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Firsty June 22nd, 2005 08:39 AM

Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
Im taking the Carnival Triumph in August from NYC to Canada. I've been on NCL before (NCL Dawn) and never on Carnival. I'm seeking any info, including (but not limited to)..

Are the Paris and London dining rooms identical menus? How are you assigned to each one? And what about table size?

How does this ship compare is nice-ness to my previous cruise? I know its 3 years older...

I booked an Inside Guarentee... do you ever get your room # in advance (such as on your docs) or is it always at the pier? If at the pier, how do you properly tag your luggage when you dont know your room #?

Anyone been to these ports (Halifax, St. John) and have suggestions of what to do? Book via Carnival or on my own?

Any favorite on board activities? Must dos or do nots on this specific ship?

Any info is appreciated..... About anything else too...

GeecheGirl June 22nd, 2005 09:34 AM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
We sailed on the Triumph out of Charleston, SC to the Bahamas last month. We had selected the early seating and were assigned the Paris dining room (upper level). We had a table for four. The menus in both dining rooms are the same. I think you are assigned a dining room by your seating selection. The food was great with ample sized portions. Our waiter, after the first evening remembered what we liked to drink (water for me, iced tea for DH) and we didn't have to ask for it. We ate most of our evening meals in the dining room and had breakfast there several times as well. For lunches, we ate on the Lido deck...burgers, pizza, buffet, etc.

We had an OV guarantee cabin and were delighted with it. It had ample room to move around in and had lots of storage space (two full closets, one closet with the safe and shelving, drawer space, etc.). The bathroom, while not large was more than adequate with a nice cupboard for storing toiletries. Our steward was great. Our room was clean and well stocked at all times.

DH really enjoyed the shows, while I preferred to relax reading. My favorite spot on the ship was the Oxford bar. It was cozy and comfortable....perfect for curling up with a good book and a nice drink. I really enjoyed the trivia games too.

I found it very easy to get lost on the ship. LOL DH got a map from the purser's desk and that helped a lot!

You will have a great time! Wish I was going with you. :-)

Faith June 22nd, 2005 10:46 AM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
Hi Geechegirl, were going on the Triumph in 5 days, first cruise. I'm really starting to get nervous. We booked a year ago and that was fine, now that it's closer. I'm hoping I don't overpack, we have a 5 night cruise, and would love to not do laundry, I do it 2-3 times a day now. Were taking our two teenage daughters, one leaves for College in August. We booked 2 adjoining ocean views, how are they, where's the connecting door? My husband just wants to chill out with a fruity drink and watch the ocean go by, I hope he won't be disappointed, we had to kinda convience him this was a great idea. Any tips about the Triumph? How are the trivia shows, I think they would be so much fun. thanks so much for any input, Faith

asongulove June 22nd, 2005 12:17 PM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
i'll be on the triumph 6/27 as well...hangin out in the piano bar...just come by and shout "MARK" really'll be there!

GeecheGirl June 22nd, 2005 01:09 PM

Re: Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
Faith, I was nervous and a bit apprehensive before our cruise too. Thanks to these boards, I went on our vacation with an easy mind.
I overpacked, mainly on the dressy clothes. I wish I had taken more shorts & capri pants. We had enough clothes so laundry wasn't a problem but we did iron a couple of things that had gotten very wrinkled in the suitcases.
Our cabin didn't have a connecting door, so I am not able to help you there. But I am sure another cruiser will come along to answer the question for you.
Check the capers (daily newsletter your steward will leave in your cabin each night), for activities you are interested in participating in. And be sure to pick up a ship's map from the purser's desk.
My best advice is to try to relax. You are going to have a great time!

photo June 22nd, 2005 04:31 PM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
We rode the triumph fom 5-11 june 2005 out of NORFOLK, Va, and had a blast, yes the both dinning rooms serve the same and if you dont like the serving time see the Matr"d, he may be able to get you a differen time. The reservations as i am told are by your room number. We booked through Carnival ans some time get better deals, so faw we booke 4out of 5 with carnival, we went tha travel agent one time and , forget the TA. Tbale sizes go fromm table for 2 to table for 8 in the main dining room, nice to meet new people,.we enjoyed the travel and the ship so BON VOYAGE .
WE only travel on carnival and they have bigger size rooms

Firsty June 23rd, 2005 10:46 AM

Re: Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
How often do you get an inside guarentee assignment made at the pier vs. when you get your documents?

