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Rednkgrl January 29th, 2012 12:10 AM

Carnival Lost/Found
Has anyone had any items (especially jewerly) lost, removed, misplaced, covered up, or otherwise missing from your stateroom? If so, did Carnival handle the situation proactively and what was the outcome?

I took my engagement ring, anniversary band, and my husband's watch out of the safe the last night of the cruise. They were in a small clear bag. I packed all my other belongings except what I was wearing the next morning, my toothbrush and that bag of jewerly. The next morning I packed away the toothbruch, my pajamas, and I do not recall the bag of jewelry. I last remember having it in the bathroom and on the table where I was packing. We were with a group and in such a hurry to get off, I didn't do my double then triple room check before leaving. I called Carnival Guest Care (within 3 hours of debarking) and immediantly reported. They tried contacting the ship and emailed them for housekeeping to re-check. I was advised that containers holding lost/found items are returned to corporate in Miami, then gone through with reports and such to locate the owner. I was told it may take WEEKS! I am worried sick and mostly because of the sentimental value attached to those rings. (I got the anniversary band 4 months ago for our 1st year wedding anniversary.)

I would like to know from past guests who have had issues with items left on the boat and how Carnival handled it as well as the success rate of those items being returned. Thanks in advance for any help or info.

Fern January 29th, 2012 09:18 PM

Rednkgrl, I'm so sorry you lost your jewelry, etc. :(. From what I've heard, once you leave the ship there's very little chance of recovering anything you had on board.

I'd like to suggest to other's who are reading this, that you not bring anything that's not replaceable on any vacation.

I really don't know how "Lost and Found" works, but I wouldn't count on getting anything back.

You posted: "I would like to know from past guests who have had issues with items left on the boat and how Carnival handled it as well as the success rate of those items being returned. Thanks in advance for any help or info. "

I'd be very happy to hear about the success rate, too.

Rednkgrl January 29th, 2012 09:24 PM

I've posted this same thing on and their official Facebook. The response there has been that the success rate is pretty high (from guests) and that the process takes time (from Carnival rep.) I'm hopeful that my things will show up, but my heart is just broken about me precious jewelry. I have had very very pleasant experiances when dealing with Carnival over issues in the past and I hope they do not let me down now. A consolation is that we personally handed a hefty cash tip to our steward on the way out....maybe he is honest and returns the kindness.

snorklr45 January 30th, 2012 06:25 AM


I have not personally had your experience..And I sure hope you get your precious items back!

I do want to say that I lost some of my own stuff in my cabin and my steward found different things for me on different days and put them back where they belonged! He was a lifesaver. I couldn't very well have completed my cruise with a missing hair brush! I intentionally only brought one piece of expensive jewelry and kept it around my neck the entire time. Seems like I left an expensive camera out several days and it was never touched. I feel like those guys were pretty honest. I could not say the same for the guys on Celebrity who robbed my room.:cry:

I think you have a decent shot at getting your things back. Probably 50/50. Good luck!

Phil&Liz January 31st, 2012 10:21 PM

You can try to appeal to John Heald at John Heald's Blog or at his FB page. He can Have the ship and Miami confirm finding anything and if they have it. He can then pass along your contact/mailing info to Miami.

kaneals February 1st, 2012 08:55 PM

I never had anything disappear from my room but I did have a piece of luggage disappear. Some woman on the cruise was in a hurry when she got off the ship and picked up the wrong suitcase. Never noticed until she got home. You would have thought she would have checked it out at some time or another, especially since she had to fly back home. Took a couple of days, but I finally got it back.

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