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blueliner June 10th, 2007 01:34 PM

48 Hours Mystery Report
Did anyone else catch the "48 Hours Mystery" report last night on CBS? It was a story entitled "Dark Voyage", and was about a young 20-something girl that went on a 3-day Carnival cruise out of LA to Baja, and died onboard from a Methadone OD. Basically, this girl went on the cruise with her boyfriend and some others, her boyfriend was a recovering drug addict and was able to sneak some Methadone onboard disguized in a cold medicine bottle, and during the cruise, he discovered her dead in their cabin on the second day. When the ship pulled into Ensenada, Mexico, Carnival allowed the Mexican authorities to remove her body and process the scene. The ship was released and returned to LA and the FBI opened an investigation into the death. 2 Autopsies showed her cause of death as Methadone toxicity. And yet the greiving mother is blaming Carnival for her daughters death.

There are a lot of other details, but here is what I don't understand. How is it Carnival's fault when they had nothing to do with the drug, it's being onboard, or her ingestion of it? The Carnival medical team arrived quickly and tried to save her, but from the medical reports, it appears she had been down and not breathing for some time before she was discovered.

I don't know what else there is to the story other than what was in the report last night. It looks like Carnival, the Mexican authorities and the FBI did everything right. The mystery is how this girl took the drug. Did she accidentaly take it thinking it was cold medicine? Did her drink get spiked with it? Did she perhaps take it intentually? There is no real way to know except from the boyfriend, who appeared on the show and answered all their questions. He claims he doesn't know how she got the drug, but admits he was wrong sneaking it onboard.

The show also put this greiving mother together with the mother of George Smith (went missing from an RCCL ship in ther Med in 2005, and we all know that story by now!), and showed them complaining about the cruise industry. What really did get me mad was the reporter who asked this greiving mother to "warn" the mothers of other adult girls in their 20s about the dangers of going on a cruise and they shouldn't "let" their children go on a cruise. I don't get it, how was this Carnival's fault? Of course the greiving mother is sueing Carnival for millions.

I know this poor woman is greiving terribly for her daughter and I can't fathom the loss she has had to endure, but from what I saw on the report last night, I just don't see how Carnival is liable at all for this. they cooperated fully with Mexico and the FBI, followed all the proper proceedures and answered as many questions as they could for the family. They even turned over all security, ship and medical reports from the ship to the family, it looks like Carnival wasn't hidding anything and was doing the right things. How is Carnival Liable here?

jackiesbooks June 10th, 2007 02:35 PM

Her warning should have been - do not let your daughter go anywhere with their drug addicted boyfriend.

misguidedangel June 10th, 2007 03:02 PM

I must say, there is always more to the story than we are told. The cruise line can't be held accountable for the death because how can they check and verify each and every item we bring on board. Can you imagine a total screening of EVERYTHING you have packed--perscription drugs, over the counter, creams, lotions, liquids, hygeine items. Drugs can be smuggled in many ways and a full comprehensive earch is the only way.

I get tired of the grieving parent blaming the tour operator or cruise line, no, blame the boyfriend for bringing the methadone. I can say that in the past year and some where there have been three homocides in Mexico that the Mexican government is trying to cover up or lay blame elsewhere--in the case of the husband/wife execution style murder they tried to blame two Canadian women who stayed a few doors down from the couple (and admitted they didn't have any conversation/association with the couple). They were cleared, but the Mexican authorities cleaned the scene up so well that not much evidence could be found. Now the most recent case is baffling and the Mexicans (they even say they have witnesses) are standing firm that he fell off of a second floor balcony--their hotel room was on the main floor and not anywhere close to where he was found. The man was so badly injured he was flown home and taken off life support. The coroner here said he did fall, but that the other injuries were not related to the fall. This family probably will steer people away from Mexico, but with the authorities saying it was accidental and are doing nothing about it. His wife and young sons will just have to wonder what happened.

Moral is--don't blame the cruise line/tour operator/hotel all they did is supply you with a place to enjoy your holiday, but blame, if possible, the one who caused the unfortunate death.

IBCRUZIN' June 10th, 2007 07:50 PM

The girl took the drug by accident, sort of. I can't remember for sure but either she didn't know that the cold med was really methadone and took it so that it would put her to sleep or she knew it was methadone, and wanted to scare her bf because she was angry with him for not staying in the cabin with her. Typical bratty behavior.

The parents are saying that the Dr. on the Carnival ship did not bring 'anti-O.D." medication when he responded to the cabin nor were there any anti-OD drugs on the ship. The parents are claiming that had the Dr. should have known to bring anti-OD meds with him to the cabin. There is some sort of drug that ER's give to drug overdose victims. Carnival does not stock this particular medication because -- there should be no illegal drugs onboard.

There are three issues here. One, the bf snuck the drugs onboard. There is a place on the reservation to note any medical issues. Theoretically, the bf was suppose to tell Carnival that he was bringing methodone and give Carnival a chance to agree to let it onboard or to nix his reservation. The bf did not. The bf's fault.

The second is that based on Carnival's contract, they carry a "limited supply" of emergency drugs and are held hold harmless from any claims based on what Carnival "does not" normally keep in their infirmary. Basically, Carnival will treat you but are held harmless from any damages arising from their medical services. Victim's fault.

Third, the girl was dead by the time the boyfriend discovered her and he did not call the ship's Dr. immediately. First he panicked and tried to figure out a way to clean the mess up. BF's fault

I have seen a news show about this case before. The girl was no angel either. Granted she did not do illegal drugs herself but she had her own issues and was not the nun that her parents painted her out to be.

The parents so want to blame someone, anyone with deep pockets. Truth be told, it is the BF's fault as well as the victim. Even if it was actually cold med in the bottle, she purposely took an OD of that so as to use it as a sleeping aid. However, the BF has no money so the parents sue Carnival. Frivilous and totally without merit IMHO.

Another case of Death by Self-Misadventure.

Carnival probably will not settle this case b/c they followed the rules by the book and so many people (young and old) misbehave on their ships to their own detriment.

lhp June 14th, 2007 11:10 AM

The parents already have a lawsuit against Carnival. That tells me all I need to know about them. Wish I was on that jury...I would hit them for Carnival's legal fees!

AllyGirl13 June 14th, 2007 03:31 PM

It is unfortunate that people just can't take responsibility for their actions. It is so much easier to pass blame. Why not blame the PARENTS of both ADULTS. These were not teens let loose on spring break and their actions had consequences. Bad ones albiet. But everyone knew about the BF and the GF was not above being with him. She may have known what it was & where it was and just didn't think anything would happen other than sleep. Who knows?! That to me does not equal sueing anyone. Just my opinion

Jokadah June 15th, 2007 12:49 AM

I'm sure they are suing Carnival in hopes of reaching into their deep pockets. This will cause a lot of bad publicity for Carnival and I hope they do not settle as sometimes larger corporations do just to avoid to publicity. Unfortunately, we live a very sue crazy society. Instead of people taking responsiblity for their own actions, they sue. (What about that Judge that is suing the cleaners for millions of dollars for losing his pants? He should be florced to pay all of the court costs and legal fees incurred by the cleaners as it is clearly a frivolous claim.) The person that should be held accountable is the boyfriend, both legally and criminally. OK, I'm off my soap box

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