limousine company that we paid for in advance. The port was closed and we debarked at an alternate port. The port we were scheduled to debark at was CLOSED due to hurricane Jeanne. The limousine company swore that they sent a car for us, and refused to refund the $220 that we had paid in advance (mistake I know now). The credit card company issued an immediate credit, then reinstated the charges after the limo company disputed the claim. I had to write another letter to explain why we should not be charged for the services we did not recieve. It all ended up well. but it was a pretty obvious that the limo company did not provide the services that they charged us for.

I will not post the name of said company, but will provide it by request to anyone that asks. They are NOT REPUTABLE!

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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I just didn't see the wisdom of pursuing a class action suit and piling onto some of the flaming threads.

As to Darcy's point, of being blocked from doing further business with CCL, that's a bit troubling since they have bought up a few of their "competiors". Yet I have not been flaming CCL in general, rather disputing a particular incident that, IMHO they did not handle well. It will be a while before I can afford to book again and find out if I am indeed blacklisted.

If only they just came out in the beginning and apologized for the problem and gave a substantial credit for a future cruise, I would have been happy to try the Glory again and actually try to reach the Eastern Caribbean ports I so wanted to visit in a couple of years. It was the corporate reaction (or lack of) that has prompted this backlash from the affected passengers of the Glory 2/19 cruise. CCL made a business decision that disregarded PR and Goodwill. I hope they learn a lesson, if not for just ourselves, but for future passengers.

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Dale A.
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

For all of you that were on this cruise of 2/19/05 on the Glory,I just heard from the Attorney General's office in Tallahasee, to make a long story short here is what they suggest all of us do:
"At the state leverl, Florida's Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Consummer Services(DACS) is a state clearing house for all consumer complaints and has a voluntary mediation progrm to assit individual consumers. The mailing address is: 2005 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee,, Florida,32399.

The phone number is 850-488-2221
Webstie is at www.800helpfla.com

Since your concerns involve a cruise, it is suggester tht you also contact the
federal Maritime Commission's Office of Consumer Complaints(OCC)
for review.

Phone # is (202) 523-5807, by fax (202)275-0059, or by Email at:
[email protected]

This is all information from the office of Charlie Crist, AG of Florida.

I am getting right on it tonight.

This is for all of you who the credit card thing will not work
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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Has anyone else besides me had any luck pursuing reimbursement with their credit card companies? Please post about your attempts! If you haven't attempted it, I urge you to do it, especially if you have been a longterm customer and have good credit. Be firm, polite, reasonable, and document (see my prior posts).

These Glory 2/19 postings just won't go away because this cruise truly represents the very poor customer relations by CCL more than the fact there were mechanical difficulties.

Yvette from Carnival left a message on my answering machine today to call them back, but the number she left me was unintelligable and left out at a digit so I couldn't call back. (I played back the message at least 6 times). She wanted to know if I had contacted their "Research Department". Anyone seen THAT number on their website? Didn't think so. It is galling to me that they finally want to talk with me NOW that my credit card company has refunded me $1000? All my prior emails, discussions with purser's desk and letter were not responded to except by a form letter that said all I was due was the $100/per shipboard credit for not going to the Eastern Caribbean. Frankly, I'm sick of the whole thing. It happened 6 weeks ago and I'm tired of having to rehash it, but $1000 is worth far more to me than to CCL.

Amusingly, yesterday I received a bulk email from Carnival that I am eligible for discounts as a past customer. Can't wait to take them up on it, yea right! CCL has just gotten too big, they just don't have a clue. Too bad the Glory (a nice ship) wasn't owned by another cruise line. I don't think we'd be posting about this.

So far, my $1000 credit stands in my account. I'll keep you posted.

Good Luck all, and once again congratulations to Wes, who obviously had no engine problems!

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