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Kuki November 15th, 2007 01:44 AM

Kuki's CruiseMates Daily Virtual Cruise Report- Nov.16to24
Come along (virtually) on the CruiseMates Freedom for Turkeys Group Cruise. We'll be starting the fun Friday night with a get together at Bayside Market Place in Miami, and continuing on for 7 sure to be GREAT nights on the Freedom.

As long as internet connections work, each night we'll be sending back a report on the day, the ship, and the fun... along with pictures.

If you have any questions or comments along the way please free to post them here, and I'll do my best to respond.


Brian J November 15th, 2007 06:06 PM

Great Kuki can't wait!!

mehawk November 16th, 2007 11:35 AM

C U tomorrow!!

lhp November 16th, 2007 04:44 PM

OK, I am officially jealous!!!!

I hope you all have smooth seas, warm days and cool drinks!!!

beenie weenie November 16th, 2007 07:16 PM

I hope all of you have a great time. Kuki don't forget we have a hot date when you get back. Looking forward to wonderful reports! I also want to hear all about the supper club.

katlady November 16th, 2007 10:15 PM

Details I want Details!!!! Do the rooms have hairdryers? I need to know what to bring for 3CCCs. How much is it to do the laundry? I'm sooooo jealous I can't wait to get on that ship. :D

Kuki November 16th, 2007 10:25 PM

Day 1 Pre-cruise

For years I’ve had a very strong belief within myself that people weren’t meant to voluntarily climb in huge metal tubes, and be thrust skyward in hopes that it’s going to end up in at least the general direction of a predetermined destination.
Truly aeronautical engineers should be the only people who fly. I’m one of the legions of people who board an airplane with no concept whatsoever of how they get these things off the ground, and once there, how they get them going in the right direction. I board an airplane with my blind faith ALONE – along with one and a half carry-ons (one the size of France that I know I can squeeze in to the overbid given enough time). Though I go through this exercise in faith quite often I do have reflective moments each and every time I do so.
Once airborne I admit to being oddly thrilled that once again a phenomenon of physics (that I’ll never comprehend) is in control of my life. I’ve now flown hundreds of time and my faith in the system of flight has grown so strong I’ve come to believe that in most cases I’ll get where I’m going. And my cynicism has diminished almost to the point that I believe my luggage might arrive at my destination with me.
The fact that it takes me longer to get to Florida than it does to get to Europe still has me stumped, but I just have to assume that it’s a space time continuum thingy.
At any rate, other than taking 3 lifetimes, our flight to Miami was uneventful, and our bags rolled off the conveyor belt faster than ever before. A quick transition to get our rental car, and we were checking into the Holiday Inn, across from Bayside Market Place shortly after 1 AM. We’ve never stayed at this hotel before because I’ve always been very lucky using Priceline in Miami, and getting superb rates at excellent hotels in the area. This trip, no such luck. While this hotel is in an excellent location, and adequate, at the $165 rate we found online, there’s no comparison to the magic of Priceline getting the 4 Star InterContinental- just down the street- for $100 (did get that for our post cruise stay).
A cruise friend in Boynton Beach invited us as well as other cruise friends for a terrific lunch today, so we spent the day driving the 50 miles up I 95 and back… but most certainly worth it to see good friends who we only get to see on Florida visits or on cruises!

After about an hour to relax, we walked across to Bayside Market Place, to meet some of the Freedom For Turkeys group at the Hard Rock Café. About 30 of the 40 we were expecting showed up. It’s always a bit difficult to plan pre-cruise get-togethers as some people arrive more tired than they anticipate, or their metal tubes bring them later than scheduled. In any event, it was fun to see some old friends again, and to meet new ones. We’ve been doing these groups for some time now, and it never fails… cruisemates are great people… even the ones who showed up wearing turkeys on their heads! LOL
I took quite a number of pictures, which I was going to load with today’s story… but “the best laid plans?…. For some reason my computer is not recognizing my flash drive.. so I can’t load them. This will be addressed for future reports. I do have another camera, along with proper connection chords if all else fails. Heck… I flew across the continent with my luggage. Not everything can go glitchless.
Tomorrow we board the Freedom, and sail to the Caribbean. Excellent!