DENISE H June 23rd, 2005 12:23 PM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info

i have sail on the triumph twice both times were in enjoyable the room was always
neat and clean both wait staff awesome the staff was frindly and helpfull the shows were great i think you well enjoy the triumph me i'm off to glory for our next cruise

PHOTO June 24th, 2005 04:37 PM

Re: Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
We cruiseed onGLORY the inagural year, 2yrs ago and it was great. ENJOY

Jim Bragg June 24th, 2005 06:26 PM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
The dining rooms serve the same meals. Thedy are just divided up by times of serving. Tables range in size from four to 12 people but most are meant for six with very few of the very large tables. A large table lets you meet more people and have some dinner companions that you will probably get along with very well.
The porters where you drop off your bags will have your cabin # and the proper tags if yours are not on your documents. Make sure you tip them for helping you.
I am not familiar with the ports but it just depends on what you wish to do. If the tour is long you may wish to join the ships tours in order to make sure you get back in time. If you are just going around town usually on your own is much better. Just watch the time and be back EARLY.
Do take in all the shows you can including the late night ones. There is lots of dancing you can do or lounges you can hang our in. Many enjoy the Paino bar. Deck activities are fun to either watch or join in. You are able to do what you want to do with no pressure.

clem June 25th, 2005 09:57 AM

Re: Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info

I have sailed on the exact cruise you are going on, 3 years ago. My experience with St.'s an old town! Not much to see or do...I'd spend my time on the ship next time. Halifax is beautiful...we took a Harbor Hopper tour. This excursion was fully booked on the cruise, so we thought we couldn't do it. But as we got off the ship, there is a tourism booth. We stopped there and asked about it, the lady called over to the tour company, and got us on a tour very easily. This tour is on a vehicle that goes both on land and in water, so you can see the sights of the city, as well as the harbor.
The Triumph is a nice ship, and we had no complaints. The service, food, and shows were all wonderful. The seas may get a little rough in the Atlantic like they did for us...but it only lasted a few hours. Sea Bands are the key to survivng that!
Sailing out of NYC is an awesome sight. But sailing back in early in the morning is something you should never miss. The skyline at dawn is definitely worth getting up early to see!
Id' be glad to answer any more of your questions!!!

Lottie Dah June 25th, 2005 11:19 AM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
Done this trip many times and on Victory too. Buffet is always great too for a meal. Pizza open 24 hours is good too. Love the veggie pizza

You will havve a few rug rats this time of year.

There is PLENTY to do in St John and Halifax. You can go on your own or tours from the ship. Lots to do and see within walking distance from the ship.

Great night ife too! Have a great time

jvattes June 26th, 2005 01:27 PM

Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
I was on Triumph in late April with my entire family (14 of us!) and we had a GREAT time and I know you will too!

The meals were good, though I was a *little* disappointed with the desserts. They just weren't as "rich" as I remembered them being on my first two cruises. HOWEVER, on one of the last nights we discovered a secret I wish I had discovered sooner (and my waistline is glad I DIDNT discover sooner LOL!). For an OUT OF THIS WORLD dessert, go to the cafe/coffee bar on the Promenade deck and enjoy the chocolate cake. O M G it was the best chocolate cake I think I've ever had! The specialty beverages were great there too. So that's one little tidbit for ya ;)

The gym on board was great. Skip the exercise classes if you are a regular at your gym at home... they leave a lot to be desired. But all of the equipment was great.

My FAVORITE thing that I did almost every day on the ship was getting up and seeing the sun rise and/or watching the ship pull into port. This was all courtesy of my then 12 month old daughter. But I tell ya, there is only one thing more awe inspiring than seeing the sun come up over the sea (and that is watching your child be born). I got some EXCELLENT pictures and video footage of the sunrise.

We skipped most of the shows in the evening. The one time we did duck into one, we weren't so impressed. Instead, after dinner, we'd go for a walk on deck with our daughter, then drop her off to my mom's cabin and go out for a drink and conversation. The piano bar is great, and the karaoke is hilarious!

I did great in the casino, so I'm a big promoter there. But you have to win, and get out or they'll take it all back from you (as DH will tell you!).

Stay on the ship in some of the ports if you can. That is one secret that is so precious. Most guests get off the ship in port and if you stay on, you get the best seats on deck, no lines for meals, etc. It feels like having the ship all to yourself. We did this in one port for the first time in all of my cruises and I'd do it lots more in the future.

A secret to good lunches... go to the sit down lunch served in the dining room. No lines, no waiting. It was a bad week when we went (April vacation for most schools in the states) and the ship was PACKED. After waiting in line for a burger (which wasn't that great!) for 10 minutes, then waiting in another line for some pizza for my husband, and then a third line to get something from the buffet for my daughter...we decided to try the sit down lunch, and we never looked back. Of course, that's only on sea days. But definitely do it. It's worth your sanity and relaxation, and the food was much better there too.

That's all I can think of for now. As another poster posted re: her first cruise (I know this isn't your first), try to slow down and relax some. Don't try to do everything. Enjoy the ship, enjoy the people, and come home feeling refreshed (if not completely depressed your cruise is over and your pool boy is gone, and nobody is going to turn down your bed anymore -- at least til the next cruise!)

Oh -- almost forgot -- here's a web diary of our trip -- with pics and all!

Have fun!

Carnival Inspiration 2/97, 12/99
Carnival Triumph 4/05

Faith June 26th, 2005 05:23 PM

Re: Re: Seeking Any Carnival Triumph Info
Thank-you all for the great Triumph info, we leave in the morning, bags are overpacked I'm sure, but it's our first, we'll learn, thanks again! Faith

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