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Gert April 21st, 2002 11:06 AM

Galaxy-just returned
We just got back from Galaxy Baltimore and I must admit it was one of our best cruises yet (though our kids say that we say the same thing after every cruise) The ship does have more noticible rocking than any others. My freinds & I were at the indoor pool relaxing in the lounge chairs, eating & drinking when the ship listed. The lounge chairs are on wheels & the 4 of us (along with potted palms trees) went rolling backwards!
Plates, tables, drinks went fllying, deja vu Titanic. But the incident was so surprising that we laughed till our bellys ached. People walking behind us stopped the chairs. No one was hurt & everyone wanted to know what we were drinking.

Belize--we did SHarkRay alley. I personally thought it was awesome, only later did we realize the Captain of the speed boat was drunk, his boat kept stalling in the middle of nowhere. Our excursion was for snorkeling, lunch & Beach. When we docked for lunch, we were told the place ran out of food! The "beach" was a sandy, seagrass patch of ocean next to the dock. Motor fuel included with each dip in the water. Our inebriated captain dropped anchor in the middle of nowhere & told us to just jump overboard. One look into the shark infested water scared the **** out of everyone but adventure seekers that we are we jumped in. I swam out to the Barrier reef (1/4 mi) What an awe inspiring site. Then it dawns on me no one knows I'm way out here alone, understand there was absolutely no supervision of any kind on this excursion. In hind site we took a lot of blind risks. But it was great.

Atlantis - 2nd time there & never have we parted with a dime took tour the aquarium or the grounds or the entire complex. I know the have paid tours, etc. but both times we went, we just walked in the front doors to the pool areas, to the beach ( where we sunbathed & swam). Both times we walked through the dig & the aquarium took pictures, etc. I still can't figure out how other people pay & we just do it for free. Never been hasseled or stopped . Maybe we're just lucky.

CocoCay- Paradise!! Been there /RCL so we knew more about it than the crew.

Key West -4 hours!? C'mon Celebrity give us more time!!

Passengers - I would say a majority were 60+ but the 4 of us are 50 and we had no problem meeting up with the many 45-55 crowd, Northeastners are not as willing to loosen up as the rest of the country. (we from NJ) but there were quite a few uptight, pushy people. Hey to each his own. We had a blast.

libby April 22nd, 2002 01:15 PM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
We are cruising Galaxy on June 17th, did you take a water taxi over to Atlantis to see the Aquarium? That's all we want to see (don't care to tour Nassau). Good to know you can just waltz in...Thanks for any info you can provide!

Gert April 22nd, 2002 08:43 PM

Re: Re: Galaxy-just returned
Do not take watet taxi. They drop you off too far & you have to walk a distance. They don't tell you that. We made that mistake the first time. This time we took a cab (10 min) & they dropped us off at the front door. As for "waltzing" in, maybe be just got lucky both times but I must admit it really is quite simple. Others have told us about paying $25.00, etc. but both times we walked around the gorund, toured the aquarium, the dig, etc. without anyone stopping us. Hey what the heck try it.

Marnie April 23rd, 2002 06:06 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Gert, I have a question.
I've been reading several postings saying that the 10th floor balconies can be seen from the 11th floor restaurant. I also remembered reading that the 11th floor restaurant is outside. Does that mean things could be dropped onto the balconies below? I booked a cabin on the 10th floor with a balcony and now I'm worried. I still have time to switch. As I understand it, all the balconies have solid walls, I couldn't imagine no roofs over them.

David April 23rd, 2002 09:15 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
I saw that you had this question on another thread. Quite frankly I cannot find the reference that you made to where someone said that you can see the 10th floor balconies from the 11th floor restaurant.

Anyways, we have been on all 3 Century sister ships including having a 10th floor cabin with a balcony on the Galaxy. We were in Cabin 1060 (starboard, midship). All the balconied cabins on the 10th deck have a roof over the balcony that at least extends out as far as the balcony hand rail. In some cases the roof overhangs past the balcony rail by several feet as ours did. It is difficult if not impossible for anything to be dropped onto a 10th deck balcony from a public deck above.

As for being able to see the 10th deck balconies from the buffet dining room one deck above, I suppose it is possible from certain places of the dining room to see some balconies through a window. This would only be possible by standing by a window in an area of the restaurant where the floor extends out over the sides of the ship. But by and large the balconies are quite private.

gert April 23rd, 2002 11:13 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Marnie- Really couldn't tell you about the balcony situation as we had panorama window
I would imagine all balconies have roof overhangs because of situations like you mentioned.

Marnie April 23rd, 2002 11:17 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Excellent, I thought that sounded rather strange. I read this on an older posting titled Galaxy questions/answers. All it said was that the balconies could be seen. And I couldn't visualize how that was possible unless there were no roofs. Thanks so much for the clarification, it makes more sense now.

I found another funny posting on Cruise-critic. A woman was on her honeymoon and was having an intimate engagement on the balcony with her new husband. Afterwards they sat there for a while naked. Later on they discovered that their balcony was visible from the restaurant above. But she didn't mention the ship she was on. Not that I was planning on doing this, but it was something I would definitely want to know about ahead of time.

Glo April 23rd, 2002 06:19 PM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Could you please tell me which nites are formal and semiformal? We are trying to plan our excursions and since we will have early seating this info would be helpful. Thanks!

carol obrien April 24th, 2002 09:14 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Iread on another post that there was a robbery on board the that true or someone imagnation? Thanks Carol

gert April 24th, 2002 11:13 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Formal nights: I think 2nd night on board, next to last night on board & then in the middle. Regarding the robbery, yes a women posted that her safe was robbed of $1000
I can probably figure out how. The safes in the room are timed... meaning if you leave the door open for 4 min+ it loses the data & will not lock properly. This happened to our freinds next door. Fortunately they double checked the door & when it was quite locked
we called for technical help.

mimi April 25th, 2002 03:17 PM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
how was the parking situation in baltimore ? we will be driving down from NJ next spring... thanks

Sebastian April 26th, 2002 08:28 AM

Re: Galaxy-just returned
Mimi, parking is $5 a day payable in advance at the gate. I took the first Galaxy 11 nighter out of Baltimore. Both embarkation and debarkation was a problem. We parked on a pier adjacent to the terminal. Then waited for a bus to pick us and our bags up. The bus was immmediately filled with baggage, so few passengers were accommodated on each trip. When the cruise ended, the scenario was repeated. There were no porters at the parking area, so the elderly had to do it alone.

I understand on the following departures, instead of busses, trucks were used for the baggage. So, perhaps you won't have too much of a problem.

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