Kuki November 16th, 2007 11:08 PM


Kuki don't forget we have a hot date when you get back.
Looking forward to it. Finally get to meet THE Beenie.

Kuki November 16th, 2007 11:12 PM

Caught the news tonight ... and found there's a big NASCAR race this weekend in Homestead, Fl.

Guess that explains why hotel rooms were at such a premium, and why Priceline didn't work for me as it usually does. Also heard there were no rental cars available in Miami because of this too.

Suppose that shows you never know what events can bo on that might affect ones post or pre-cruise plans. So, it's a good idea to plan these things (at least hotel stays and rental cars, etc.) well in advance.

Kuki November 17th, 2007 08:24 AM

Day 2 - ALL hands on deck
Day 2- The Beginning
If any of you have read my story about the naming of decks, then it’ll make good sense to you why Day 2 is titled the Beginning. (If not, go back to the Home Page and read it- or I’m likely to lose you again in the coming week.)
There are hundreds of cruisers, from various lines, staying in the same hotel as us. This morning I wondered why we didn’t get a better rate, since we all obviously shared what in essence is one large room. I heard grandma heading for her morning constitutional, with the “young-uns? begging to be allowed to go first; before a gas mask was required. I heard my other roommates, from the floor above, arguing/discussing which bag the contraband liquor should be packed in. And at 7:15 A.M. the voices of eager young cruisers below letting the roommates throughout the building know it was time to go to the ship; just four hours or so early.
I’m really only about 2 hrs. off of my plan, which was to awake at 9 ish, do what I do in the morning (it’s nice while I’m still regular), while Mrs. Kuki fits our water and soda purchases into the already over-packed luggage. Therefore I have the time to pop in to wish you all a good morning, and say hi from all our roommates at the Holiday Inn, Bayside.

Luanne Russo November 17th, 2007 10:37 AM

Kuki does the Holiday Inn have a smoking floor? What floor are you on, and how is the view?

Phyllbo November 17th, 2007 12:17 PM

I'm enjoying this, and marveling at how someone's mind can put their adventures into such fascinating words as only a gifted writer can do. It's a gift, and I'm glad to be on the receiving end of this where I can get to have fun as I share in your journey.


lhp November 17th, 2007 05:29 PM

We look forward to more!!

Yes, we are watching the Busch Nascar race as I type. (which is hard to do)

Nextel is tomorrow!!

Go Number 8!!!

katlady November 17th, 2007 07:58 PM

So neat that you are staying in the Holiday Inn at Bayside market. Because that is the hotel I booked for 3CCCs. I can't wait to hear all the details.

Kuki November 18th, 2007 01:10 AM

Day 1 on the ship
Onboard the Freedom
After leaving the hotel this morning I drove Mrs. Kuki and the luggage to the Port of Miami (about a 3 minute ride from the Holiday Inn); dropped she and the baggage off with the porters at Terminal E, and went off to return the rental car at the Hertz desk at the Marriott Hotel, close by on Biscayne Blvd. Hertz has no shuttle from that location, but it’s a convenient drop off point. An $8 taxi ride and I was back at the pier meeting Mrs. Kuki, since the porters hadn’t delivered her to the cabin, and we were ready to begin the embarkation process.
It’s been a year or so since we sailed from Miami, and all the construction areas I recall from our last visit seem to be done, and access was easy. I believe Terminal E is a new terminal, and the physical set up is different than I remember. The security (the X ray machines for hand luggage, and the metal detectors are immediately adjacent to the entrance of the building. There is a separate line to security for VIP passengers. We’re Platinum level (10 cruises or more) within Carnival’s repeaters club, so we are entitled to VIP embarkation. I mentioned it to the pier-side staff managing the entrance and they directed us to the appropriate line. Once through security, we were directed to the separate VIP check in lounge. Not all ports have the VIP lounge, but the one in Terminal E is very nice. A number of agents seated at desks checked us in. All of our documentation and registration was done in advance online, so all that was left was to give them a credit card to cover our “Sail & Sign Account?. I asked for volunteers in the lounge, but no one jumped in with a credit card so we had to use our own.
Once we were given our “sail and spend? card (which also acts as our cabin door key) we were asked to take a seat in the nicely furnished lounge until the ship was ready to board. After a short wait those in the lounge were escorted to the gangway… it was about 11:40 A.M. We were amongst the first dozen or so onboard – Welcome to Freedom!
If you’ve sailed any Carnival ships you know to expect a “Farcusian Experience?. Everything I’d been reading about the ship in advance regarding its décor had led me to expect an over the top Joe Farcus design. My first experience entering the Atrium was… “gee, this isn’t so bad!? As the next week goes on, and I get a better feel for the ship I’ll comment more on décor, but it’s interesting to note how all the reading about the ship beforehand had left me with such wild expectations that the real experience couldn’t match the imagined one. With the exception of some oft used wall treatments that look a bit like off colored bark, for lack of more descriptive words on my part, there are many areas of the ship I quite like, and I promise to talk more about them during the cruise.

