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FrankP November 5th, 2009 06:23 AM

Drinks on Carnival
Does anyone know where a person can get a drink list of what is sold on the Conquest. I am guessing the list is the same on all Carnival ships. Thanks

green_rd November 5th, 2009 07:52 AM

On the table of any of the lounges or the dining room.
Sorry I suppose you wanted to know in advance. Maybe somebody else can provide :) I suppose even the Drink of the Day follows a regular pattern.

Snoozeman November 5th, 2009 12:52 PM

Re: Drinks on Carnival

Originally Posted by FrankP
Does anyone know where a person can get a drink list of what is sold on the Conquest. I am guessing the list is the same on all Carnival ships. Thanks

I think you can get just about anything you want. Looking for something specific? Beers, wines, cocktails? Beers and wine will be more limited, but they have a wide choice.

Coke is the soft drink.

Snoozeman November 5th, 2009 12:56 PM


I found it--not sure if it's up to date, but seems to be......

12 oz.
Coors Light $3.75
Samual Adams Lager $5.00
16 oz.
Miller Lite 16 oz plastic bottle $5.00
Miller Genuine Draft 16 oz plastic bottle $5.00
Ice House 16 oz plastic bottle $5.00
Budweiser 16 oz aluminum bottle $5.00
Bud Light 16 oz aluminum bottle $5.00
Michelob Ultra 16 oz plastic bottle $5.00
Imported Beer
12 oz.
Corona $5.00
Corona Lite $5.00
Heineken $5.00
Heineken Lite $5.00
Amstel Light $5.00
Pilsner Urquell $5.00
Labatt Blue $5.00
Red Stripe $5.00
Beck's $5.00
Stella Artois $5.00
Peroni $5.00
Other Sizes
Bass Ale $5.25
Boddingtons $5.75
Grolsch 16 oz $5.75
Guinness Pub Draught $5.75
Foster's Lager 750 ml $6.25
Heineken Draught
? Carnival Legend Only ? $???
Miller Lite Draught
? Carnival Legend Only ? $???
Buckler $3.75
O'Doul's $3.75
Alcohol Malt Beverages
Smirnoff Ice, Citrus Flavor $5.50
Bacardi Silver $5.50
Cordials and Liqueurs
Amaretto Di Saronno $5.25
B & B $5.75
Brogans Irish Cream $5.25
Chambord $6.25
Frangelico $5.25
Cointreau $5.75
Kahlua $5.25
Drambuie $5.75
Sambuca $5.25
Galliano $5.75
Southern Comfort $5.25
Grand Marnier $6.25
Tia Maria $5.25
Jagermeister $6.25
Limoncella $6.25
Champagnes and Wines
Bottle Glass (6 oz)
Korbel, Brut $25.00 $6.25
White Zinfandel, Woodbridge $22.00 $5.50
White Zinfandel, Beringer $25.00 $6.25
Sauvignon Blanc, Nobilo $28.00 $7.00
Fume Blanc, Robert Mondavi $35.00 $8.75
Chardonnay, Woodbridge $21.00 $5.25
Chardonnay, Meridian $29.00 $7.25
Chardonnay, Beringer $33.00 $8.25
Pinot Noir, Georges Blanc $27.00 $6.75
Pinot Noir, Rex-Goliath $24.00 $6.00
Merlot, Columbia Crest $29.00 $7.25
Zinfandel, Fetzer $26.00 $6.50
Shiraz, Black Opal $26.00 $6.50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Woodbridge $21.00 $5.25
Cabernet Sauvignon, Meridian $29.00 $7.25
Champagne Mimosa $6.25
Sherries and Aperitifs
2 oz $4.95
Bristol Cream Campari
Dry Sack Pernod
Tio Pepe Martini Rossi, Dry
Martini & Rossi, Sweet
Cockburn's Special Reserve $4.25
Dow's Late Bottled Vintage $4.50
Graham's Six Grape $5.25
Croft Distinction $5.95
Dow's 20 Year Tawny $9.95
Cognacs and Brandies
Napoleon, V.S.O.P. Brandy $4.95
Fundador $5.50
Courvoisier, V.S. $5.95
Remy Martion, V.S.O.P $9.25
Hennessy, V.S.O.P. $8.75
Hardy, V.S.O.P. $7.75
Cles Des Ducs, Armagnac, V.S.O.P. $9.25
Hardy, X.O. $12.00
The Fun Ship Special

