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bguppies September 16th, 2007 03:32 AM

September 8th Glory Western Cruise.
Just back from our September 8th, Western Sailing on the Glory.

Fist the ship.....
Have done the Sensation twice before this cruise.
The ship itself is in fantastic shape. (they were repainting and working on some walkways, replacing plexiglass on deck showers all week.)

We definitely prefer the layout of the smaller Fantasy Class ships.
Having only deck 5 pass from end to end of the ship was confusing to many people, who still hadn't figured out how to navigate the Glory by our 7th day.

Many of my concerns about overcrowding due to the much larger passenger load versus the Fantasy class ships never materialized. (ridiculous lines at buffet, debarking at ports, etc.)

We actually enjoyed the changed itinerary due to Costa Maya being destroyed by Hurricane Dean.

Only downside we saw about the Glory was the activities.
Wee Jimmy is the cruise director and generally gets rave reviews.
But in 7 days, we never saw him on the Lido Deck, anywhere on the Promenade or anywhere else on the ship.

Just at the usual CD duties, introducing the shows, hosting the various talks (debarkation, etc.) and hosting the Newlywed game. (which he inexplicably ran late on and rushed through this week)

Other than those handful of times, we only ever saw the guy on the TV in our cabin and he could have just as easily done that from Port Canaveral.

He was extremely funny and very personable, but what good is that if you never see the guy?

Also the shipboard activities, which I assume he is in charge of planning, were sorely lacking.
I plan on looking back at the full set of Capers I have from our two 4 day Sensation cruises and comparing them to this 7 day cruise.
But there were very few games and activites each day and absolutely nothing for those that chose to stay on the ship while in Port, to do.

I don't know if he just had an off week or something. But I was left scratching my head why the guy gets all the rave reviews he gets on various message boards.

Embarkation was a breeze as always in Port Canaveral.
We took a cab from the Radisson at 10:30AM, since the shuttle didn't start until 11:30AM, since they stated the port isn't opened for new cruisers until then.
We took a cab and were definitely able to check in at 10:45AM when our cab arrived.

We waited after check in for 15-20 minutes before they moved to the corridor behind the check in desks, right next to the ship.
We waited there another 15 minutes for the last few disabled people to disembark from the previous cruise and then for 15-20 VIP passengers from our cruise to embark.

We were on the ship by 11:30 rather than boarding our shuttle back at the radisson at that time.

The Cabins were still blocked off by fire doors at 11:30, but were opened slightly before the 1:30PM time pasted on the doors.

Got to our cabin at around 1:15.
Dropped off our 2 carry ons, hit the bathroom and cooled off for a minute and got ready to head out again.
2 of our bags were already waiting in the hall.
We took them in and unpacked them. (figured we would get a head start)
By the time we were ready to leave our other 3 bags were just arriving at our door.
So we were completely unpacked by 2:15 or 2:30.

It definitely paid to be early, luggagewise. :D

Debarkation with the new number system was also a breeze.

They started with numbers 1-5 which was for people with early flights.
They were all off the ship by 8 AM.
Then they called the bottom 4 decks of self debarkation people, one deck at a time.
This took another 30 minutes or so.
Then they called numbers 6,7 and 8, which went very quickly.
Then they called the remaining decks of self disembarkers one at a time.
All of the people with their own luggage were off the ship by 9AM.
Then they began calling the remaining numbers from 9 on.
We had number 12 tags, so we were called by 9:15.
Took us less than 5 minutes from arriving on deck 3 to walking off the ship.
Took us another 5-7 minutes to wait in line at customs.
Then another 5-7 minutes or so, to wait by the baggage carasel for all 5 of our bags to come by.
Another 5 minutes to get out and load into a cab for the ride back to the Radisson.

We were pulling out of the Radisson parking lot by 9:30AM and heading home.

Port Canaveral is definitely great for embarkation and debarkation.

I will try to post a fuller review of the ports and excursions as I have time this week.


ClevelandRocks September 16th, 2007 09:13 AM

We actually enjoyed the changed itinerary due to Costa Maya being destroyed by Hurricane Dean.

Welcome back, glad you enjoyed/made the best of itinerary change. Not much Carnival or anyone else can do, so might as well enjoy where the ship takes yah.

rsumrow79 September 16th, 2007 11:46 AM

We are doing the same cruise in a few months. What ports were added for Costa Maya?? I've heard proggresso and Key West for some of the cruises, but I havent heard anything about the 7 day Western. Thanks.

Randy and Heather

Fraumort September 16th, 2007 12:58 PM


Thank you so much for your GLORY review. We are not sailing until June 08 but it is sooooo enjoyable to read reviews! It kinda makes the date feel closer! :D

Ro September 17th, 2007 12:21 AM

I loved your review Thank You. We are sailing on The Glory in April 2008. I didn't agree with the taking the taxi when the Radisson does take you early to the port. We came back May 2007 from the Sensation. We stayed the night at the Radisson had a poolside room for 109.00 and had asked if we could do a 10:00 am shuttle to the Port to board the ship early. We were not the only ones either going they were taking the Disney cruisers also at that time. When we go on in this April I am asking again for the early shuttle as I love all the early time we do on the ship. I had a question for you though do the suites on the Glory leave in what order? I booked a Cat 11 and am very claustrophic so standing stuck in the hallway is to much for me without having a panic attack. The Sensation was the best to leave the Inspiration down right sucked and I had major panic attacks stuck in a crowded hot hallway with tons of people waiting to get off that ship.

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