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MOM April 12th, 2005 11:49 AM

continue sick about victory
I understand there are almost 3000 people on these ships and it is not like going to a place where there are 30 people swimming, eating, traveling about on the ship. Do these cruise lines not know about all these awful things that are happening on their ships? The deck chairs i can understand, as it is like going to a crowded beach or pool. we belong to a pool here at home and in the midst of summer on really hot days i even have to get to the pool early to get a chair i want or on some days a chair at all. ok i will give them that.

the food situation however, has me baffled. on the lido deck, do they not know how to set up buffets(they could haave more that one line) so people are not waiting in line for 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes the reviewer said. why would they close the chinese food part completely for the whole cruise. the victory is at least 5 years old so ;you would think someone who works for the cruiselines would have noticed these problems by now and figured out a way to remedy this. why would they build a ship that holds this many people and then not be able to feed them properly? I know i am going on and on and you are getting tired of listening to it.

last but not least, i wish now we had not gotten a balcony. it may be because smokers always get balconies and that is why they smell smokey. i guess i should have gone for a regular cabin. we were just trying to havae a little more luxury since we have not cruised before. they also said they are littler because of the balcony. i am going to be done becauses i amgetting myself into a complete tizzy over this whole thing.

Harry Martin April 12th, 2005 12:15 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Mom, I feel like pulling a Cher from "Moonstruck" -- Snap out of it!

In 15 cruises, I've been on Carnival 6 times, and I can say have never had any problems.

You will love the balcony -- we always book one on longer trips. It's so nice to have that private space outside. The balcony does not take away from the size of the cabin. I smoke, and I can tell you I have never had anyone else's smoke come over. Worst case with a balcony is sometimes you can hear the people next door talking, but this is usually during sailaway. It's rare that you will be out there exactlly every time when your neighbor will be.

I've always had great luck with the food on Carnival (except for the turkey dinner). Read Anne Campbell's newest reviews for Carnival, she notes how the food has improved *a lot*, and Anne knows her stuff.

Yep, those reviewers gotta a rude waiter. In 16 cruises, I have had one -- and he was more mediocre more than anything else.

The deli is my favorite place on board. One time, I saw that they ran out of a certain type of sandwich, but never any horrendous waits or anything.

Same goes with the pool-side grill. Yea, there are going to be longer lines at certain times, but you can just come back when there are less. I ran into a line one time in 6 cruises with Carnival.

I think you need to stop worrying, because you're gonna ruin the trip before you even leave. Expect to have a good time, and you will. Don't get hung up on this or that which is not perfect. Just roll with it.

More than anything, just relax.


Cruisingrandma April 12th, 2005 12:43 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Couldn't say it better myself Harry! You hit it all on the head! I have never had a bad cruise. I go knowing I am having the time of my life. and i sure do.... Happy cruising......

Anne Campbell April 12th, 2005 01:02 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
I have had very good experiences on Carnival as well and find that especially in the dining area, they are one of the best around. I recommend Carnival to my friends and family. Their balcony cabins are a true delight.

This comes from someone who has sailed Silverseas, Crystal, Radisson. Carnival gives a huge bang for the buck.

It's important to get feedback from numerous people.

Jocko the Cruiser April 12th, 2005 01:17 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
I don't think you can judge a cruise from what you read in somebody's review, especially since you've never cruised before ( no offense ). I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes tops in any buffett line, nor have I ever had a cabin that smelled even slightly of smoke (including balconies).

Diverbl April 12th, 2005 01:20 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Mom's griping BEFORE the cruise?

Wow, great way to leave for a vacation.

Here's my 2 cents - relax and have a good time. Will everything be perfect? No. Will you smell smoke sometimes? Yes. Will you have to wait on line? Yes.

Time to repeat - relax, and have a good time.

I read so many posts on these boards from people who sound like they expect perfection. It ain't gonna happen.

This morning, I saw 2 threads asking about "movement" on a certain deck or in the dining room. You are on a ship, for pete's sake. Yes, it will move. You don't want movement stay on land.

Now, to read Mom's going on and on about all these problems on a ship BEFORE she even went on her cruise, it's just too much. I understand people asking questions and wanting to know about different aspects of a cruise, but please, save the complaints for afterwards!

David W April 12th, 2005 02:02 PM

Re: Re: continue sick about victory
MOm ! Chill out ! Everything will be fine !
I just learned you have a balcony, how sweet ! Please send me your doc's ! I'll go now and again in September ! lol !

