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Wross2 November 22nd, 2004 04:51 PM

I just dont get it............................
I have been on a total of 6 cruises in the past 4 years, 2 Celebrity, 2 RCCL, I Orient Lines and 1 NCL. My first Celebrity cruise was 10 days on the Mercury. I really didnt see what all the hype was about. People come in on cruisemates and make Celebrity seem like the best thing since sliced bread. So I thought maybe I missed something and decided to give it another go and did the Infinity to Alaska. I was left with the same feeling....I just dont get it. Compared to the other cruises Celebrity was about the same. Its all built and designed for the mass market any way you slice it. The staff on the ships are the same underpaid, overworked staff as on any other ship and the condition of the 2 Celebrity ships I sailed on was marginal at best. The food was OK. I thought RCCL had better food. The entertainment was very poor compared to RCCL and NCL. Celebrity does do some things that some of the others dont. Sorbet and cold towels by the pool, however infrequently. I think it happended 2 times on a 10 day sailing. So now the defenders of this line, many who have been on 250 cruises each, will post things here that will make Celebrity seem like heaven on earth as they always do. Trust me when I tell you there is nothing extraordinary about this line. If your shopping around and they come in with a good price and they are going where you want to go then by all means do with Celebrity. But dont go out of your way or pay more for a Celebrity cruise because you will be disappointed.

Breeze November 22nd, 2004 05:50 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Well I am so interested by your comments. After being on 2 Carnival and 1 Princess cruise we are going on Celebrity in January to see what all the hoopla is about. We have friends who have never tried any other cruise line insisting Celebrity is the best (well maybe they were told best of the mainstream lines). I wonder if I will have the same opinion as yours. Could be based on yours.

bobc November 22nd, 2004 06:35 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
We have done the Infinity to Hawaii, and Millenium through the Panama Canal. We have also done Brilliance of the Seas, and Carnival Jubilee to Western Caribbean. Here is what we liked about Celebrity:

- On boarding, we were met by waiters with champane, and were escorted to our cabin by someone wo took charge of our carry-ons

- On port days, we were greeted by cold towels. You really appreciate that on those hot, sweaty days

- Food service was equal to the other cruises we have taken

- Not very many children, a real plus for us at our age.

- Lots of activities, like computer classes. They also burned our pictures onto a CD for $5

Having said this, we will probably do Princess next, just to see what it is like.

kwjones November 22nd, 2004 08:18 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Trust me,,,,they are all great, and at times, they all stink. The very best, and the very worst cruises we have ever been on have both been Carnival, but in general, Carnival doesn't live up to what I look for in a cruise. Too many wild teens, too much drunkiness, and to many agressive people saving loungers, cutting in line, and raising hell in general. On the other hand, the best entertainment is probably on Carnival. My wife and I "generally" prefer Celebrity, because it's a good cross between the wildness of a Carnival Cruise, and the laid back, easy going cruise you'll probably get on HAL. That being said, from one week to the next there can be a tremendous difference on the same ship, depending on what passengers are aboard. Bottom line,,,,book your cruise, and enjoy whatever it brings. A bad cruise beats the hell out of a good day at the office!
Happy sailing,

Private_Idaho November 22nd, 2004 08:19 PM

Re: Re: I just dont get it............................
breeze, I dont want you to get the wrong idea. Celebrity is a good line but the things that set it apart from all the others are so minor and of no interest to me. Some people really like the champagne (cheap stuff) at embarkation and they enjoy the cold towels but those things arent so impressive or important to me. So I look beyond all those things and what left is an acceptable cruise line with ok food and a great marketing thats somewhat over priced.

Breeze November 22nd, 2004 09:12 PM

Re: Re: Re: I just dont get it............................
Private Idaho
I agree with you. Personally I am looking to see the difference (if any) in the food, service and general feel of the ship. We were able to go to the Mexican Riviera on the Celebrity Mercury for the same price as a Princess so we thought we'd try it. I have only been on Carnival over winter break (there were 5 of us and no way was I paying Celebrity prices for the entire family) and we had a terrific time, no rowdy teens, drunken brawls that so many people tend to suggest Carnival is all about. And you are right Ken, any cruise suits me fine.
We are booked on Princess again for Mediterranean in September. Why Princess? It had the itinerary we wanted. I cannot imagine being so devoted to one cruise line, but time will tell, am only going on my 4th, many more sailings to go. We are still hoping to step it up several notches and try one of the luxury cruises (e.g, Seabourn) for our 30th in 2006. Now that I expect will be significantly different (if we could afford it)

pbk917 November 23rd, 2004 01:49 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
This just goes to show us how we all have different opinions. I've sailed on Royal Carribbean & enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as Celebrity. I've sailed NCL & thought it was just OK. Let's face it comparing the food on Celebrity to a fine restaurant is crazy. Celebrity (and other lines) cooks for several thousand at a time, keeping that in mind, it is my opinion that the food is very good and my service has always been way above average. Entertainment is adequate. I enjoy going to Broadway shows & nothing compares to the Broadway experience, so for me going to the show on a ship is just something to do. As far as pricing, maybe I'm doing something wrong (or right) but Celebrity prices always beat out Royal Carribbean prices. I have not yet had a bad experience on any of my Celebrity cruises, so I will continue to cruise with them. I also would never tell anyone that Celebrity is better, it really is a personal choice.

