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Default When did you first.....

When did you first start thinking about taking a cruise? Your very FIRST cruise.

When I was 17 my mom loaned my old prom dress to a friend that was going on a cruise. I saw some pictures after they were back home, and thought....wait.... she gets to sit in a hot-tub AND wear my prom dress in the same week? WHAT?

I didn't go on my first cruise until I was 32, what a LONG wait that was.
Oh yes, it was worth the wait.
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We booked a cabin on the QE2 in the early 90's. At the last minute we changed our plans and we went on a land tour of Northern Ireland instead. I love Ireland, truly, but have always regretted not taking that cruise. It was almost 20 years before I finally got around to it.
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We moved to Tampa in 1966, and had neighbors who enjoyed cruising. They talked us into joining them, and we've been cruising ever since. That was aboard the "Flavia" or "Emerald Seas",,,,I'm not sure which, but it was also over 120 cruises ago! As you no doubt guessed,,,,we truly enjoy cruising.

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In the mid 90's I worked near the mouth of the Mississippi River (Pilottown). At that time there was 3 cruise ships passing my work location on a regular basis on different days/nights of the week. It was rather quiet most of the days and nights and you could see for miles when there was no fog. You could hear the sounds of the music on the ships miles before they actually reached the worksite. At night the ships were a sight to see with all the lights glowing and music playing. That's what made me start looking into taking a cruise. Took our first cruise in 1996 on the Celebration from New Orleans. My wife and I have been on 12 since then and have 2 more booked. I don't work there anymore thanks to Hurricane Katrina, and I do miss watching those vessels travel up and down the Mississippi.

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I took my first cruise in 2006..Then introduced my family to cruising a year later and now every 2 years we do a family reunion cruise. We are joined by family from Hawaii, Boston, Georgia, Virginia, DC and Maryland.
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I was leaving work one day in April of 1982. I overheard several girls talking about a cruise. I said that sounded like fun. They invited me to come and hear the travel agent talk to them about cruising that weekend. I accepted. Before I left there I had paid the deposit on a cruise for the next February. We went on February 25th 1983on Carnival Festivale. We had a marvelous time. I have been cruising ever since!.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.“
---Mark Twain

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Great thread by the way which could have some great stories! Here's mine!

I'd say I kinda thought about cruising when I was age 6-10, almost 30 years ago!

See, I'm from Atlantic Cananda originally. From an island called Newfoundland actually. I grew up around water and always loved boats. We had a cottage back when I was a kid, that's what started my love for water and boats...on a much smaller scale of cource

Then we sold our cottage but took a trip almost every year to the rest of Atlantic Canada which involved a ferry ride from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia. Now these are not small ferries. They have vehicles driven on them on two floors. Actually, for about 20 years now they have 2 sister ships that are about 587 feet long which is a little more than half the length of Carnival's largest ship: Dream. Take a look at one of our ferries, if you're interested, here:


But to a kid that's 6-10 years old, this "Ferry Ride", which depending on route, lasted between 7 hours, or up to 18 hours, which was at least one night onboard, was to me, at the time, a "Cruise"

That's where my love of boats really started. I believe I have salt water in my veins, my grandfather was a Captain by the end of his career on old school schooners, and then cargo ships.

When we booked our first cruise in 2006, to me, that was the main attraction - the "Boat Ride". It turned out to be so much more! Hooked ever since, cruise # 3 this November!

While I never thought of this as a potential lifestyle, my younger brother has. He is now in his last year of completing the Nautical Science program as a university back home, and some day, he hopes to be a Captain on a cruise ship if he can.

Everybody's gotta have a "Dream" right

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In 1973 we cruised from NYC to Bermuda .I took my first airline flight in 1993 .Prior to that I only traveled by bus ,train and car
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In 1990 my sister surprised us and gave us a cruise for our 25th anniversary! Only problem was she took the room next to us. We've been on 22 now, with 3 more planned.
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In 2003 the entire family got together for a relocation cruise on Vision of the Seas for 4 days to baja Mexico. That kind of got us started but after our Alaska cruise in 2006, we then decided that cruising is the best bang for the buck. Just too bad we want to see other things, so some years are cruise years and some years are normal vacation years.
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I would have to say the first time I watched the Love Boat when I was 7! Had many slumber parties where we pretended to be on the Love Boat! Finally went on my first cruise at 38. It was even better than I imagined. Looking forward to my 2nd at 39!
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My 1st cruise was in 1990, and the Love Boat reruns I watched nightly put the bee in my bonnet....Carnival was realy the only one advertising at that time, ans the funs ships called us

We ended up on the Celebration, and with a few issues onboard, I wondered if we had made a boo boo....our next cruise proved, we were hooked. Just like all of us, here in Cruisemates, the cruisers waiting room...where NO ONE will say, enough cruise talk already

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Our first cruise was in 2002 and it was totally unexpected! My DH worked in the home office for an insurance company. The "prize" that year (for the "high producer's) was a cruise on Carnival Inspiration from New Orleans. Someone was not able to make the cruise, (thank's, whoever you are!) and we were invited to go.

We were hooked immediately!

I love what Trip said: (Here on CM's) where NO ONE will say, enough cruise talk already:-)
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