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Bill January 4th, 2002 11:31 PM

Cape Horn on Celebrity
Has anyone done the South America cruise on Celebrity around Cape Horn? Would be interested to read experiences, good and bad.

Lew January 5th, 2002 02:46 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
We did the Valpariso to Buenos Aires in February, three years ago. One
of the most interesting trips we have taken(out of fourteen cruises} We
were on Royal Princess, but the itinerary should be the same with
Celebrity. The Chilean fjord country is outstanding and the ports of call
are all most interesting. The weather can be a problem, if you let it. It
will be pretty cold in the glacier country and windy on the Strait of
Magellan. Take some motion sickness medicine--we like Bonine, since
there may be some rough seas. Do as much research as possible before
you go--it will make the trip more enjoyable. ENJOY

Bill January 5th, 2002 10:09 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity

Thanks for taking the time to respond. If I can impose a little more, Iwas hoping I could ask a couple of questions about what you wrote. I'm curious about how much of the 14days between Buenos Aires and Valparaiso we might expect active seas? This is our fourth cruise, but the first in as wide open waters as this. We've not had to rely on medicine before for motion sickness but will play it safe this time. I don't have any real idea of what to expect. What research were you sugesting we do? did you have a favourate shore excursion you would reccomend?
Sorry if this is too much of an imposition.Anything else you can share would be appreciated.

Gail Adler January 6th, 2002 11:56 AM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
When are you going, Bill? We will be on the Feb. 17 cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso. I hope the Transderm scop patches I got from the doctor will work as they have on other cruises. I get sick on an innertube in the pool. Gail and Harry

Lew January 6th, 2002 05:02 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
There are interesting excursions at every port--I have lost track of them,
but do remember one which includes the Penquin colony. This is a great
one and will be listed on your excursion book. As for "open water"--you
will have a lot of it around the Horn and on the Atlantic side before you
reach the Falkland Isl. We were delayed for a day because of a storm
off the Falklands and never did get ashore. The cruise through the Chilean
fjords is similar to the inside passage in Alaska. We have used the
scopolomine patch once, but never again--the side effects were too great.
What works for one person may not for another. We have switched to
Bonine, since it contains Meclazine(the preferred drug for vertigo and
motion sickness). In most cases we have found the excursions booked
through the ship work well on this itinerary. Most of the ports are fairly
small, and unless the situation has changed, there were limited local
taxis available. ENJOY, ENJOY

Lew January 6th, 2002 05:34 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
Just found my notes on the Cape. The Penquin colony is at Punta Arenas.
We also found the Bay excursion at Ushusia most interesting, since it
includes the national forest and the most Southern postoffice in the world.
Be sure to take your binoculars and heavy coats and gloves, since the
weather can be cold and windy. ENJOY

Bill January 6th, 2002 06:41 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
To Lew and Gail,

Thanks for your your notes. Enjoyed reading them.
Gail we are going on the Feb 17th cruise, presuming things calm down in Buenos Aries.The recent news has been pretty disturbing.

Gail Adler January 6th, 2002 07:52 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
Yes, we are concerned also about Buenos Aires. Just hoping everything will be alright; we are there for 3 days precruise. My husband is 63 and I am 59; this is our sixth cruise. We will be in Cabin 1060; so maybe we will meet. Last cruise we were on the Millenium and met about 10 couples that we met on Cruisemates "Meet on Board". It was nice to be able to say hello to people we felt we knew when we would see them on the ship and excursions, etc. We are planning to take the Penguin Caves excursion in Punta Arenas; and the Train to the End of the World in Ushuaia. Only 42 days away!!! We are taking the Wine and Sausages by the Lake in Puerto Montt.

Jane January 7th, 2002 01:54 PM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
My husband and I made the cruise from B.A. to Valparaiso last January on the Mercury. We're still talking about it. We were well prepared with layers of clothing, hats & gloves. We lucked out in Ushuaia and got what they called "a perfect summer day." That means it was partly sunny and in the mid 50's. We loved all the ports...I especially loved Port Stanley in the Falklands...although the weather there was nasty! We had our roughest sea day just after Cape Horn...there were 20 foot swells and 80 mile per hour winds. We loved it! We "hearty sailors" stayed up on the 12th deck with the wrap-around windows and enjoyed the thrill. We took nothing for seasickness but ginger capsules, and were fine. Folks who were not so fine were able to get something from the ship's doctor that seemed to work exceptionally well. I hope things in Argentina calm down...we spent 3 days in B.A. and just loved the city. It makes me sad to think of it in such upheaval. That goes for the other Argentina ports as well. It's a cruise of a life time, and I hope you have as good a time as we had. Let us know!
Jane & Dick Israel

michaelsaint January 28th, 2002 01:00 AM

Re: Cape Horn on Celebrity
We just returned from Rio/Santiago. Heavy seas are not much trouble, if they were why would you be sailing? This is a long cruise with many days at sea which can be boring. Bring books. Also buy a wildlife,flora, natural history guide of below 45th parallel. The ship will provide nothing including the pointing out of various important glaciers, etc. The excursions are overpriced, long and with drivers who cannot speak English. I notice this was question in English - buy and use a small Spanish guide if you want to be on your own a bit. Puerto Madryn has antique buses requiring a gas mask. The observation on taxis was not my observation. We found them everywhere - use radio taxis - price is paid to dispatcher and no money is needed for driver. Take small bills or you will get pesos in change - noone including theship bank will take pesos. We followed a Holland American ship and a Norwegian Line ship. Both had better atmospheres on board and both had more itinerary for the money. No more Celebrity for us.

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