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shellie62 January 15th, 2011 05:20 PM

To purchase a drink package or not
We are first time cruisers and are debating whether to pre purchase a package or get a bill at the end of our cruise. I looked at the classic package and the premium package..the classic package for 2 of us would be around 670.00 and the premium package would be 900.00. Our cruise includes 3 ports and 3 days at sea so because the port days we would be off the ship anywhere from 2-6 hours we would not be drinking on the ship during those times. Is it really worth pre buying a package or get a bill at the end of your vacation. Both my hubby and I are social drinkers and love a few glasses of wine at dinner.

I averaged the classic package as being about $47-$49/day/person and the premium as $65-$70/day/person...

My question is to seasoned cruisers what is your preference; have you done your cruise both ways and what are the pros and cons in both situations; and what was your average bill at the end of your cruise.

Another idea I had was to purchase one wine package so we could have a bottle of wine at our dinner and purchase one pop and water so we could have something other than alcohol during the day.

Some tips would be great


Mike M January 15th, 2011 05:27 PM

The cost of the classic package would be the same as 7 or 8 glasses of wine per day. Or six $8 mixed drinks per day.

You have to weigh how many drinks and what kind you will drink a day and decide if it's worth the cost.

While my wife and I, especially my wife ;), have a two or three drinks a day we could never cost justify the package even with purchasing bottles of wine with dinner.

Take care,

johnthed0g January 15th, 2011 05:47 PM

Celebrity drinks packages seem too expensive, so do the cabin drinks deals.

dkjretired January 15th, 2011 07:19 PM

I don't buy the package because I don't drink enough to justify it however if you make the purchase on board, make sure you buy it once you are out at sea. If you purchase it while in port, they are required to charge taxes to your account.

shellie62 January 16th, 2011 08:48 AM

thanks for your great ideas...i think your right that buying a package may not be worth it..we enjoying a few drinks socially during the day, and a few glasss of wine at dinner so it may not be a good idea for us to buy a package..i certainly don't want to feel like i have to drink alot just to get my money worth if we did buy the package..

Iamboatman January 17th, 2011 10:48 PM

The wine packages aren't worth the money in my opinion. Celebrity states the discount is about why would you pre-purchase and lock yourself into x bottles of wine and only a limited choice.

OTOH, if you drink premium liquors then the premium package can save you quite a bit. At $12 a drink it can add up quickly.

You need to do the math...and if you think it is a close question, go ala carte.

Kamloops Cruiser January 18th, 2011 09:53 AM

We never buy a drink or soda package that is on a per day cost . On HAL they used to

have punch card system for soda's . 24 soda's for $50 . These cards where/are good

between different ships if they weren't fully punched . We always buy a coffee card or

two for our Princess Cruises (again transferable between ships):cool:

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