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Benjamin Smith April 17th, 2001 03:14 PM

Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships feedb

If you are a repeat Celebrity cruiser and have cruised aboard either a Horizon or Century class
ship AND the Millennium or Infinity I'd like your opinion of the Millennium class ship vs. the
previous class of ships. I'm especially interested in crew's opinions of working on the new
class vs. the older class.

Please do not respond if you have sailed a Horizon or Century class ship and plan to sail a
Millennium class ship or have only sailed a Millennium class ship or Century or Horizon class
ship. I'm specifically interested in the assessment of Celebrity repeaters that have experienced
the Millennium class as well as the previous class of ships.

If not responding publicly please respond to



Mary Lou April 17th, 2001 04:16 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
I have sailed on Galaxy, Mercury and most recently on Millennium. While Milli is larger, I didn't have the sense of it being "too large". I think there are many, many
quite intimate areas on Milli that give it that small ship feeling. I loved everything about all three of the ships. But, I must say that Milli has become my favorite ship to date. On our frist cruise on Galaxy I was in awe. It was a wonderful experience that I didn't think could be improved upon. However, I came away from Milli even more impressed....can't quite put my finger on the reason why. Anyway you look at it I am a huge CELEBRITY FAN!!! Can't wait to sail Infinity and Summit.

Bob M. April 17th, 2001 04:41 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
I have sailed on Century (twice), Mercury and the Millinium. Of Century and Mercury I felt that Century was a much warmer, elegant vessel and it quickly became my favorite ship (I had been on about 17 cruises before I was on her [RCCL CARNIVAL NCL] ) Then I cruised on Millennium WOW. This vessel took everything that was good on Century and improved it.
Certain features such as the flower shop, the music library and the regular library, the Olympia dinning room and the Aqua Spa just made this ship one of the finest. My wife and I were so impressed that we have already booked a cruise on Summit for the spring of 2002 because she is going to be so similar to Millinnium.

Bob M.

Cindy April 17th, 2001 05:57 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
My husband and I have cruised on all 3 ship classes. Have been on Century 3 times (our favorite), Horizon twice, Zenith once & Millennium once. We felt the most comfortable on the Century, and even though the Horizon & Zenith are smaller ships without an atrium or balcony cabins, we enjoyed those ships also.
The Millennium is really a beautiful ship, and it was easy to find your way around even being so large, but she was lacking the warm feeling of the Century. Its hard to put your finger on the reason, but even saying that, we have booked the Summit for an upcoming 10-night cruise because we like that itinerary. Also, we love Celebrity's excellent food, service & entertainment.

Bill kazimir April 17th, 2001 07:34 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
We just returned from the 3/25 Millie cruise. We previously cruised on the Horizon and Century. The Millennium was a Fabulous ship, there were over 2300 passengers and we never felt crowded,in fact many lounges seemed empty.
The grand foyer was not impressive at all, in fact the Century's was much better.
The Art in my opinion was horrible. But I would definitely sail a Millenium class
ship again. The food was excellent as always and our crew was great(guest relations was poor). We had a balcony and I don't think I could ever cruise again without one. Any Questions feel free to e-mail me at


Nanatravel April 18th, 2001 12:05 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
We have sailed Horizon (1st. cruise), Zenith, Century and Millennium (Europe) and I have toured the Galaxy. Celebrity is still my 1st. choice of cruise line. (have sailed 3 RCI and 2 Princess including recently on the Grand.) The size of the Millennium vs. all the others is very comfortable. There are lots of options of public rooms and other than sea days there is adequate lounge space by the pools. The new Thallostherapy Pool on the Millennium is the world's best option and it is free! Food is still fabulous, although service was uneven (in Sept. on Millie). The galley was on deck 3 with dining rooms on deck 4 and 5 and only accessible by escalators. I am sure with new staff, new surroundings, and a brand new ship, this feature added to uneven service. Entertainment was fine not great. Cabin with Balcony was slightly larger than on RCI or Princess. Cabin soundproofing between cabins only was poor but from the corridor, it was fine. We were right near the elevator bank and there was never a problem. We will definetly sail Celebrity again, but not during an inagural season.
Bon Voyage

Greg April 18th, 2001 01:27 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
We returned from the Infinity (March 17th) and I will echo what others have said-a fabulous ship and a great cruise. We were on the Mercury last year and they are both great ships. Excellent service, very nice layouts and helpful/friendly staff. In fact we ran into some of the staff from the Mercury on the Infinity. Considering the size of the Infinity is larger and the number of passengers about the same. The Infinity was the perferable ship. In fact we booked the Summit for next March. We love Celebrity and have been treated well on both ships. Thinking about booking the Zenith on one of their New York to Bermuda runs to experience the smaller Celebrity experience. On both the Mercury and Infinity you could find privacy or crods depending on your mood. The Infinity has some nice extras that the larger size allows-Conservatory, Music Room-2 levels, Conservatory. The foyer was kind of bland but nice.

Mary Jean April 19th, 2001 08:36 AM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
We have sailed on the Mercury, Century and Millennium. All three ships had their advantages. We preferred the decor on the Century; the design of the Mercury was better for walking around on outside decks; and we thoroughly enjoyed the Millennium with its exterior elevators and Olympic Dining Room. We are presently planning another cruise on the Millennium, but wouldn't hesitate to sail on any of the others.

What we heard from staff is that it is harder to work in the Millennium dining room than in the Century class ships. They really have to hustle to serve meals and even then it takes about 30 minutes longer to accomplish the same thing on the Millennium as it does on other ships. If you notice early seating on the Millennium is at 6:00 instead of 6:15. You get the feeling that they have less time to just chat with you unless you go to the dining room for lunch for this reason.

At any rate, on all three ships we received excellent service, very good food, and enjoyed all the little details that you expect on Celebrity Cruises.

cathy April 19th, 2001 12:22 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
Have sailed on both Infinity 3/28 and Galaxy (Feb. 1999) and enjoyed them both. Galaxy was our first cruise so of course we were in awe and will always have found memories. At the same time we loved Infinity. I did not feel that Infinity was too big or hard to get around or too crowded at any time. As for staff, same great service on both. Much of the Infinity staff have been on the other ships and I never heard them make any negative comparisons. The only comment I did hear was from the maitre 'd in the SS United States and that was that Infinity was a much better built ship that could withstand much rougher seas without creating a lot of movement and he felt that was better than on the other ships.

Kuki April 19th, 2001 07:53 PM

Re: Millennium/Infinity vs. previous class ships f
I've sailed on the Century, the Mercury, and the Millennium.

I preferred the looks and layout of the Millennium in most cases. The exception... I think the Grand Restaurant on Century is one of the most beautiful dining rooms at sea. Mercury's and Millennium's didn't live up to that in my view.

However I think Millennium generally had a very "distinct feel to her", whereas the Century class have more of an "every other ship" feel to them.

Features Editor
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