Cabins were not available until 1 P.M. so we headed straight up to Lido Deck (Deck 9) to try out the buffet. I actually went directly to the deli window and doubled up on grilled Reuben sandwiches which were excellent! As we relaxed in the pool area several more members of the CruiseMates group stumbled across us. With my picture in my avatar being up on the site somewhere over 15,000 times I guess that makes me fairly easy to recognize. By 2 P.M. we headed to our cabin, a standard balcony cabin forward on Deck 8. Carnival has excellent sized cabins, and aside from the comfy new Carnival beds and bedding, cabins on the Freedom feature new flat screen televisions. More details on the cabins will follow in later reports throughout the week.
At 8 P.M. we headed to dinner in the Posh Dining Room, located at the stern of the ship, on Decks 3 &4. Our assigned table is 319, on Deck 3 on the starboard side. On my various cruises I’ve had some interesting locations for dinner table assignments, but this one has to be about the strangest. We have a table for 6, along a window on the starboard side. However, on the opposite side to our table, across a narrow walkway is a wall. This area, with a stretch of 4 or 5 tables, is so narrow that it is totally isolated from the rest of the Dining Room. It’s a bit like we’re in a diner car on an antique train rather than anything like being on a ship. Only with the marble and tile wall so close, it also made me feel as though we were dining in a washroom. Whoever designed this portion of the dining room should be made to sit there for a week. They certainly wouldn’t do it again! With 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, and too many experiences in a vast array of restaurants and on ships to count, I can honestly say I’ve yet to see a similar seating arrangement before.
When dinner was done I was going to speak with the Maitre ‘d, but he was not at his station, by the entrance, but I’ll have a chat with him tomorrow, though, with a full Thanksgiving sailing I’m not sure if we’ll have any success being moved. Frankly no paying customers should be seated in this area.
To make matters worse, when we walked in our tablemates were already seated, and some were wearing their dinner napkins on their shoulders. The room was freezing cold. We joking ordered blankets when we ordered dinner, but got rather blank looks from the wait staff. I even asked them what they had done wrong to get this section of the dining room. Our table’s decided if the frigid conditions continue we’re going to be bringing the lovely duvets from the cabin to dinner with us.
On the up side, our cruisemates tablemates are great fun, and while staving off the cold, we enjoyed a good meal, with great company, while we joked about the washroom location and the Alaska like temperatures. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to report back about an improvement in at least some of this situation.
Sadly, I’m still having some camera issues, even with my backup. I am hoping by tomorrow I can have things figured out and start posting some pictures to go along with the text.

beenie weenie November 18th, 2007 11:01 AM

Kuki glad you made it on board safe & sound. I really liked the new terminal. I was impressed at the speed they got us onboard. I also found they had streamlined the check in process. It was very painless.
If the Freedom is like our Carnival Cruise last month, the frigid temps may persist. In one of the shops they had wraps in a variety of colors for $10. I can tell you that was the best $10 I ever spent. They staved off the cold and weren't quite as bulky as wearing the duvet. Some folks were so cold they resorted to wearing their bathrobes to the theatre, since I think thats where they kept the meat when the theatre wasn't being used. I am not sure if the temps are cool to boost the sales of the wraps or if the wraps are selling so briskly because of the cold temps. But by the end of the cruise most everyone on the ship had bought one.
I hope you are not exiled to eating all week in the washroom, hopefully the MaitreD will rescue your party.

