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ICRUISEFORFUN March 5th, 2011 06:54 PM

Traveling With A 2 & 4 Year Old
We have Been On 10 Cruises as a married Couple in the Past and left the children at home last year when we went for the first time after we had kids. We are debating bringing the kids this year on a small ship (Fascination) for 5 days in the fall of this year. Has anyone done this, and do you have any advice? Thanks and much appreciated.

Trip March 5th, 2011 07:11 PM

I would advise, if your 2 yr old is still in diapers, to bring a blow up pool, to keep by your pampers in the pool/hot tub

Book early for dinner,and bring some small items to kee the kidlets occupied while waiting for dinner. In the thearter if the kids act up, leave for a bit,and when the child calms down, come back in.

I say these things, not to be mean in any way, but realize these are the things most posted about when kids cruise. Avoiding glares and the possiblity of a confrontation,will make your family cruise enjoyable.

Check to see if they have babysitting service available for some alone time.

ICRUISEFORFUN March 5th, 2011 07:45 PM

Thank you for the advice. I did see that baby swimmer diapers are actually allowed on Carnival. They have Camp Carnival for 2 and Up which is why we chose Carnival b/c they do not charge during the Camp Carnival hours, Thank God! We will take turns staying in the cabin at night with the younger one when she goes to bed and the other parent will take the older one to the shows. This will avoid disruptions b/c the 4 year old is very well behaved. We are already taking her to broadway shows and she is a perfect gem during the entire production! If only the 2 year old was that way!

Trip March 5th, 2011 08:01 PM

It sounds like you have your bases covered,and yayayay you for that..Go and have a ball and make memories!!

ICRUISEFORFUN March 6th, 2011 06:38 AM

Thanks! Will Do

herbertcol March 6th, 2011 03:23 PM

I agree that it helps to have something at the dining table to occupy young children as soon as you get to your dining table. Last March we took our 4 year old granddaughter on the Fascination and I arranged with the Matre' D to have a plate with chedar cheese and crackers and another plate with fruit (mostly mellons) at the table along with a bowl of Ranch Dressing to dip things in. Each night there were 2 plates waiting for us when we arrived at the table and the Matre' D came by each meal to ask "her" if there was anything else that she needed. She was like the queen of the prom and we never had a minutes trouble with her the whole cruise. Also, someone else mentioned a small blow up pool to take out on deck with you but I have seen other posts about using a small pool in the shower as a tub for small children that do not like showers. It might be something to think about.

Queen of Oakville March 7th, 2011 09:30 AM


When we sailed Carnival DREAM last year, my DD was 4 and my DS was 2.5.

We had a great time. I'll give you my recount - taking it for what its worth, every 2 year old is different, and you know your child best.

I don't recall that carnival allowed swim diapers?? DIdn't matter for us as he was potty-trained, but I'd double check this if I were you.

A few things (in relation to DREAM). Both kids were too short for the water slide, unfortunately, this was selectively enforced. They used the water slide for the first half of the cruise, and then by Day 4 or 5 they were turned away. Wanna make a little girl cry????????

DD loved Camp Carnival. DS - not so much. He didn't want any part of it, and usually within 30 minutes of dropping him off, we'd be paged to pick him up again.

DD loved the shows. DS not so much. He was good though and generally grabbed a nap during the shows.

They both sat through dinner in the MDR with no problems.

THey both LOVED mini golf. We played a few times each day.

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