hcat November 23rd, 2004 07:53 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Hmmm--Just back from Constellation in Sept. & Summit in March--food was really excellent. We love Royal too but the food just does not compare favorably to Celebrity in our past experience. Don't know about the other lines but we have had great cruises on both of these lines!

Charisse November 23rd, 2004 10:54 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
It's all what you expect from a cruise. What you enjoy. I personally don't like Carnival because it has such a party atmosphere where someone else might be looking for just that. I loved Princess because most of the time I didn't see any children. As adorable as most of them are, I don't want them around me when I'm on a cruise. each his own!

richsea November 24th, 2004 04:54 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
That's why they make vanilla, chocolate, amd strawberry. To each his own!

Jim Bragg November 24th, 2004 06:36 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
To some folks Celebrity it perfect and other it's the pits. The same is basically true of all cruiselines. They are all very close in the actual product but the differance is in the eye of the beholder and who the line is targeting. We were personally bored to tears on our Celebrity cruise but it was a long cruise with many old people who were unfriendly and often downright nasty. The entertainment was almost non-existant and the CD a complete snore. We also found the ship while tasteful a bit on the noring side for the most part and unimaginitive. The service was very formal and too formal for our tastes as well. Does that make them a bad cruiseline, not at all. They just aren't high on our personal list. We have found nice things about all cruiselnes and things that weren't quite so nice on all as well. This is why it is important to research the lines and ships by checking out the reviews both the professional and the average cruiser have written and posted here in the reviews area. Also understand that just because you have a dissappointing cruise on one ship of a certain line it doe not mean that you won't have a ball on the next one. We have had both extremes on a number of RCI and CCL cruises ourselves. Understand that the timeing of the cruise as well as it's lenght and intinary as well as just plain dumb luck can change quite a bit on how you percieve a cruise. I have seen reviews of people on the same ship at the same time that you have to wonder if they were even on the same planet, much less ship. Much depends on what you are seeking, appreciate, and the luck of the draw in crew you encounter.

Lou November 24th, 2004 07:22 PM

Re: Re: I just dont get it............................
Just back from our 4th Celebrity cruise...Summit 11 night caribbean.

As usual, we liked it alot..actually thought Summit colors in general
were pretty subdued compared to the Millennium, which I thought was
more attractive.

Our service was great, food good, and generally a good cruise..Yes, there
were lots of quite elderly passengers...lots of wheel chairs, but they weren't
rude at all. Hardly any kids...because of longer cruise and during school time.

We'll certainly cruise Celebrity Carnival...that's another story...
they just don't get it as far as their ships...just saw the Miracle...dark, dark,
while some rooms are interesting...other in poor taste...their finishes (quality)
just can't compare to Celebrity or RCI newer ships...Also the Miracle dining
room is enough to make you lose your appetite...can't believe it's so bad!

idssms November 24th, 2004 11:35 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Celebrity is the best in the business as far as I am concerned. For the money they cant be beaten!!

Link to pics:

DsilCaribe November 25th, 2004 11:43 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
At first i thought the same way as this author after i got off the 10-day Summit cruise last year. But, we gave it another shot on the century and it was by far the best cruise, and best vacation we've ever done. We liked it so much we're going back on it in the spring. What we liked was the quality of the service, the intamacy, the good food, and the beauty and class of the ship

Benjamin Smith November 25th, 2004 11:56 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
There's something overgeneralized about statements like "designed for the mass market". There are segments of the mass market. Carnival and Celebrity fit different segments, have some overlaps and some similarities, have some differences, and the weight each passenger puts on what the cruise line stresses in their experience impacts their assessment of the products.

In a general sense, Celebrity is like the others. More specifically, compared to NCL or RCI, there's less noticeable selling of the product and the most obvious aspect of this is the minimal annoncement policy onboard Celebrity. There's also a more upscale tilt in the manner of service, presentation, ship appointments, passenger space ratio, ratio of servers to passengers.

The food is both subjective and inconsistent. It is very difficult to go on 2 or so Celebrity cruises and come back with a general conclusion about the food. And that's a Celebrity fault. So, on one hand people are overstating the quality of the food at times it is superb, at times very good, at times average, at times substandard. The knowledge of well-prepared, presented, and flavored food of pax also varies, many pax will say that what they like is great food.