BTW I really enjoyed your down to earth description of your time at the Holiday Inn...does that mean I should be glad I am staying at the Hyatt?

ready2gonow November 18th, 2007 03:07 PM

Kuki, you do have a way with words! LOL Seems like there was a similar seating area on the Conquest in our dining room. I wouldn't like being seated in an area like that, either. Looking forward to cruising with you, through your posts!

rollerdonna November 18th, 2007 10:56 PM

I'm so glad I discovered this thread, it is a wonderful panacea to my Post Vacation Depression! Who knew that I could return from my all-inclusive and set sail on a cruise with CruiseMates?! LOL
Kuki, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment, and photos when you get the kinks worked out!


Kuki November 18th, 2007 11:57 PM

Nov. 18 - The Second Day of Freedom
Late last night I did visit the casino for a bit, and it was quite busy. They had announced there would be lower minimum bets at the table games for tonight, and I saw many tables with $3 minimums. All the table games use the continuous automated shuffling machines, which I hate, and which improve the odds for the house, over and above the norm. I had discussed my dislike of the shuffling machines with the Ocean Players Club before we left home. I was told they were put in place because the table games had a bad year in 2006. Now don’t we all feel sorry for a casino that made less money than it was planning for so changed the game?
After leaving the casino I swung by the Piano Bar and a small but enthusiastic crowd was gathered around the Piano. No doubt as the week continues this place should get “hopping? as it normally does.
We had an “informal? gathering of the CruiseMates group this morning poolside, below the Seaside Theater screen. Got to meet a few more of the “stragglers? we’d yet to meet. Many in the group have family and friends with them, and it seems the majority of the group are have been assigned the 5:45 dinner time in the Posh Dining Room. Most of those in the group are in the same section of the dining room. Though they have tables close to one another some haven’t met yet, so they don’t know the tables next to them are part of the group. By tomorrow I’ll hope to have arranged for everyone to meet on another. Those at the 5:45 dining time are in fact located within the dining room, so that’s a bonus.
The skies are overcast, and though the sun was battling to show itself, the outside temps are bit cool, and exaggerated by a fairly strong wind across the bow, and by afternoon we saw a sprinkle of rain. Though I’m sure the temperatures will rise as we make our way further south.
I went to the dining room when it opened for open seating lunch at 12:30. I didn’t go for lunch, but to attempt to speak to the Maitre ‘D. He wasn’t in, so I explained some of my concerns to an assistant. He didn’t believe a table was available to move us to, but assured me he’d let the Maitre ‘D know, and he would visit us at our table tonight to discuss it.
Fast forward to dinner… tonight was the first formal night, and we men were happy because we got to wear jackets (for warmth not style). It’s an odd feeling wearing formal dress to dine in a washroom. OK, so by now you believe I’m exaggerating. OK, maybe I am taking a bit of “poetic license?, but wait until you see the pictures. And as we rounded corner from the central part of the dining room to the cubicle where our table is located we could feel the temperature plummet once again. And by the time we left the dining room after dinner we still hadn’t seen the visit from the Maitre ‘D that we’d been promised.
In yesterday’s report I had passed on making any comments about our dining room service. First nights of a cruise are sometimes a bit rough around the edges, and I generally reserve judgment, and comment for that reason.
Now you’re going to start calling me a whiner! LOL
And you’re going to think I’m still just upset about the lousy table location, But…Though our service team is pleasant, I think it’s very unlikely that they’ve been a team for very long. The service is scattered at best, and extremely disorganized. I’ve watched the waitress at the bus station, right next to our table, stand staring at the trays of plates on the stand, and the order sheets on her clipboard as though she were trying to understand the blueprints for the space shuttle. Even after being reminded, she forgot a second time to take the order of one of our cruisemates at the table next to us. Soups are arriving cold, hot appetizers arriving cold. It’s really a bit of a mess. I am honestly not very demanding at all, and am happy to display patience, and enjoy the nightly dinner experience ; so much so that I feel bad including all of this in my daily reports. However, since my attempt to address this with the restaurant manager failed, tomorrow I’ll have to drop a note to the Hotel Director. While we’re resigned to the ship being full and not being able to change the table location, not having the rest of our concerns corrected would certainly unnecessarily negatively impact the balance of our vacation.
Table locations and service staff are somewhat of a - “luck of the draw situation?. Tomorrow I’m going to make a point of talking to others in the group about their dining room service teams to hopefully find more positive opinions and experiences to share.
On a brighter note there was quite a bit going on around the ship today. When I headed to the dining room this afternoon Mrs. Kuki attended a cooking demonstration in the Sun King Supper Club. The chefs explain a number of dishes on the menu, and prepare small samplers for everyone in attendance, as well as handing printed recipes. By the time I got up there, there were over 100 people there for the demonstration.
Aside from the normal art auctions, bingo, slot machine tournament, and pool-side hairy chest contest, they held family fun water wars, and a diamond and gemstone seminar. Certainly a something for everyone type of activity day.