$7.50, Refills: $6.75
Try this exotic invention consisting of amaretto, rum, vodka, apricot brandy and juices.
The distinctive 15 ounce glass is yours to keep as a remembrance of your cruise.
Souvenir glassware and refills are served only on the outer decks.
Speciality Cocktails
Blue Margarita Caribbean Breeze
Goombay Smash Island Delight
Margarita Mexican Mama
Planter's Punch Riviera Delight
Ultimate Suntan Yellow Bird
Bahama Mama
Frozen Exotic Cocktails
With souvenir 15 ounce Hurricane Glass: $8.50
Banana Daiquiri Mango Daiquiri
Dirty Banana Miami Vice
Margarita Pina Colada
Mudslide Raspberry Daiquiri
Lemonade Strawberry Daiquiri

Non-Alcoholic smoothies are available in all of the flavors listed above. (Frozen Exotic Cocktails)
Dewar's White Label $5.00
Johnnie Walker Red $5.00
J & B $5.50
Jameson Irish Whiskey $5.50
Chivas Regal $6.75
Johnnie Walker Black $7.95
Single Malts
Glenmorangie, 10 year $6.50
Glenfiddich, 12 year $6.50
Cragganmore, 12 year $10.50
Glenkinchie, 10 year $10.50
Talisker, 10 year $10.50
Dalwhinnie, 15 year $10.50
Bourbons and Blends
Canadian Club $5.00
Jim Beam $5.25
Seagram's 7 $5.25
Seagram's V.O. $5.25
Old Grand Dad $5.75
Wild Turkey $5.75
Jack Daniel's Black $5.95
Seagram's Crown Royal $5.95
Blanton's Bourbon $7.25
Smirnoff $5.00
Stolichnaya $5.00
Absolut $5.50
Absolut Citron $5.50
Absolut Vanilla $5.50
Ketel One $7.25
Grey Goose $7.25
Belvedere $7.25

* Standard Martinis - $6.75
* Premium Martinis - $7.75
* Ultra Premium Martinis - $9.50

Cosmopolitan: Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime, Cranberry

The Traditional: Gin, Dry Vermouth

Violetta: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Blue Curacao

Chocolate: Gin, Crème de Cacao

Italian: Bacardi Limon - Dry Vermouth

My Martini: Make your favorite
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum $5.50
Bacardi $5.00
Bacardi Limon $5.00
Bacardi O $5.25
Myer's Dark $5.25
Malibu Rum $5.50
Bacardi "8" $6.75
Beefeater $5.00
Tanqueray $5.75
Bombay Sapphire $6.25
Margaritaville $5.25
1800 $6.25
Sauza, Hornitos, Reposado $8.50
Patron, Silver $10.95
Bottega Club $5.75

brad813 November 5th, 2009 05:43 PM

Aside from the drink of the day, it is pretty standard for most bars. I suggest the Fun Ship(stronger than a Long Island Iced Tea) if offered and the Hurricane Wave(a mix of a Banana and Hurrican Daquiri, layered). In any case menus are available all over the ship and drinks run from $5-$9 generally, with a couple of ultra premium liquors costing a dollar or two more. About on par with New York City really, and far more affordable than Miami(where a beer costs around $9 and a gin and tonic runs $15 in some places(ie Koru & Y(Downtown Miami)). I just got back off the Imagination a few days ago.

Snoozeman November 5th, 2009 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by brad813
Aside from the drink of the day, it is pretty standard for most bars. I suggest the Fun Ship(stronger than a Long Island Iced Tea) if offered ....

Although only the DoD on sail away day, it is the only DoD available (as a special) everyday.

brad813 November 5th, 2009 09:45 PM

I noticed. I drank one of those right before the lifeboat drill and had a good buzz going on during the drill.

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