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marissa December 1st, 2001 01:00 PM

Hi All!

We are booked on the mercury 14 night south america cruise on 6January 2002 , this is our first time on celebrity (have done RCCL,Orient Lines and Carnival) so we don't really know what to expect! This is a family trip (parents in late 40's and 2 20's daughters)
I've read that there's not much to do on celebrity ships at night - is this true? Also if anybody can share something on the ship - greatly appreciated.


Jeannie December 1st, 2001 04:55 PM

Re: Mercury
Hi Marissa-

I will be getting on the ship when you get off, on January 20, and will be on it for four weeks. Actually, I've been on two cruises on the Mercury in the past year, both ones for 2 weeks each, so, as you can tell, I love the ship!

I think the amount of and participation at evening activities depends a bit on the intinerary, but we always found that after a full day of sightseeing, dinner, the show and maybe listening to a band for an hour or so in one of the lounges, we were ready for bed. They do have several music choices in the evening that should appeal to you, and, for your daughters, they have a disco in the Navigator Club (although I'm not sure how well attended it is...seemed to me most of the people were entertainers from the ship). I don't know if Opus (the party band) will still be on the ship, but I loved them, and could have listened to them till 1 am every night, if sleep wasn't a factor.

The ship is beautiful...not glitzy, at all, but very classy. The food is first rate (although, admittedly, I'm not a goumet at all...any meal I don't have to shop for, prepare, or clean up from is good eats to me). The buffet is terrific, and one of the most popular items is a made-to-order pasta everyday at lunch. They have the BEST homemade ice cream at sea (IMO), and they usually have different flavors offered in the Palm Springs grill vs. the cafe (you'll see what I mean when you're on board).

The pool area is very nice, although I'm anticipating that it may be way too cool to use it several days between Valaparaiso and Buenos Aires. The thallasotherapy pool is also nice, but, be eat bathing suits (wear your old one in there, if you use it). The steam room is wonderful...lots of Italian tile. Unless you are in a suite, there is an extra charge to use the spa area, but, we're planning to pay for it, especially given the colder climate. There is no charge for the exercise facilities.

We've always had an inside cabin, up high on the ship. They are very comfortable, and most important to us, have large bathrooms, roomy showers, and lots of storage.

I've heard (from others on the internet) that there will be alternatives at each of the ports to the Celebrity shore excursions, and we aren't pre-booking anything at this point. I think shore excursions are Celebrity's weakest point, but they are on par with other cruise lines we've been on.

Service was wonderful, both in the dining room and the cabins. The staff always seemed like they didn't mind what they were doing, and loved to be of assistance. I've been on 6 cruises, and the two on the Mercury were my favorites.

Hope this helps...leave us some food on the ship,ok?

Have a great cruise!

marissa December 2nd, 2001 07:24 AM

Re: Mercury
Also - i was wondering whether we'd be able to change table assignments on board or if i should have my travel agent try and change it now- as our party of 4 got seating at 2 different tables.


Jeannie December 2nd, 2001 08:57 AM

Re: Mercury
I don't know about this, but you could at least try now. That means that they have to free up a table of 8 for you, and that could be tough by cruise-time.

Longboysfan December 3rd, 2001 02:51 PM

Re: Mercury
First on the Table seating. They can shift you to a bigger table if you want.
Try contacting the line directly.
Or when you hit the ship go to the desk and ask when and where the seating changes can be done.
That's first.
Second on the 2 - 20 year olds. - if there are a few others there's a lot for them to do that they want - as in nothing or something.
The singles group at the Disco or late night club. They do not let anyone under 18 in to this club after 7 PM or so.
They may be like my 2 slightly younger girls - stay up late get up later.
Hang at the upper level of the pool area.

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