Trip November 19th, 2007 08:57 AM

Boy oh boy Kuki, that isolated table in Siberia, along with the less than stellar service, sure would make an impact on my enjoying, what should be the highlight of the day....dining with Cruisemates. Let's hope things change for the better, for all of you..I sure hoppe so.

How is the food? It was wonderful on the Conquest, the best creme brule I ever had, and Bruce drooled over the prime rib...are you drooling too?

Kuki November 19th, 2007 03:00 PM

Nov. 19 Freedom
I have always advised CruiseMates readers that if a problem happens to arise, the very best thing to do is to go to the appropriate people on board. They ARE interested in finding a remedy, or amicable resolution to satisfy you if at all possible!
Today I followed my own advice, with a note to the Hotel Manager. Very shortly after dropping the note off at the guest relations desk I received a call back. We discussed the issues I’ve mentioned in the previous days reports, and he advised me the Food & Beverage departments were meeting in an hour and the issues would be interested. Within minutes of that call, Ken the Maitre ‘D, called my cabin as well. He was quite apologetic, letting me know that the message he’d received was simply our table numbers, and that the guests requested a table change. A bit of miscommunication, but more importantly Ken was interested in addressing the situations as best as he is able.
Luck was with us as two tables of passengers who were assigned tables at the aft windows (in the dining room) had requested, and been moved to the mid-ship dining room, because the motion on the stern was bothering them. We often take cabins on the stern, and the motion doesn’t bother us, so we graciously accepted the offer to move into the dining room. No, they did not go out and create new tables for us because it was us. Things just worked out, and they were happy to be able to accommodate us.
I did learn that there has been much discussion the past week or so about temperatures in the dining room. Last week there was a 4 day cruise with Carnival execs, travel agents and media onboard, and apparently many had commented that the dining room was too warm, thus they had begun keeping to cooler. They are going to take another look at different areas in the dining room to hopefully find a more comfortable range of temperatures in all areas of the room.
And on a side note – the onboard personnel do agree with me about the locations of our original tables. They said exactly what I suggested to Mrs. Kuki, the pantries (on the other side of the wall I talked about so much) should be moved to where the tables are, and the tables moved “inside? the dining room. It truly is a design flaw which I’m surprised hasn’t been corrected in this series of ships as they were built. And when these ships sail full some passengers do end up drawing the “short straw?.
Truly, if the staff onboard can find a solution to your problem, they want to do so as soon as possible, onboard! It’s impossible to remedy what they don’t know about! If they are only reading about it on your comment cards, when you’ve left the ship, they feel bad that they didn’t fix it, and you feel bad because you weren’t happy with something. You’ve lived through this little episode with me, and I hope its helpful when/if a problem arises for you. “Ship Happens! Dealing with it when it does is the key! Hopefully, from here on in it’ll be smooth sailing for us.
And now I can get back to reporting on the cruise, the ship, and the fun onboard… which I promise to do in my next post.