Happy sailing mom and smooth seas;

Darcy April 12th, 2005 02:21 PM

Re: continue sick about victory

I read some very bad reviews of the Inspiration before I sailed on her last year (along with some good ones). Once on board I didn't find any sign of the things others were complaining about (smoke smells, sewage smells, dirty, rude crew member, bad food, etc.). In fact, we had such a good time on her, we're booked on the Inspiration again in August of this year. I would guess that the same is most likely true on the Victory. Relax, go and have a great time.


cruisinfan April 12th, 2005 03:23 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
If you go on this cruise anticipating all of these "terrible" things then your cruise will be horrible. I still cannot believe that people actually let these reviews upset them in any way. Reviews are OPINIONS. We are going on the Glory this summer and believe me there are a lot of hostile people that came off the Glory in February, you should read some of those posts. I don't let it phase me a bit, I know when I'm on the Glory I'll have a wonderful vacation!

Jim Bragg April 12th, 2005 03:49 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Everyone here is giving you pretty good advice and this would go for any of the cruiselines or ships as well and not just Carnival. I have done 16 cruises on CCL and on many differant ships and we have yet to smell sewage un the cabins. We have also yet to smell smoke. A couple of staff members have been rude but out of the hundreds or probably thousands we have met that is a pretty low number. For the most part we have always had good to great service. I can think of one time on HAL the two servers were very poor at our table but great at the one we moved to. On the now defunk Ren cruiseline I had a waitress that literally tossed a dessert tray on the table and ask if we just want to grab what we like from there or can we wait long enough for her to manage to get what we order! (Yes I reported her) Also once on the Ecstacy we had a very poor waiter but the busboy was pretty good. This has been the same experiance on all ships, some are just better or worse than the others and I don't think it matters all that much what ship or line they are from. As Anne said, the food on CCL is good enough that I would put it up against any other mainstream cruiseline. As for lines, hey, yeah we have seen some lines that are pretty slow but it isn't the cruiselines fault, it is the passengers that fiddle faddle around and are rude. The larger ships have four or five or more places to eat, it is up to you to deciede which one you want to get in. Usually it isn't more than a 10-15 minute wait and that is in the specialty areas like the deli. Regular buffet lines are maybe 5 minutes max.

CherylR April 12th, 2005 05:11 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
I agree with everyone here...Godd Grief!- chill out! We have been on Carnival many times and have been on the Victory twice in the past 2 years, with a beautiful balcony cabin all the time. It is a joy having a balcony to further enhance your cruise experience being able to sit out there and just relish the ocean air and breeze, with a large window that looks out over the open ocean. Sometimes I stand out there against the railing and my family has to pull me away. We have never smelled smoke in our cabin. Also, everyone is always worried about motion, and the food. Like they is a ship...and it is moving...and it is out in the open ocean. If the seas are a little rough you will feel the rocking a little more. Even though we get a balcony up high about midship, we can still feel it but that is what lulls me to sleep in about 2 seconds! As for food on the Victory or any other Carnival ship, it is indeed excellent. Yes, they do have alot of people to feed and if I go to the buffet for lunch right when they open the line around 12pm, I wait a little until the line goes down. The deli line is usually long since it is popular and they make everything fresh right in front of is not just tubs of food hanging out like the buffet. But even when I have waited in the buffet line, it has never been more than about 5 minutes and they have always had both sides open, plus the dessert station, chinese, deli place, outside grill and pizza station. If one is crowded you have plenty other options to get something else in the meantime. Carnival gives you a great vacation for the money...just think of how much it would cost for a family of four to fly to St. Thomas, stay at a 4 star resort for 7 nights, pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks each day, plus car rental, and you would be breaking the bank and spending double compared to the cruise....all you have to worry about is having the time of your life every day, participating in anything or everything you want, eating 20 times a day if you want to, and seeing beautiful ports of call....couldn't get any better than that!

Mattp April 12th, 2005 05:33 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
I am glad that I didnt read any reviews before I went on my first cruise a year ago. I think it would have put me in a sour mood like Mom. But after i experianced it I had a great time! One of the best vacations in my life! Like many people say it is what you make out of it. With that being said I am looking forward to my third cruise in only about a year and a half time frame. Can you tell I am hooked. I wouldnt be spending the money I am if I didnt think it was worth it. Enjoy your trip and make the best of it.

