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Kymmyk13 March 5th, 2007 01:13 PM

We are traaveling to the Bahamas in July and I would love to see Atlantis.

Does anyone have a suggestion to take the excursion or to take a taxi? the excuriosnis expensive.

Does anyone know howmuch the tour cost at Atlantis and does it include the aquarium? also what it cost for the taxi?


Floridanamaw March 5th, 2007 01:49 PM

When we went we took the ship sponsored excursion, it was 39.00 each person. It included transportation to and from Atlantis, it included the tour of the Aquarium. Once you have taken the "official tour" then you are free to wonder back through the digs or whatever you want to do. You are on your own as far as getting back to water taxi (short walk from digs), but it is free with the arm band from the tour. Taxi's are about 6.00 per person, each way. The price for the Aquarium is 29.00 each. So it seemed to work out better with the ship excursion. This was last November, so prices may change. You will enjoy the Aquarium, it is very nice and the grounds at Atlantis are beautiful. Our next trip we will go to the Zoo there, and maybe the city tour. Have a great time. I have pix in photo gallery of Atlantis........

melissaj426 March 5th, 2007 02:04 PM

hey i was just at the atlantis and we took the historic harbor tour which told us about the history of the town and then took us to atlantis i never saw price for just the aqarium at the atlantis but it was 98.00 for both of us with the ship it was amazing i would recoomend it and dont miss the beach it is gorgeous the water taxi that we took was only 3.00 per person per way and they did the history tour on the way back as well.

michellet1959 March 5th, 2007 02:17 PM

question: when did you book your Atlantis Excursion? On the ship or months before? I am sailing with my teenage son on July 29 and wanted to wait till sometime in June.

cathy31 March 5th, 2007 02:22 PM

My husband and daughter and I took the Atlantis tour in February and it was $49.00 per person. This included the water taxi and the admission fee. It was worth it to us (especially since I won $100.00 in the casino to put towards it). We booked on board. My daughter works at SeaWorld so she really enjoyed the aquarium. She took hundreds of pictures there, some of which she will use in a presentation at work.

melissaj426 March 5th, 2007 02:47 PM

i didnt book the excursion untill we were on the ship you can book right up untill the excursion leaves and i would reccomend this because you never know what the weather will be like and there are pleanty of times that it leaves so pleanty of spaces. there are only certian times that the shore excursion desk is open however you can always book at the information desk when we were on the boat it said that the excursion is 2.5 hours but you could stay all day we decided to take the earliest one so we could stay as long as we wanted

p.s. i didnt have any luck in the casino :( maybe it was the bahama mama i drank lol

Floridanamaw March 5th, 2007 03:07 PM

We booked the day the had the excursion talk, first sea day. Didn't have any trouble getting a reservation. Maybe it was 49.00 per person, but still well worth the money. You don't have to worry about transportation, it is all encluded in price.

Gail F March 5th, 2007 05:34 PM

We just came back from, Atlantis, this past week, we took a taxi, he wanted 30.00 we told him no, we would do it on our own, so he said how about 23.00 each, so he took us on a tour to the Atlantis inside the casino, around the grounds, into the aquarium, then around the Island, over to Nicole 's
house , showed us the hospital the baby was born in, he was great. we got out took photos of her little flowers and Teddy bears, he stoped to show us opra's house , ( in a distance) then dopped us off at the beach, which was a ten min walk back . It was about two hours. well worth it.

michellandtim March 5th, 2007 05:38 PM

We went in October and found a great deal. There is a hotel next to Atlantis (literally a 5 min walk if that). You book a room for the night. We paid$ 195. This gives you a room that includes 4 arm bands to Atlantis. This entitles you to everything at Atlantis. You can also have signing priveleges (sp?) at Atlantis for drinks, etc. We did the dig and water slides all day. It was also nice to go back to the hotel and shower. We had four in an interior cabin on Sovereign.

One for your room with credit card and leave it open. You cannot buy any food, drinks, etc at Atlantis. You can only sign for them. Then you just settle up back at the hotel.

As far as a taxi. We just got one when we got into port. If I remember right it was $4 pp. We took Myself, husband, 11 and 8 yo daughters, brother, sister in law, 17 yo niece, and 5 yo nephew. All had a ball.

Oh, the name of the hotel is Comfort Suites - I think there are two so just make sure it is the one that tells you about the Atlantis priveleges.

Let me know if you have any questions! Michell

carrieerman March 6th, 2007 12:31 PM


This sounds like exactly what I have been looking for! I am having some problems getting any answers from Comfort Suites, do you know if 4 arm bands is the limit? We need five, 2 adults and 3 kids.

This sounds so great, thanks!

subtropic March 6th, 2007 04:28 PM

Interesting that Nicole's house is now on the itinerary of every taxi tour of the Bahamas.

kingoftheicedragons March 11th, 2007 08:55 AM

Okay, I'm a little confused on where Atlantis is...I thought someone said you could walk there from the ship but someone also said something about a water taxi? Do you walk to where you would get the water taxi at?

Also, I'm trying to plan (probably way too much) my excursions for next January, and we want to do a semi submersible which we will probably need to do on our own since the ship doesn't seem to offer this excursion (I'm looking at Sea World Tours -- has anyone used them?). I think the semi sub is at 11:30 daily, and it would be interesting to do Atlantis, too, and maybe the Pirate museum. Would I be able to do Atlantis and my own private 11:30 tour? Does the ship offer multiple times for Atlantis if I wanted to do that through the ship?

Would this be too much to do? I realize the ship I'm on is in port overnight, but like tourist-y things in most places, things seem to close up early.

Floridanamaw March 11th, 2007 10:35 AM

You have to either drive or take a water taxi to Atlantis. It is not in walking distance. As for as you other questions I can't help. We were only in port during the day and the only thing we did was take the ship exursion to Atlantis. You will enjoy Atlantis. It is very nice.

Suzie A March 11th, 2007 04:08 PM

I just returned from my cruise a couple days ago.
We did not have a booked excursion to Atlantis. We took a water taxi to get to Paradise Island ($6 roundtrip) and with a short few minute walk, we were at Atlantis. If you don't pay for the full tour, you can still have access to some wonderful aquariums, as well as some of the shops and casinos. I was pretty satisfied from what I was able to see without having to pay for the full tour.

kimbo March 11th, 2007 04:52 PM

I agree with suzie. If you've been to one a aquarium, you've been to all of them. You can get into the atlantis hotel without having to pay anything. There is a huge window where you can see lots of fish for free. We did do the tour, and it was nothing special really. Very long. We were so ready to go by the end of the tour we skipped our free ride back to the boat and instead paid a taxi. over priced and not worth it. just my opinion. get a taxi and go on your own.

Floridanamaw March 11th, 2007 05:21 PM

I know that we really enjoyed the "official tour", and after that we spent another hour or more going back through on our own just taking our time. And yes, we have been to many aquariums around the states, and always enjoy going to another one. Each one is just a little different. But, then again, we are not partiers, so this type of tour is more our style than going to the beach, or finding someplace to drink booze. Whatever you do you will have fun.

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