Kuki November 19th, 2007 09:55 PM

Nov. 19 Cont’d
I enjoyed sleeping in a bit this morning. We moved our clocks ahead one hour before going to bed last night to prepare to be at the same times as our upcoming. Eastern Caribbean ports of call. In essence we lost an hour, but not to worry, we get it back after the port visits.
I sat pool-side, by the big screen, enjoying breakfast, and watching CNN to start my day. Today the chair hogs were out early - dropping evidence of their presence on deck chairs, with a towel and a book, or a lonely sandal, trying to forbid anyone from using them. Honestly as the morning progressed I didn’t see any shortage of available loungers, so the entire exercise of the early birds was not necessary.
Getting back to breakfast… we normally just have breakfast from the buffets on Lido Deck, and I have to give their breakfast buffet full marks. There are made to order omelet stations, and all they typical breakfast meats, and cereals. What impressed me the most is the French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles. The French Toast, pancakes, and waffles are thick and moist, and prepared fresh enough that they don’t seem to suffer from the dreaded chaffing dish syndrome that is normally so typical at buffets.
Later in the morning Todd Wittmer, the Cruise Director, hosted a horse race, and he auctioned off the horses for the Owner’s Derby, coming up later during the cruise. There was considerable interest in bidding on the horses, with several going into the $300 range. I enjoyed Todd’s version of the “Horse Races? as he has the horses race all around the pool deck, rather than on a mat with 10 lines on it, as I’ve seen most cruise lines do. This method seemed to create more excitement and participation from those gathered by the pool.
This afternoon we had a CruiseMates get together, with everyone bringing along a little gift representative of their home areas. We had a wonderful time, and some truly fun gifts were exchanged. I’m not going to name names, but the funniest moment was when someone opened a gift and the person who brought the gift admitted that they couldn’t find the gift they had brought, so instead brought along two new pairs of socks they’d brought for themselves. I think the person who chose the gift was going to let them keep their socks. LOL LOL
While at the gift exchange I asked the others in the group about their dining assignments and service in the dining room. Each and every one of them said they were delighted with the dining room, and their service, so far. This shows that my experience the last two days was mostly anecdotal, and not the norm. And all those future Freedom cruisers who were beginning to panic can relax and take their next breath. LOL
We, and the other table of cruisemates from 8 P.M. seating, all moved to our new dining tables tonight, and it was an absolute pleasure to feel like we were dining in a restaurant again. Two tables, next to each other again, right at the aft windows looking out off the stern, with excellent service staff. Our dining experience tonight was what we normally love about cruising; dining with great friends, in a delightful atmosphere, with excellent food and service; A full 180 degree change in the experience, and therefore in our moods as well. The new service team not only had the time to provide great and timely error free service, they also had time to chat a little, to get to know one another a bit. Just the way we like it!
We’ve already asked them if they are going to still be on the ship when we get back here in January (on the next CruisMates Group Cruise), and in April when we sail on Freedom yet again for the CruiseMates 3 Cs Transatlantic group cruise.
And as an added bonus tonight the temperature, at least in this area, was much better than “the washroom? as well. It doesn’t appear it’s going to be necessary to ruin Carnival’s nice duvets after all.
The previous occupants of these tables had moved because they found the motion on the stern difficult to deal with. Tonight we felt absolutely no motion throughout dinner. Of course we were docked at the pier in San Juan. LOL
Speaking of the day in San Juan… The Freedom arrived in San Juan at 3:30 PM, an hour and a half ahead of schedule. This is a good thing because an evening stop in San Juan is not always an itinerary highlight. Unless you are going to take part in some of the San Juan night life, it’s a very limited stop because of the timing. And honestly the real beat of San Juan’s night life doesn’t truly begin until after the ship sails.
We’ve been to several times, and do enjoy strolling in Old San Juan, so Mrs. Kuki and I set off for a stroll. After a short time I felt the humidity rising, and suggested we start back for the ship because I suspected a rain storm coming. And come it did! We made it back to the ship before the rain started, but from the ship we saw many poor souls coming back soaked to the bones.
The ship was somewhat quiet tonight after dinner. Marc Anthony, who’s a terrific entertainer, was performing in the main theater tonight. However we’ve seen him numerous times before so neither Mrs. Kuki nor I went to the show. For repeat cruisers this gets to be a bit of a problem, seeing the same headliners over and over. Yes, it is a nice problem to have, cruising so much you’ve seen most of the acts.
While no doubt the younger crowds still enjoyed the show, and the ship’s lounges and bars, we decided to spend the balance of the evening quietly relaxing in the cabin; with good intentions to head up to check out the deck party which is beginning at 11:30 for sail-a-way from San Juan. But instead, when we got back to the cabin Mrs. Kuki put on her sexiest lingerie (ok, that’s just my imagination running off – on its own). She put on her comfy jammies and climbed into bed to watch some television, and I’m here writing to you guys. Sorry I couldn’t make this more exciting for all of you, but some days, even on a cruise, that’s the life we lead. ?
Speaking to Hotel Director, Duncan Puttock, earlier today I heard there were approximately 1000 minors on this sailing (pretty typical of holiday sailings), but as I told Duncan, from my experiences on previous holiday sailings, this bunch generally seems to be quite well behaved. We’ve seen minor incidents of all the buttons in the elevators being pushed, and the very odd kids running loudly in the hallway. But haven’t found them gathering on the stairways, or blocking many passageways, or creating other problems. Either Camp Carnival or the parents, or a combination of both, seem to be doing a pretty good job.
Tomorrow we wake up in St. Thomas… better known as the land of 187 Diamond International stores. What do you think my chances are of convincing Mrs. Kuki that we should go to the beach?