PapaBill April 12th, 2005 05:40 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
I haven't even bothered to read the other posts here. You are in a tizzy over NOTHING.
In 14 cruises I have never waited in line anything like 45 minutes for a buffet on a lido deck. Cruise lines have this stuff down better than anyone. Some have as many as 4
identical buffet lines you can get on (in addition to "specialty areas like burgers, pizza, pasta , deli etc depending on the cruise line).
Just how much smoke do you think you will smell, out doors, at sea on a cruise ship moving at 20 knots? I spent hour upon hour lounging on the balconey on our last cruise
and wouldn't have known if the guy next door had a bon fire going, never mind puffing on a cigarette.
You are stressing over quite silly things (not to trivialize your concerns). Carnival and it's associated cruise lines carry about 7 million passengers a year. Repeat cruisng is something like 80% , maybe more. They get it right a whole lot more than they get it wrong.
Relax Unwind and go on vacation and enjoy yourself.
Oh yes, the chinese food being closed. Maybe it was under renovation. Are you truly going on vacation on a Caribbean cruise to have Chinese take out for lunch???
Do you realize that lunch alternatives included full sit down in the dining room, room service, 50 choices on the buffet (hot and cold), burgers and such, pizza and such, and probably deli as well. (not to mention unlimited softserve icecream). Who cares if the chinese food was open or closed?

jcrandle April 12th, 2005 06:26 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Mom, you are hyperventilating. Find a paper bag and SLOWLY breath in and out of it. If you don't feel better in two minutes, exchange the paper bag for a plastic bag, and put it over your head!

Jim Bragg April 12th, 2005 07:03 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Oh God Bill, that has got to be one of the best lines I have seen in a long time, either that or I have gone computer giddy after beeing here all day <G>

(Quote; . Are you truly going on vacation on a Caribbean cruise to have Chinese take out for lunch??? Unquote")


Ron April 12th, 2005 10:28 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Remember back when if you " read it in the newspaper , heard or saw it on t.v. " it had to be true ?? Now, apparently if you read it on the inter-net, it has to be true.

Reviews sometimes are just vents by people who, for whatever reason, didn't like their cruise. It's hard to please 3,000 people on a ship. If 98 % are happy, that leaves 2 % or 60 people who are not happy and 60 unhappy people can create a stir.

With regards to the chinese buffet not being open all the time, no it's not. It's not open at 7 am. for breakfast, nor in case someone staggers by at 2 am and decides they want egg-foo-yung, they are out of luck. There are 2 lines to the buffet and I have never in a couple dozen cruises seen anyone stand in line 45 minutes for food. If someone is really ignorant enough to wait 45 minutes in the buffet line, he deserves to have to stand there and then be given a cold weenie for his lunch.

If you want a premium seat by the main pool, you will have to roust out early and go. If you sleep in, as many do, and go shuffling off to the pool around 11-12 o'clock, then don't expect to get that prize seat.

One person making sandwiches for 2700 people at the deli ?? -----wonder if everyone aboard decided to eat ham and cheese for lunch all on the same day at the same time ? That would have been a prime time to go through the buffet, would it not ?

Mom, it's your cruise, not mine but I do honestly have to say, unless you change a lot in a short time, methinks you may be disappointed. Don't believe everything you read or hear about cruising. Most cruiselines give a good value for what you pay, keeping in mind a ship ( regardless of how big it's touted to be, ) has a lot of people confined in a fairly small space. Relax, don't let every little detail put you in a " tizzy ". Go with the flow.

Remember, there will be people looking for something to complain about so don't get bogged down with them. You can have a great cruise--- it's up to you and the people you are cruising with.
Good luck

Normaxs April 12th, 2005 11:24 PM

Re: continue sick about victory
Not sure why you're going on a cruise. Cancel, take what money you get and try to find something that will suit you better than a cruise. Just returned from my 20th cruise and have enjoyed everyone of them. Things weren't always perfect, but they were better than staying home. There are people to clean my room, cook my meals, clean up after the meals & entertain me. Sounds pretty good to me.
Cruise 21 in September & planning for 2006.

PapaBill April 13th, 2005 08:56 AM

Re: Re: continue sick about victory
No extra charge for the one liners Jim.
I feel badly for this sweet Mom. Her concerns are real as far as the picture she has in her head of what she is venturing into.
Dear sweet lady, relax and enjoy yourself. I absolutely promise that only 2300 passengers will get on line at the same time at the deli. They will only dump the raw sewage out on the pool deck once or twice during your cruise and the Philip Morris smokers convention has only half of the balconey rooms on your ship. The other half are rented by the Jack Daniels heavy drinker convention. I kid you. Cruising is a wonderful relaxing experience. Folks seriously enjoy catering to your whims and requirements. Relax Mom. Enjoy your vacation and be sure to come back here and tell us how you liked it.
Happy Cruising

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