Celebrity suffers from overpromising and underdelivering and many fans of the line giving people inflated expectations of the product. The product is quite good when looking at the overall value and bang for buck. But, for many pax, it is not a huge standout over other lines and it tends to shine in subtle areas--and that's when the product delivery is on.

Marion Paris February 19th, 2005 02:11 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Celebrity is my favorite. I started trying other cruise lines to get a better view of what I liked and didn't like.

Princess has the best entertainment (just my opinion), Celebrity the best food followed by HAL. However, opinions are like a _s h _ _ _s, everyone has one. There is no such thing as a bad cruise, just a better one. Staff, people you meet and ports visited all play a roll in the enjoyment one has on a cruise. Cabins on some ships are larger than others (in the same category). I have started booking inside cabins because we spend NO time in the cabin and I can save a lot of $$$ booking an inside (more $$ to cruise more often). Again, just an opinion. Others like to book the suites and travel first class.

Put me on ANY ship and I will have a wonderful time, I just love to cruise!

Celebrity is just my favorite!!!!!!!

newmexicoNita February 19th, 2005 11:05 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
I too expected Celebrity to be a little different, but I don't know what I expected. The hype was just so much I thought I would find heaven on the Connie. Was it a wonderful ship and great experience? You bet, they do offer a few specials that make them stand out like Champange opon boarding, the wet towels and the sorbet. This makes them stand out, not to mention the T pools on the M class ships. The service certainly was good, but not any better than other ships. Our grandaughters loved the entertainment, most of the comedian jokes I had heard or read a dozen times from email friends sent. We will cruise Celebrity again, we love cruising, I just don't see what makes so many thing this line is so much better than the rest. I would say 1/2 step up from HAL, NCL< RCI, maybe a full step up from Carnival. Just my opinion. NMNIta

Maxine February 19th, 2005 12:03 PM

Re: Re: I just dont get it............................
I agree with you hcat. Have only cruised Royal Carribean and Celebrity and we think Celebrity is a step above. Just a little extra pampering.....

Leaving for cruise #6 (Millenium) in two weeks! Can't wait!

I love the sorbet on Celebrity!

hcat February 19th, 2005 03:08 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Maxine--enjoy your cruise & the sorbet. We cruise in March on Royal--Brilliance so we will have another basis to compare. Looks like a great ship & expect to do alot of alt. dining room. Also agree with prior post that Summit decor is a bit drab--Constellation much brighter but had a wonderful time on both! Have not yet tried any other lines & have two more booked ahead on Celeb ships!

David Starkey February 20th, 2005 11:32 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
After many years of cruising and many ships ... Celebrity delivers a classy product at a fair price. (crystal ect are too expensive for me)
Many ships offer good vacations, but Celebrity seems to offer that little extra, or a friendly staff member that keeps me coming back to them...again and again., year after year.
Celebrity is not perfect but I sure can see a real difference when sailing on the Celebrity fleet vs most of the other lines.

Kuki February 20th, 2005 02:49 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
I recently went on a cruising binge. Since August I've cruised Carnival, Celebrity, RCI, HAL and Princess.

Overall Celebrity was "a notch above" in all areas... not just food.

CruzCrazy February 20th, 2005 05:44 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Kuki is our best judge on this one since he's been on all the most popular lines in the last year.

Hey I don't understand why someone would go on a Carnival cruise.

Maybe I'm a bit close minded but I have no desire to try Carnival, NCL, HAL or Princess. I would consider Radisson, but for what they charge I can go on two Celebrity cruises.

I have only cruised RCL and Celebrity and for my budget Celebrity is a great deal. I have been on 4 Celebrity and 4 RCL ships since I started cruising three years ago and I have gotten much better prices on my Celebrity cruises than RCL (much to my surprise, but much better for my pocketbook).

I have never had a bad experience on Celebrity. Like with anything, you experience it and then make your choice if it's for you or not.

I don't expect a cruise ship to have great entertainment. If I want a Broadway production I attend a NY Broadway Show. I've skipped many shows in lieu of sitting and listening at the piano bar or watching others dance. But it's the little things that I enjoy and service and considerate staff is one of them.

Celebrity does offer me a wonderful relaxing cruise with considerate shipmates and that's what I want out of a cruise.

It's all a matter of taste and what you expect. I never go on a cruise thinking it's going to be as good as my last great experience, but I have to say with Celebrity they have never disappointed me. I can't say that for RCL, but I'll still cruise them as well.

In general...I'm one loyal Celebrity cruiser.

JSH February 20th, 2005 06:26 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Like Kuki I too have been on Celebrity, Carnival, RCCL (twice), Princess(twice), and HAL
within the past 12 months. Celebrity was certainly no better than any of the others and in many ways not as good.