Trip November 19th, 2007 10:57 PM

So glad to hear you are back in the dining room proper, and really enjoying the atmosphere, without seeing your breath! Keep the novellas coming!!

Cruise Cynic November 19th, 2007 11:34 PM

I think (if everybody's paying attention...) that the Freedom just booked full for the next 20 sailings with teenaged girls looking to see Marc Anthony leave Jennifer Lopez to perform on a cruise ship......................

Sorry. Not going to happen.

The performer is Anthony Acosta. No relation to Marc Anthony.

Travelnut November 20th, 2007 09:13 AM

Cynic you are too funny,,,,must say that his face did cross my mind when I read that name,,,,but knew it was not possible :wink: Wow could you imagine ??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

myrtlemama November 20th, 2007 10:15 AM

Kuki -

Glad that everything has worked out in the dining room. I think I would love a table at the stern where I could look out the window.

I take it that you still haven't solved the problem of uploading your pics?

dina November 20th, 2007 12:50 PM

The cruise sounds amazing so far even with the dining room mishap. I can't wait to hear what happens next.

Cruise Cynic November 20th, 2007 12:51 PM

Travelnut> Celebrities have been "invited" to appear on innaugural or near-innagural sailings, so this was not impossible, improbable, but not entirely impossible. Artists like Howard Stern and Kid Rock have been sighted onboard newbuild cruise ships, no doubt hired on for the star value.

venice November 20th, 2007 08:28 PM

Cynic..on your many cruises, have you been mistaken for a celebrity :?: or for a fugitive from America's Most Wanted :roll:

Kuki November 20th, 2007 11:51 PM


Originally Posted by Cruise Cynic
I think (if everybody's paying attention...) that the Freedom just booked full for the next 20 sailings with teenaged girls looking to see Marc Anthony leave Jennifer Lopez to perform on a cruise ship......................

Sorry. Not going to happen.

The performer is Anthony Acosta. No relation to Marc Anthony.

The Carnival performer is Marcus Anthony. Funny, I think I made the same mistake, forrgetting the US from the name the last time we saw him on the Carnival Liberty.

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