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jeffnjulie April 22nd, 2006 01:21 AM

Wanted: Info on Valor E. Caribbean in DEC 06
Our trip is booked for Dec on Valor. We are a family of six (kids ages 21, 13, 9, 6 at the time of sailing. We enjoy all types of activities and are very excited about our cruise. We will be joining up with a total of 25 of our close family in celebration of my in-laws 50th anniversery. We have been looking on the Carnival website for info and all we seem to find is general info, no specifics. This will be the 2nd cruise for my hubby & I (1st for the kids) and we really hope to utilize more on ship activites this trip. Hopefully, some of you have info to help!!!

1. Soda cards- Are these worth the price? What type of beverages are offered in the dining areas at no cost? Is their similar discounts for wine/mixed drinks etc?

2. Is the additional cost dining experience worth it?? What is the experience like??

3. Which onboard activites are available?

4. Shore excursions/experiences:
-We are traveling with all ages (large group of 25 people ages under 2 to 70) We would like a beach day for our family to gather on one day....Suggestions?
- We want to be sure and get some snorkling in... Where is the best spot and prices for renting equipment from carnival vs bring stuff from home.

5. I thought that I saw somewhere that Valor has WI FI, is this a no cost service if you bring your own laptop??

6. I saw info talking about bingo what is the age for participation??

7. Is it fesible to plan to utilize the on board laundry facilites, or should we just plan to pack enough so that we don't have to worry about washing?

WOW... That was a lot longer than I thought it would be!!
Julie & Jeff

Wanda April 23rd, 2006 08:52 PM


I was on the Valor in February. The soda cards are well worth it if you drink 4 or more a day. The free drinks would be, water, ice tea, fruit punch, lemonade,apple juice and milk, in the dining room it's just water but the bar staff will come around to get a soda etc. The kids fountain card is a little less expensive than the adult one I believe, I think the adult was around 40.00-45.00.
The additional cost dining is a nice atmosphere, slower pace and slighlty bigger portions, but that's it. I would stick with the dining room next time.
A couple that was with us used the internet inside and paid as hey went, next time they'd buy a package as it's much cheaper if you're there every other day and I did see WI FI as well.
For excursions, the best beach is in St Martin on the French side; Orient beach. This is a partial nude beach but they stay on there end, mostly 55+. Get a cab there when you get off the ship, you can rent chairs when you get there and there's all kinds of water sports.
On the second last day I believe they have a special on laundry, wash, dry and fold, so you atleast you won't have to take all dirty clothes home, what ever you can fit in the bag for around 15.00 a stateroom. They also have laundry for 2.00 a load i believe.

Hope this helps a little.

NIP April 24th, 2006 12:13 AM

Oh! I HOPE I don't have to spend any part of my cruise doing laundry! Easy to say when you aren't taking kids with you! LOL

jeffnjulie April 24th, 2006 07:48 PM

Thanks for the info!!! :D

dsmomin98 April 26th, 2006 10:16 AM

Hi- SO and I just got back last week and the Valor was awesome! Didn't travel with kids, but I can answer some of your questions:

We ate at Scarlett's (supper club) and had mixed feelings. Some of the dishes were great- best filet mingon I've ever had- some we didn't like. Many of the dishes are prepared with various alcoholic beverages and we found it interfered with the flavor of the other ingredients. For example, the lobster bisque tasted like a bowl of congac. It's an acquired taste, and possibly just not for us. The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing. All in all, my SO and I were glad we experienced it, but will not do it again on next year's cruise.

WI FI is available shipwde, but I believe the cost is the same as going to the internet cafe (located at the back of Winston's Cigar Bar). There are plans you can buy or use a per minute fee (on the plans, the rates are lower, but you lose what you don't use). One of the days at sea (toward the end of the cruise), they offer a discount on minutes if you purchase a plan. Check your Capers for that.

Laundry- We packed light and did laundry. The first time we sent it out. It was VERY expensive - $56.00 for two small bags. We must have figured it wrong on the slips they gave us becuase we thought we would be paying about $20. I would advise you to find out in advance how much it will cost. There is also a two-day turnaround time unless you request same-day, which is even more expensive. The self- service laundry facilities are fine and we will choose that next time. There is a special toward the end of the cruise ($15/bag). The bags are quite small.

Hope this helps! Happy sailing!

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