The rooms are larger on HAL and Carnival. The dining room staff is nicer on all the
other cruise lines than on Celebrity. No other cruise line requests or suggests you stay dressed up all evening on formal nights. And no other cruise line suggests you tip the chief housekeeper at the end of the cruise. Finally, food on Celebrity is much closer to RCCL and Carnival than it is to Princess and HAL.
Yes, I will grant you that aCelebrity cruise beats the hell out of going to work, but they are certainly not 'better than all the rest' as Celebrity likes to say.

newmexicoNita February 20th, 2005 10:25 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
I am amazed to hear someone say I have no desire to cruise on Carnival, NCL, Princess or HAL when you have only tried one brand. Variety is the spice of life I have heard. To each his own, but these other lines do offer something special as each cruise line does. I have my favorite, most do, but I am always open if the price and situaltion is right. NMnita

gardencat February 20th, 2005 10:26 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
"The dining room staff is nicer on all the
other cruise lines than on Celebrity."

Sorry I can't agree with that. I am not saying that the dinning staff on Celebrity is in a completely different classs than those on RCCL but they were, to my mind, at least as frindly and a little more polished than the RCCL wait staff we have experienced.

I think the most efficient and the most fun team we ever had was on NCL but that was free-style dinning one night, and another night on NCL, we had the least pleasant and most bumbling wait staff every.
I guess one's opinion of the service on any ship depends a lot on just which team you get.

Phoenix_dream February 21st, 2005 06:15 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
I have been on Princess, NCL, and Carnival. Celebrity is BY FAR superior to all in my opinion, especially the new millennium class ships. I can't imagine how someone cannot be impressed with them. The ships are beautiful and elegant, the rooms are spacious (and I always get a standard outside), the staff is good to great, the food is very good, and the entertainment is getting better all the time. It is not a 'party' cruise line so if that is your thing I can see you might be disappointed. But if you want elegance for a reasonable (although lately rising) price, I feel you can't beat Celebrity.

We have been on Celebrity 12 times and have two more upcoming. The Constellation in particular is beyond my wildest dreams!

To each their own, but I think Celebrity is 'simply the best'.

newmexicoNita February 22nd, 2005 05:08 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Phoenix, it sounds like you are a true Celebrity loyalist to say the least. The M class ships are nice, as for the service in the dining room, though we found the staff to be professional and polishedf as someone has said, I found them to be a little phoney as well. Cabin size on the Connie was identical to the sq ft with the NCL Sun though the storage space on the Connie was a little better and the bathroom a tiny bit nicer. They were very similar. We loved the Connie, but stilll couldn't see where it was that much better than some of the other lines top ships. NMnita

DsilCaribe February 22nd, 2005 06:08 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
I can kind of see why at first some people aren't all that happy with celebrity because after going our first celbrity cruise, the Summit, i was not too impressed . . . but after going on the century, my whole opinion changed and i think that celebrity is at the top of its leauge at least with the century; it was both the best ship and cruise i've ever been on, and we're going again this spring! Princess is right behind celebrity, but i find it incomprehensible that some people consider carnival or RCI better than celebrity.

Benjamin Smith February 24th, 2005 08:36 AM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Pheonix dream

I'm one who is not at all impressed with the Millennium ships. A few reasons why:

Lack of lounges per size of the ship which makes for less options for those that are looking for variety of lounges and ambiance. Too few dance floors per the size of the ship. 2 dance floors on a 91,000 ton ship is pathetic.

peas-in-a-pod approach to the ships, the Century ships were all different inside

big flaws in design of public areas--observation lounge is too big and not separated into different areas, therefore it is inefficient. That's why Celebrity is changing it. Thellasotherapy pool is too public for what Celebrity envisioned it to be, leading to the fiasco for charging for it to now policing it trying to keep kids out of it. Too many shops. Michael's club was oversized for its purpose, thankfully they are now piano bars lounges.

Lack of a promenade deck that wraps around the back of the ship. Lack of overlook lounge in the front lido area, lack of lower deck space, lack of teak decking.

long wings in dining room on both sides before the main part of the dining room. People sitting in these wings feel isolated from the dining room.

No writing desks in the libraries, strange oversight, IMO.

These ships I think are the poorest designed 91,000 ton ships on the market. I don't care how elegant the decor may be, functionally I have lots of problems with this class of ship and hope Celebrity totally rethinks the next class of ship.

newmexicoNita February 25th, 2005 03:32 PM

Re: I just dont get it............................
Benjamine, I may not agree with you whole heartedly but sure do on the dining room design. We were among those seated in the long wing area, toward the back to add insult to injury. This was the part of the cruise we hated the most. My daughter was really upset. We felt like we had been put in the back of a greyhound bus and should not even be allowed to see how the rest lived or in this case ate. NMNita

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