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cathy31 April 21st, 2014 02:29 PM

Cozumel or Ocho Rios?
Looking to book a September cruise and trying to decide between two different cruises. They both go to Grand Cayman but one goes to Cozumel and the other Ocho Rios. I would appreciate any help on excursions, etc.
My husband and I are 60ish and will be traveling with an adult daughter. Don't want anything too strenuous but are all in reasonably good health.

Donna April 21st, 2014 04:02 PM

There are actually lots to do in both ports, but I think I would rather go to Cozumel...Jamaica is absolutely beautiful and you can climb the falls, horseback ride, etc....but there is always that safety issue that stays with me there. I find the locals in Cozumel not as pushy by any means and there is Chakanaab park close to the pier, decent shopping, etc.

Trip April 21st, 2014 08:19 PM

For me, after several visits to both ports, I would opt for Cozumel without batting an eye. While Jamacia is a visually stunning island, I prefer to not feel like I have to shop behind gates,and deal with locals asking you to to buy what they are selling. Even tours we took the last time left me cold.

Cozumel offers better shopping,historical tours, water sports excursions,and some great Mexican restaurants.

Hopefully Grand Cayman will have just a few ships in when you port...all the easier to enjoy your day there.

averrette April 21st, 2014 08:37 PM

I absolutely go to Cozumel. Been to both and didn't feel safe in Jamaica. Have been to Cozumel many times. Going again next week. Have ventured out on our own with the children in Cozumel and never had any problems.

Aerogirl April 22nd, 2014 09:36 AM

I too would chooses Cozumel.....what ship?

Manuel April 22nd, 2014 05:06 PM

I would stay away from Ocho Rios. Cozumel is a better choice.


cathy31 May 5th, 2014 02:26 PM

We are sailing on the Paradise out of Tampa.

Mike M May 5th, 2014 08:21 PM

I guess I have to echo everyone else and say that I prefer Cozumel. Jamaica is a beautiful place but "just walking around" isn't the most comfortable if you aren't used to high pressure sales people, beggars and weed dealers.

If you get away from Ocho Rios it is much nicer and the people are more laid back. Anywhere near the port is not my idea of fun.

On Cozumel you have great diving and snorkeling, plenty of interesting excursions and a number of places where you can just kick back on the beach and relax.

Take care,

Matelot May 6th, 2014 02:10 AM

Another vote for Cozumel. I'd stay on the ship if we went to Ocho Rios again...

thecruisequeen May 16th, 2014 10:32 PM

I'm the opposite of all the above posters.

I love Jamaica just as much as Cozumel. Both offer excellent beaches and many different types of excursions of all types and for all ages.

I've did Jamaica tours with the cruiseline and ventured out by cab on my own and found the Jamaican people to be very friendly.
Yes they are pushy when it comes to sales but they are trying to make a living. I was asked if I wanted to buy weed while I was getting my hair braided on the beach...I said no and the guy did not push the issue.

Anything can happen anywhere one should be alert no matter where they are. I've seen worse in the streets of NYC then the streets of Jamaica.

There is plenty to choose from in both Jamaica and Cozumel....Enjoy whichever you choose.

skymaster May 27th, 2014 08:58 AM

I too, would opt for Cozumel. Just an easier, more relaxed place to visit IMO.
Congrats on choosing "Paradise". GREAT ship, fantastic crew, and outstanding BIG shows presented aboard. You're gonna love it!


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