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patticake April 2nd, 2005 10:02 AM

losing a sail and sign card
Yikes it sounds like if someone in our group loses this card while they are off shore they are stuck there forever. we have 11 in our group. now my question all the kids ages 5 through 12 will also get one of these cards?this the only id card you get correct? this is the card with your picture on it no matter what age you are? of course parents will keep the kids cards at all times. i was confused thinking their was separate id card issued with picture for everyone sailing a nd then the sail and sign card was a separate issued card to whoever chose to have one. i am sorry to be so confused on this. we cruised years ago before sail and sign cards. what everyone is saying you either need cash or travelers checks to hand them or a credit card thaat they take the account number from. thank you for being so patient . i am coordinating this trip for everyone and i will be presenting all the information to them as they have never cruised.

HeidiHo April 2nd, 2005 10:31 AM

Re: losing a sail and sign card
Yes, everyone gets a sign and sail car of their own. This is your ID for the week and what you use to make puchases. You must put down either cash or a credit card. I can't remember how much cash you need to put down but you can probably find that on Carnivals website. You can choose NOT to give the children charging priveledges by not activating the cards for purchases. They of course, still have to have one for ID puposes. As far as keeping track of the cards, many people bring lanyards and have a hole punched in their card so they can wear them around their neck. Just bring a hole puncher with you or go to the pursers desk and they will do it for you. We did this and no one, including my kids, lost their cards. This amazed me considering just a few months before our cruise we stayed in a hotel in St. Louis for 3 nights and my then 12 y/o daughter lost 3 keys (but she didn't have a lanyard then). If the kids are too young to EVER be anywhere w/o you, then of course, you should carry their cards.

cali-croozer April 2nd, 2005 10:43 AM

Re: losing a sail and sign card
Patticake..........we never activate our kids cards for charging purposes as there's really nothing they need to buy on the ship and it's one less thing to worry about. One of my sons did lose his card and went to the purser's office to get a new one. As it wasn't activated, we didn't have to worry about somebody using his card to buy something.

On another note, I see you are presenting information to a group. I, too, am going with a group, but once the initial information was given to them, I've let them find out things on their own (of course, I'm always available if they need something). Just a thought, but I would try to get them more involved so everything isn't up to you. Encourage them to visit is so much information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section. They will also need to know how to navigate that sight to fill out their fun passes. You can also let them know about sites like this so they can ask their own questions.

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